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  1. https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode/-/commit/f31d6332dbbb9098601fa3f08b3fd0472cf35139 @Perseus fixed that a year ago, take a look to this repo, of top recode .
  2. that's why u can't keep your mouth shut and reposting your quit post every few months and call everybody in live as scammer while the real scammer stand deep inside you , ok done for today go to your future kiddo
  3. in fact you're the one crying here i can post your source with mods in public doesn't matter man, it contain mounts and dropifo? we just shows people how dumb this community is now if anglix sells you a map script in your mentality : he loses all his copyright and you will start selling what he wrote
  4. when you change your discord with your team x5 times you get no support after 3 months of buying ,after i see there is no respect from buyer its that simple :), and my rules says i send product by email or repo> in your case was delivered to your team repo so you have to read well, plus seller not into people teams drama like: my team deleted me from repo/didn't send me files / etc< its not our case its that simple yea sure ,same for you, i bought your tesla now i will sell your company or buy netflix subscription " oh i will sell all movies in netflix "
  5. and now became more kiddo drama with most dumb person in this community another good reason to not support this community with people with that mentality lol anyway not into your drama , i just repliaed to confirm what anglix says about his owning files . done go sleep kiddo
  6. that's shows how you do not own what you sell , means you can't give support for anyone willing to buy from "you" and seems you live in world where never read rules in this world? did i? i remember helped your "friend once after he begged for help in forum " and what i helped was already global bugs in these files you can read rest of threads in this forum to find them lol few reasons shall stop people from dealing with people like you 1- many names / discords 2- do not respect copyrights for people workd on files, 3- you do not know what exist in files 4- you closed your server due many bugs but you mention it as "fixed " there is few more , anyway not into kiddo drama just to make it clear for who read these posts
  7. this guy was working with a guy called > Zizo < not sure what his name in forum his discord name Martix > also have 2 different names as i see < their server side was developed by someone else, none of them worked/touched it and that's clear once you see the source the old deves used >OpenSSL-Win32 libs for client/server side< and i'm sure the seller has no knowledge about that for client the real owner used zip libs to compress/uncompress script folder before start client and delete after closing, and as i remember they paid for me once to make it as optional > the one who contacted with me was > Zizo#8017 < for mounts and rest they didn't put a line of codes in them as Zizo bought from me once> then they had internal fight seems between each other and closed their server/team < so literally they sell what they do not own vip thing i also made it for them gamesetting as i see >shadow< made for them but those people thinks if paid for something have the right to resell it whatever server side has bunch of issues and backdoors client has bunch of leaks and errors and crashes their discord server name called Leage Of Pirates
  8. not sure how we could know what bugged from this error without full code?, but as it says value is nil so if you're using table.load could be nil table/ no values / could be no file anyway if you're using the public code of respawn boss npc without optimize your table.load or the code itself then do not use it, code itself so bad ,as it call table.load for each request and reload files to return a value for you, this could cause hangs for servers if has multi actions in same time you could fix that with storing returned table in temp table and use it instead of table.load each time and update that temp table on first call or on kills when updating the file
  9. - Offline System - Top2 Camera built in ,in co files already
  10. not yet, didn't try to fix that , may try again soon o.o hope so
  11. o.o selling as 2.5k and puts lame exploits for them? fr ;p?
  12. talking of rights you don't even own the rights to offer him ea client project and ask almost 2k lol mounts/drop info and rest of that client codes is mine items filter owner is @Perseus but expected he did changed vector website copyright before to his own name well he was selling it as well
  13. well seems not so true tbh, i will share small method to do it could be helpful for someone so first its related to skills as he said what easier way to do this bug? there is 2 ways so far i know , first one about monster has respawn time less than 1min , for example some monster has respawn time as 30sec , 15sec some has 10 sec to respawn how is that related? well it's kinda lame way but you can use 2 skills to test this bug first one magma skill ? how? the bug happen mostly when you you use magma for example the magma kills a monster with these kind of monsters with low respawn cooldown >10/15/30 etc < after magma kill that monster you do "Switch character " login same character again, magma will kill another monster once that happen all monster now will do insta respawn and to avoid people drama > this development testing bug way < so don't reply as "hard to happen etc bla bla" this methos for you as deve to test the bug another skills could be used like voyger rb skills that easier to test the bug even as the damge bigger than magma skill so it doesn't take so long to bug monsters there is another methods? no clue? if someone has more methods just throw them here workaround to fix it? i would say if you don't use source code easier way to workaround make all monsters minimum respawn as 1 min , should work fine for you
  14. maybe it works in old version of 3rd max but it can be a base for someone if want write same kind of tool ogre exporter use different type of formatting don't think it works for top,
  15. maxexp for exporting character's/ seems but it missing files from source
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