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  1. its easy to fix need some logical code fix
  2. yea its so hard guys took 5 mints to make it work lmao https://i.gyazo.com/d2c189bc5fb1519a5023f807fcd6f321.gif
  3. if using source code easy if not you have to make a dll or do it in cave by hxd or can use sql dll to make one
  4. inside gameserver after client send the packet to delete it you will find the level * price etc , you can edit it there plus you have to edit that in client side for display the new amount of gold only look for case CMD_CM_MASTER_DEL and CMD_CM_PRENTICE_DEL
  5. it will not , in client source many places had it as 240 hard code numbers or as they call it "magic numbers"
  6. its true. he sent same incomplete code. and he already showed your refund cases with him lol
  7. code was shared when @MiniMan sold a source to @K1D0 and you have no right to write plus its old undone code and wasn't sold out
  8. its funny sharing code made by me and @Snre3n
  9. just easier to use , also trade server had some exploits
  10. its about some old exploits such tcp flood, change mac on login , guild list flood
  11. search for Skill_Xlpz_End ( ATKER , DEFER , sklv ) and replace statetime to local statetime = 9999 this simple trick will work, don't need to edit source code .
  12. you guys didn't bother to read what missing in code just replaced to clean one lol this is the fix simply
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