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  1. its all already in guide sections, one written by angliex for quest, there is few items sample codes<and many inside source/lua parts> same for skills u can find all examples inside skilleffect.lua
  2. only co source 1.38 rest sources in forum 2.x versions
  3. not sure if that's what u mean , i did write that mod i guess 4years ago and another for chat
  4. all top sources has it u can check any of released sources in forum just search for same name and will find
  5. its not model as u think it contain models(object ids,pose,x,y highest etc info > this how it reads info long CSceneObjFile::ReadSectionObjInfo(int nSectionNO, SSceneObjInfo* SSceneObj, long* lSectionObjNum) { if (!m_bInitSuccess) return 0; if (nSectionNO >= m_SFileHead.iSectionCntX * m_SFileHead.iSectionCntY) return 0; if ((*lSectionObjNum = m_SSectionIndex[nSectionNO].iObjNum) > 0) { m_fRdWr.seekg(m_SSectionIndex[nSectionNO].lObjInfoPos, std::ios::beg); LG("readmap", "Seek Offset [%d %d] = %d\n", nSectionNO % m_SFileHead.iSectionCntX, nSectionNO / m_SFileHead.iSectionCntX, m_SSectionIndex[nSectionNO].lObjInfoPos); m_fRdWr.read(reinterpret_cast<char*>(SSceneObj), sizeof(SSceneObjInfo) * m_SSectionIndex[nSectionNO].iObjNum); for (int i = 0; i < m_SSectionIndex[nSectionNO].iObjNum; i++) { const int nSectionX = nSectionNO % m_SFileHead.iSectionCntX * m_SFileHead.iSectionWidth * 100; const int nSectionY = nSectionNO / m_SFileHead.iSectionCntX * m_SFileHead.iSectionHeight * 100; if (SSceneObj[i].nX < 0) { int jjj = 0; } SSceneObj[i].nX += nSectionX; SSceneObj[i].nY += nSectionY; const SSceneObjInfo* pObj = SSceneObj + i; if (pObj->GetID() == 0) { LG("error", g_oLangRec.GetString(364)); } } // } return 1; }
  6. if just local download any co public clients/servers and use them
  7. https://discord.com/developers/docs/rich-presence/how-to you have to build discord sdk, and see their examples
  8. define the CMD_MM_DO_STRING = 4015 -- lua_all and try
  9. i have mentioned it above your only way to use lua_all or save buffer spr value in .txt and load it back on remove states all codes about talk about player role, not buffer role so the spr is different as i mentioned it before too, addstate/removestate have info only of current player that's why i said u have to save it inside skill first then use it later --the code above as example local sprvalue = 5 --this example local cmd = string.format("HardenTable[%d]=%d",deferId,sprvalue) lua_all(cmd,role) this will update table cross all gameservers for u
  10. this script would be worst thing u may run in your server ever you don't need cha_timer if you're seeking to boost exp for players killing monsters you must done it inside function ShareTeamExp but u also can take alook inside function GetExp_PKM(dead, atk) where shareteamexp called as well ,
  11. you already have everything in lua no need .txt function Shengji_Shuxingchengzhang( role ) end this function on level up which also call BsAttrUpgrade( role ) and rest functions to add attrs and recheckattr on level up inside same function u will see how it add credit on level up if player has master as AddMasterCredit(role, 500) so inside this function create your own custom lua to give what ever u want
  12. without source? no just alot of work you still can workaround using BagTempHasItem to check if temp bag has swing id or not , you have to use "MoveToTemp" function to move it from inventory to temp bag "not sure if this exist in compiled exes or using giveitemX but do not add gems in it or anything/?
  13. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qQkNTv8XwH-jvjFTq_wLFzVbcSp9yr-p?usp=drive_link i uploaded some top tools collection here and included this one with them, if someone want to add more tools request access or send to me and i upload it there
  14. BluePrint tine rework :
    1- BluePrint cost rating / low -medium -high

    2- BluePrint success rates and  total success rate with your tool level

    3- Render product item name beside bp name inside hint 

    4- resort material in readable way 

    5-Vanish zero count using cards


  15. some of your functions expect for example number return and you return string, or it expect role and u return something different
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