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  1. Home

    Party Bug DC

    Im actually using your version with this Party Find bug fixed
  2. Hi everyone, My players are suddenly getting DC when trying party invite. Does anyone know what can be?
  3. Hi everyone. Im looking for a creative freelancer map developer to keep contact
  4. Ahoy Pirates. I've been working on a top100 private servers website, in order to index the best servers available, i want to make this the main Tales of Pirates top100 website. So if you have a private server go ahead and add your server here. https://mmos.online Private message me for a free 1 month Premium membership
  5. Exactly, fairy marriage adds an invalid skill on pet. that must be removed in order to avoid this to happens
  6. Hi my friends. Im looking for a active scripter for some paid services. If you are available private message me. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I want to know if is that a way to get the char motto (The description near the name) with lua.
  8. Nice feature, im satified to be a Boatswain!!
  9. Never tried with a effect, but with a model. However since effects can use lgo models, it should work, try to search things like .lgo, .tga or .eff inside the effect file with the nodepad++
  10. I usually change a model texture, with NOTEPAD++ , dont even need hex edit, just search for the texture number like xxx.bmp and rename it with another texture number with same name length
  11. Hi UchihaJr I never seen this problem before, but when i have such weird bugs i usually replaces some impotant folders with other server files folders until find out the reason. For example, scripts folder, calculate folder, functions.lua... You can also use an IDE to find something related to the boss ID usiing a folder search tool.
  12. Ask your friends to try this coomand on windows cmd, to make sure the connection is being made. telnet {your public ip} 1973 If yes, it will show a blank screen, if not it will show a message like could not connect...
  13. Hi there. I am posting this to congratulate V3CTOR and PKODEV staff for this new forum system, i really ejoyed it and those features, you guys are doing a nice work keeping this comunity alive
  14. There are some extra stuff you can try: 1 - Try to open your windows firewall port 1973 2 - Check if your public ip is compatible with the ip changer length your frineds are using, anyway try the V3CTOR ip changer ( you can find on this forum )
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