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  1. my files do not use event like that anymore, so i just posted how his files could be lol
  2. give item works just fine as it takes quality parameter GiveItem(cha, 0, item_id, quantity, 4)--the 4 is for quality and as gems be 101= lvl 1 102 lvl 2and so on but you maybe missing item final attr function for events 101-102
  3. short answer , you give after extract process finishd u can use giveitem or make item but giveitem works fine for gems too i will not write full function but u can done that inside check here if player have at least 2 slots empty one for gem ,one for ref so here u control error handling before finish the request after everything done u give the refgem inside u will have StoneLv , after that u give it beside the extracted gem using
  4. this case show only , you need source to done it
  5. party level check pure client side there is nothing in server to check level when accept /invite
  6. if its must to be deleted you have to delete all related table and reseed each table to current index otherwise u will have ids gap when creating new accounts, character first u must delete from accountserver_login and gamedb.account/ character /guild if player is leader in some guilds , resource, friend lists, boat table ,etc just follow account id and cha id
  7. mkhzaleh


    for last point i still running my own repos in private development some of them here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbRPcPr1LYBzJdxPzfzeeOw
  8. means you're using source and no need for luasql as u have access to db from source already
  9. it need more info, what files do you use, using source or compiled exes? in general you can check CMD_CM_STORE_BUY_ASK packet and logic, and create different packet to load rep shop or what ever is it & need client edits
  10. inside the source its always 1 for inventory type i ported it to dart class from c++ for little fun will create small admin panel using it even tho its kinda useless encryption nowadays so not sure if worth to keep that at all lol
  11. _UpdateObjHeightmap function inside mpmapeditor suppose to do that when you click f9
  12. guess so, there it shortcut i guess f9 was to make the new tile render in right way, i will try and post it again
  13. this small function built in inside client to generate .atr file for server side from client itself as yammi had warring says so better do it from client maybe? go for client source/src/main.cpp include in header : #include "TerrainAttrib.h" Search for : below or above that function add: if (strParam.find("attr") != -1) { char* pszPos = lpCmdLine; pszPos += 4; while (*pszPos == ' ') { pszPos++; } if (createAttribFile(pszPos, 0, 0)) LG("ok", "Generated %s.atr Successfully ", pszPos); else LG("ok", "Failed to Create %s.atr", pszPos); return 0; } now call it like this: start system/Game.exe attr garner .atr will be generated inside map/ p.s: if someone want to do something for .blk would be good guess its come from zrblock tile but as loading the class inside util2.h or maybe i will do later: &done&
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