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  1. Sup people! Have any of you had this problem before? For when an annoying player are knocking your balls and asking for a chargeback after he consumes and uses all his points and been playing for a while? If you know what I’m talking about could you tell me what did you do? Or if you have any clue of how to solve this situation please share. Thank you all!
  2. Thank You @KONG I've tried this and it works!
  3. Thank you @FapFap, What I’m really looking for is an Experience Table (Formula) which is balanced like I said, “early levels a little bit harder and later levels a little bit easier”, I know about characterinfo and I’m not willing to edit it. So once again, what would be an Experience formula for a Mid-Hard server? Share your Tables + Rates. PS. (Check hidden content on first post if you don't get what I mean). Thank you all!
  4. Hi! I was looking for a guide on how to hex gs for surpass some ID limits but I think that one died since I could not find it. Can you list HEXEs for the following stuff on gs 1.38? I’m looking for: Areaset limit Skillinfo limit Skilleff limit Hairs limit Chracterinfo limit And of course Iteminfo limit In fact anything that I can max to the max I want to know it Also which HEX editor software do you recommend? Thank you all. Regards!
  5. Hello community, I’m looking for an Exp Formula wich is constant and balanced something to make early levels a little bit harder and later levels a little bit easier so the gameplay never gets boring or frustrating you know, I hope you all understand my goal here Also, can we use simple numbers like 100, 1000 and so on our exp formula? Here is my current exp formula (aiming for level 150 in the future)
  6. Hey guys, I want to delete stat attributes from necklaces that add a “title” before player’s name but have no luck yet, I already remove stats attributes on ItemInfo, where else can I look now? The stats appears randomly when I “&MAKE” the Item.
  7. Thank you @Ximboliex I will test this as soon I get home.
  8. I’m looking for this too
  9. @Sk3let0n you are not helping at all my friend. I wonder, am I the only one having this problem? I can’t find another way to security. I have been looking around into DLL development but that’s a whole new world for me, so I guess I must pay someone for help, anyone interested or anything that could point me in the right direction I will appreciate it. Regards! Yosef
  10. This seems to be the current solution, but now I have two questions: Does anyone already have that .DLL to share? OR Can you provide a guide so I can make it myself? Thank you all for your responses, this helps a lot @Heitor I already PM you.
  11. @Sk3let0n I mean "Connection failed" what is that about and how do I fix it, is not the website, then is something else but what?
  12. This is my main problem now, and I can’t find a solution, i think it is related to GateServer, but how? Here’s my .CFG
  13. So I did open a server recently and I’ve been targeted for attacks. So I manage to improve the security by activating some filters in the OVH panel, and most of the DDoS disappeared. web server port But then another problem appears, they start attacking my website causing it to be slow or just approachless and suddenly my players started to getting this error. Now, I guess that most of my security have been improved, but still not perfect, the problem remains and is all about website I know it because I shoot it down for testing and indeed, no attacks or “Connection failed” anymore. So at this point my supposition are: Holes in my website Holes in the server (Port: 80) I’m looking for solutions and advices here, what should I do? Where should I start looking? I have searched all over the forum for this issue and have found some interesting stuff but have not found what I’m looking for, so please help me here. Thank you all! Regards Yosef
  14. Thank You @V3ct0r
  15. So, after a BETA phase is made, how do you guys clean your db? I mean to erase everything but accounts, is there a sql script for that or do I have to attach a new db once again? Thank in advance.
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