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  1. Hello~! this topic for invisible icons/models /textures inside client just for discuss or if anyone want to suggest or fix it in future i will share what i found in my debugging inside client source the bug: its known as invisible npcs/icons etc inside top community its happen due MPTexSet reaching max index which is 2048 every time client load ui image or icon or model, or terrain image its store it inside CRawDataSet so simply every time client call "DynamicRelease" every 8seconds , its release the textures inside: MPTextureSet.h :: _DeleteRawData but pinfo remain indexed inside CRawDataInfo for future use so if exist its return pointer from std::map<std::string, CRawDataInfo*> _IDIdx; if not its create new index as pInfo = (CRawDataInfo*)(pbtData + _GetRawDataInfoSize() * _nUnusedIndex); so after few walks/using skills or open many npcs with icons will cause the bug as these info never been deleted from pinfo or replaced #what happen if we just increased MPTexSet size? well if you increase it for example to MPTexSet *pTextureSet = new MPTexSet(0, 3048); icons will load with no issue but you will face 2 kind of bugs 1:skills and attack start to delay around 10-15seconds 2:client will crash while attacking after reach 2700 index of MPTexSet &this topic for mindstorm/ suggestions! that's it!
  2. Windows versions has nothing todo with that lol
  3. local x, y = GetChaPos(DEFER) local map_name = GetChaMapName (DEFER) local x = math.floor (x/100) local y = math.floor (y/100) GoTo(ATKER, x,y, map_name) just get it from defer
  4. for client can be done inside ChaState.cpp
  5. ignore this guy, he mostly use my fix "workaround with no idea" the ids cause it : 96 dw 1 boss freeze stun 159 //flash stun 45 : which is State_Xy_Add all crus stun/champ etc 98) // death night 116) // Black Dragon Terror 87) // Algae Entanglement 86) // Tornado NOTE: you can fix this in client sure but its workaround as i said by manual deleting when effect over
  6. this small tick to keep forms opened if character moving, open UIGlobalVar.cpp search for : void CUIInterface::MainChaMove() add your toggle option there example : void CUIInterface::MainChaMove() { if (!g_stUISystem.m_sysProp.m_gameOption.IsCloseForms) return; for (allmgr::iterator it = all.begin(); it != all.end(); it++) (*it)->CloseForm(); } :build client and done: " use on your own risk ," default code: toggle code:
  7. yes. long time ago , but its workaround for client, you can try fix it in server side due states not fully removed
  8. no these bugs been found while x servers running , there is more been fixed there and there and switch item not really effected its happen only in very low pings mostly in local clients and the switch happen due co new feature of switching items from skill bar
  9. no, i just told you how to use the function,
  10. use " ZeroTier One" its faster than hamachi in your case
  11. local x, y = GetChaPos(role) GoTo(role,x/100,y/100,GetChaMapName(role)) works fine
  12. in your skill x, y not defined x/100 ? you have to use local x, y = GetChaPos(ATKER)
  13. i would say change game play rather than that but if he won't many alts you can allow reset option for character or you can call it rebirth that rest all his states/values /name if needed but you can reset that after lv 41 or 42 that's will keep the loop of rep system but will reduce creating alts
  14. you can have more than 3 if you delete the character then create new one , so you have to check if characters is deleted or not lol
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