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Found 11 results

  1. Game Version

    Could anyone tell me, which line of Game.exe could I be editing the version of game.exe? Img : @V3ct0r
  2. Buying Service Hex

    Buy Hex Service for Game Server has error in Fusion clothing... Fusing equipment that already has apparel with other apparel is giving this error and all IDs are below 5999.
  3. Anti Dupe - GameServer Based

    HOW IT WORKS STEPS 1 - Everytime a player enters a map, it saves they CURRENT GAMESERVER in a file resource/script/players/playername.txt 2 - When player leaves the map it saves the text "out" in the resource/script/players/playername.txt 3 - When the player teleports to another map the destiny will check if the playername.txt contains "out" or its gameserver name"... ... if not ... shows a message ... "GOD IS WATCHING YOU" gameserver.cfg equment = System00 gameserver1.cfg equment = System01 gameserver2.cfg equment = System02 gameserver3.cfg equment = System03 gameserver4.cfg equment = System04 Functions.lua code --> place it anywhere function GetCurrentGameServer() local ret, npc = GetEudemon() local GSName = GetChaDefaultName(npc) return GSName end function GetSavedGameServer (role) f = ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "r") SavedGameServer = f:read () f:close () return SavedGameServer end function SaveGameServer (role) local gameserver = GetCurrentGameServer() f = ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "w") f:write (gameserver) f:close () end function CleanGameServer (role) f = ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "w") f:write ("out") f:close() end all maps ctrl.lua code after enter ( Here is where you can do whatever you want if caught the trying to dupe... ) I just show a message ('God is watching you') savedGS = GetSavedGameServer(role) currentGS = GetCurrentGameServer() if (savedGS ~= "out" and savedGS ~= currentGS) then Notice("God is watching you...") end SaveGameServer(role) before leaves CleanGameServer(role)
  4. Hi! I was looking for a guide on how to hex gs for surpass some ID limits but I think that one died since I could not find it. Can you list HEXEs for the following stuff on gs 1.38? I’m looking for: Areaset limit Skillinfo limit Skilleff limit Hairs limit Chracterinfo limit And of course Iteminfo limit In fact anything that I can max to the max I want to know it Also which HEX editor software do you recommend? Thank you all. Regards!
  5. What are your suggestions and tips for running a server on a low-end machine? I know the typical options like reducing the number of open maps or playing with the values on the GameServer.cfg file, beyond that all, I want to know if there are other tips. I have tried deleting mobs on some maps, but not all seem to be removable, such as this lamb here: God! How I hate that lamb! Anyway, guys, tell me your recommendations to run a fully functional server on a machine with little RAM.
  6. Erro Can not speak.

    Can not speak? Print : I cannot speak in game. Help-me. @mkhzaleh @Ximboliex @Sk3let0n
  7. This Release special modification & Fixed Limited ID For Latest TOP Client v2.0 update 25/08/2009 :- 1 = My collections Gameserver.exe support iteminfo 32768 ID -- i make it for compatible to my release fixed Game.exe same support limited ID ---*Changelog*--- * Original limit ID : Iteminfo (6000-8000 ID) - Mapinfo (50 ID) - Characterinfo (1200-2500 ID) - skillinfo (200-500 ID) - skilleff (200-240 ID) original version * My fixed limit ID : Iteminfo (32768 ID) - Mapinfo (100 ID) - Characterinfo (2500 ID) - skillinfo (1000 ID) - skilleff (500 ID) my fixed version 2 = ***GameserverRedsquid.exe need Groupserver.exe & Gateserver.exe original from Redsquid server files to make it working........:P 3 = Rename all back to Gameserver.exe....... good luck... 4 = My Groupserver.exe+.cfg & Gateserver.exe+.cfg 5 = My Gameserver.cfg need 4+ gigabyte of RAM & High speed performence PC to running all map.... 6 = Tested all working..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credit to the owner Gameserver.exe & to ME (Matkelate@Nixz) for fix Gameserver.exe limited ID tried everything works fine (but I iteminfo 10k) Link security : "paranoia" MD5 c417ab0a213bd74c48ce0b1f1f712470 SHA1 d37958c604314f4e507513ee82a87491fc422102 SHA256 14e07eb1850f3989bc2c8c54370077af2a97b7fd24bcb929848ad481bc699faf Link download: >> click << [Disc.Yandex] Link download: >> click << [Mediafire] Link download: >> click << []
  8. Erro GameServer.exe Help-me

    My gameserver.exe is giving this following error how to solve?
  9. Gameserver Bug

    Hello Yall. Just found an ususal bug actually looking for help. Server was working fine, i was doing some Skill edits , nothing more. When ive closed my Gameserver to test the skills bug appaired. So basicly it connects to Database successful, but closes after that . Whats wrong?
  10. Hi Friends, When im using gameserver it does not saves the char class in database, for example if i get crusader when i relog i return to newbie.
  11. Создаем разные конфиги: У каждого конфигурационного файла GameServer'a должно быть свое имя. Т.е. GameServer.cfg, GameServer2.cfg, GameServer3.cfgбудут выглядеть так: GameServer.cfg [ID] name = GameServer01 equment = System и т.д. Делаем батник : start GameServer.exe GameServer.cfg start GameServer.exe GameServer2.cfg start GameServer.exe GameServer3.cfg Наслаждаемся