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  1. Still showing me the error up there. "cannot open file ../lib/CaLua.dll"
  2. @Angelix @KONG i managed to fix the other errors, but somehow this one is showing, i already have the CaLua.dll on the folder.. edit: lua50 and lualib builds succesfull, expect CaLua only showing that error
  3. @Angelix i did at and at CaLua/Libs it says "Delete them & Restore again" won't work with any
  4. @Angelix out of ur topic: while you complied exes & libs, was there any missing file?
  5. I'm having a problem while building AccountServer (I already complied from common files etc..)
  6. I already did, but its showing the error that i posted here
  7. Could someone send me DW 3 / 4 Map files - Client & Server Side!
  8. I made an Exchanger NPC and im having such error at lua_err.txt [06-14 17:30:43]resource/script/MisSdk/NpcSdk.lua:173: attempt to index local `exchangeData' (a nil value) Exchanger NPC Script: function exch_1 () Talk( 1, "Exchanger: Hi, welcome! How can I help you?" ) Text( 1, "Exchange Item", SendExchangeXData) Text( 1, "Nothing...",CloseTalk ) InitExchangeX() ExchangeDataX( 7505 , 300 , 7591 , 1 , 1) end NpcSdk.lua Function: function SendExchangeXData( character, npc, exchangeData ) local packet = GetPacket() WriteCmd( packet, CMD_MC_EXCHANGEDATA ) local npcid = GetCharID( npc ) WriteDword( packet, npcid ) if exchangeData.count ~= nil then WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.count ) for n = 1, exchangeData.count, 1 do WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.srcid[n] ) WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.srcnum[n] ) WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.tarid[n] ) WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.tarnum[n] ) end else WriteWord( packet, 0 ) end SendPacket( character, packet ); end Error shows at SystemNotice after clicking "Exchange Item"
  9. The Map Timer that shows If Map like Chaos Argent is Open or Closed? If so then check Mega Archive, almost every website there has that PHP Script.
  10. @1g0rS1lv4 Sadly no, thats why i posted after i saw @KONG that said to post exploits so we can fix & share for public, still waiting tho.
  11. FapFap

    LuaSQL (DLL)

    1.36 DLL is bug, it wont register lua functions, it only loads the dll on top of gameserver.. ( tried it in clean and custom gameservers 1.36 ) 1.38 works fine and registers lua functions.. could you check the 1.36 one?
  12. @patrick13 nice work it looks better on unreal
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