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  1. yes or either get work client for some reason yagura goat billie luno have working client some odd reason...
  2. anyone know how can keep pixel of an image good looking while still reduce size? like a 500x500 and then into 32x32 but still have same pixe quality with no blur?
  3. any have solution for pass illegal birth?
  4. difference between this topic top 2 files and your PKO II files? and client?
  5. wizel1

    item usage

    was wrong here? anyone know, the item work perfect. but this keep show in error is because it is duplicate and saying same thing? if so how can fix so remove from lua_err
  6. wizel1

    item usage

    I look for somethingv diff want prevent from using same item twice not cool down
  7. any know how can prevent item usage again if already used? example: i want use roll and i accidently use it again it waste item i want prevent accident use so if use roll cannot use again until time up and display (you already use roll, please wait)
  8. what is purpose of this? i do not see a point here except make a subname.
  9. need change to BickerNoticeNotCrashed? BickerNotice(role,"potion is on cooldown wait!!! "..cooldown.." second(s) to use again!!!") vs BickerNoticeNotCrashed(role,"potion is on cooldown wait!!! "..cooldown.." second(s) to use again!!!")
  10. thresh hold is 200? for break gameserver
  11. for whats is use? if player many char too long then bickernotice "Message too long" ? = deny of request?
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