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  1. just easier to use , also trade server had some exploits
  2. its about some old exploits such tcp flood, change mac on login , guild list flood
  3. search for Skill_Xlpz_End ( ATKER , DEFER , sklv ) and replace statetime to local statetime = 9999 this simple trick will work, don't need to edit source code .
  4. you guys didn't bother to read what missing in code just replaced to clean one lol this is the fix simply
  5. TicketsUse = {Enabled = true, Ticket = {}, BlackList = {}} TicketsUse.BlackList["garner2"] = {Name = "Chaos Argent", Active = true} TicketsUse.BlackList["prisonisland"] = {Name = "Prison Island", Active = true} TicketsUse.Ticket[3141] = {Name = "", Level = {Min = nil, Max = nil}} --old ticket TicketsUse.Ticket[4602] = {Name = "Argent City", Level = {Min = nil, Max = nil}} ------- how to use ---TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID] = {Name = "Birth", Level = {Min = 15, Max = 50}} -------- --function of iteminfo function TicketHandler(Player, Item) local ItemID = GetItemID(Item) if TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID] == nil then SystemNotice(Player, "["..GetItemName(ItemID).."] is not usable, please contact administrator.") UseItemFailed(Player) return end if TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Level.Min ~= nil and GetChaAttr(Player, ATTR_LV) < TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Level.Min then SystemNotice(Player, "["..GetItemName(ItemID).."] is only usable for players above level "..TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Level.Min..".") UseItemFailed(Player) return end if TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Level.Max ~= nil and GetChaAttr(Player, ATTR_LV) > TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Level.Max then SystemNotice(Player, "["..GetItemName(ItemID).."] is only usable for players below level "..TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Level.Max..".") UseItemFailed(Player) return end if(Hp(Player) <(Mxhp(Player) * 0.5)) or(Sp(Player) <(Mxsp(Player) * 0.5)) or ChaIsBoat(Player) == 1 then SystemNotice(Player, "You must not be in a boat and have at least half of your maximum HP and SP in order to teleport.") UseItemFailed(Player) return end if TicketsUse.BlackList[GetChaMapName(Player)] ~= nil and TicketsUse.BlackList[GetChaMapName(Player)].Active == true then SystemNotice(Player, "Cannot use tickets inside ["..TicketsUse.BlackList[GetChaMapName(Player)].Name.."].") UseItemFailed(Player) return end if DelBagItem(Player, ItemID, 1) == 1 then MoveCity(Player, TicketsUse.Ticket[ItemID].Name) else SystemNotice(Player, "Failed to use ["..GetItemName(ItemID).."].") UseItemFailed(Player) return end LG("Ticket System", "Player["..GetChaDefaultName(Player).."] used ["..GetItemName(ItemID).."].") end use this for your tickets
  6. o.o should be , used same src 6months ago with the shared exe and works fine there is bugs but yea fixed most of them so if you are looking to some hints you going look to these bugs #1- Guild exp and states on disband function do not reset in group server , which is when create new guild will take old points of the disbanded guild #2- Disband guild & recreate crash the client > related to first bug, and need a fix of client part.. guild section forms #3- create guild crash client > rebuild refresh mindpower #4-Movement bug states on stun/freeze if player moving #5- some gui bugs above gmnotice in windows/full screen > adjust screen space box for gmnotice< #6-hair npcs & exchanger npc the hover items crash the client >>missing reset the bool on false switch #7-flood buttons/exp/guild color/ addexpguild . spamming sql while many players doing /killing monsters or quests > fix inside groupserver cooldown can fix it smoothly #8- switch item flood crashes all people clients on the range example can be fixed with small cooldown >gameserver or client< #9 register function inside client can be flooded with small bot to fill your database >> small captcha will fix it #10 switch items with 1 slot delete the switched items the fix do not allow the switch with 1 slot only make it 3 or 5 #11- extract gems dupe if had high level inside the item , with > 1 of level gem lv1 this some bugs can be a good hit to start lol but people prefer to spam/do not read
  7. you can find it inside shared "chines src" in this forum but need vs 2003 to can build
  8. i would say to use effect editor much better to edit size /animation etc https://i.gyazo.com/12c634d2d5f05e3d1ff2390d11005a22.gif
  9. local PosX = math.random(556,469) local PosY = math.random(413,352) local Monster = CreateChaEx(1, PosX * 100, PosY * 100, 145, 50, MapCopy) SetChaLifeTime(Monster, 3600)
  10. inside source code it's called insde void CItemCommand::AddHint( int x, int y ){ UIItemCommand.cpp then inside it if(_ItemData.sEndure[1] == 25000 && _ItemData.sEnergy[1] == 0){ PushHint( _pItem->szName, COLOR_WHITE, 5, 1 ); _ShowBody(); return; } and in co they use this line of code if( isWeapon || isDefenceType || isJewelery ||isEquip ){ if ( _ItemData.GetItemLevel() > 0 ){ sprintf( buf, "Lv%d %s",_ItemData.GetItemLevel(), GetName()); }else{ sprintf( buf, "%s", GetName() ); } PushHint( buf, COLOR_WHITE, 5, 1 ); // //item name color > note i just made it as white was black before lol <
  11. Top Game Launcher/Updater with Game Setting and Auto Login Options The updater works with FTP for more info Inbox me or hit me in my Discord:- .✰MoτђaŇŇa✰.#5016
  12. you don't need all of this i guess can be in this simple way if GetSkillLv (role,459) < 1 then --systemnotice here bla bla return end
  13. you can't just copy past without read the code lol its random chance and the example i gave above work for monster id " 66 " you can edit it to what is fine for your files/server etc
  14. Give_ElfEXP ( role , Item_bg , 1 , 0 ) --这里有问题
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