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Found 6 results

  1. *Good afternoon everyone in this group* I introduce myself, I am Tera, a character who started in the world of such of pirates approximately more than 10 years ago, for a long time I was a player on different servers, both official top2 and private, everything was better when there were few servers , but with the passage of time files were released and anyone believed that by editing an NPC or the Iteminfo you were already a developer, with the passage of time I became interested in creating a server and little by little I was looking for information and trying to learn and with the collaboration of serverdev and pkodev we improved and learned a lot, I launched some servers but my knowledge of protection was not very good so they hacked me a few times, so I started working from local in my spare time doing it for fun, everything It was going well when I was bored I went to edit, change, create, until one day I made the mistake of trusting someone who offered me to host my files approximately 3 months by then I did not have a 100% server but I decided to put my files, at first I was suspicious but I already had a lot of editing and wanted to try things from a host, well the truth was my mistake and this person copies my files and now many people they have that file although it is incomplete because I always tried to add more things that is why I am retiring after many years and leaving the public files for anyone who wants to use them since the people who copied it have 0 knowledge and will only seek to get money from it by opening 10 servers close them a month and scam, that's why I tell them not to trust anyone because seeing that a person scams with files that cost you hours of sleep and research is not pretty, the files are not yet 100% but they are more up-to-date and the client the same, the person who copied the files is a certain JaloCruz called Manuel Atencio, do not trust him since he has opened thousands of servers and all of them are bankrupt, the files in itself they are not perfect if you are interested you can use them as you wish. thanks for all PKODEV team Server Files : https://www.mediafire.com/file/ovx65dnncac8mi4/TERAPKO+2.0.rar/file Client Files: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hctgov46eculj51/The+New+World+Online+Client.rar/file Here some images: https://imgur.com/gallery/6wZ7wyt
  2. Hello! I'll be showing you a Guide on How to Setup In Game Shop (Server Files) Just Follow Step by Step... 1st Step Download IGS Files Below: (This File includes the Database tradedb.sql) IGS.rar 2nd Step Open the Files. Extract it To your Server files or Put Somewhere else... 3rd Step You must create a database called tradedb the database is inside the IGS.rar File. 4th Step Configure IGS Files. Open "Config.cfg" You will find this Now Edit These according To your configurations(Settings) serv = Server Name that you use to enter in SQL Server Management usr = Your Database Username pwd = You have to decrpyt your password on Database User (Using Info Password inside the IGS folder) DB = tradedb (because this is the one we used for IGS) 5th Step Try to Launch TradeServer.exe (you must have it like this) 6th Step Open Your GameServer.cfg's (Gameserver.cfg, gameserver1.cfg and etc.....) Put This inside your Gameserver.cfg's it will be like this info = (IP, can leave, (Port for IGS), (PAssword For Username in SQL Manager), 1 7th Step Go to sql manager open tradedb, and you will see "dbo.Safety" now right click it and click Edit Top 200 Rows 8th Step You Should see it like this You will have to change these according to your IP, InfoPassword, and How Many Gameservers you are using. If You are Using 1 Gameserver then it should be only 1.. Example i am using 4 so i have 4 Columns here. (NOte: You are required to Put your Real IP not in dbo.Safety because this is a requirement for you to make your players connect in IGS) 9th Step Open your Server.. Start Accountserver, gateserver, groupserver, ALL Gameservers you are using... then start tradeserver 10th Step Go Login in Game. wait 2-3 minutes and Click Small Button "Mall" near your minimap. put your security code and In Game Shop should open that time. If i miss on something Please Let me know... If you have problem on it. please comment the problem. I will try to fix or look for fix. Thank you. EDIT: Added Xero IGS. IGS.rar
  3. Описание За основу была взята PKO 1.38 Добавлена защита от @V3ct0r в ветке beta-release Прогресс перевода серверных файлов P.S: На данный момент в ветках main и beta-release находятся "старые и некорректные файлы" (см под спойлером) с небольшими исправлениями. Серверные файлы GitLab репозиторий Последняя актуальная версия Последняя бета версия Список найденных ошибок Ветка с переводом Клиентские файлы GitLab (ссылка будет добавлена позже) Старое описание
  4. Someone who can explain why the game mall only works for me in a files 1.38 and not in 2.4 I'm using the same database of account server, game db, auction. I have tried with several IGS but all are connected only with version 1.38 I use the same data in the files I think the problem lies in the game server .exe but I do not know how to fix it or see why it does not connect someone knows what happened and how help me :(? in advance thank you !!
  5. Hi! I was looking for a guide on how to hex gs for surpass some ID limits but I think that one died since I could not find it. Can you list HEXEs for the following stuff on gs 1.38? I’m looking for: Areaset limit Skillinfo limit Skilleff limit Hairs limit Chracterinfo limit And of course Iteminfo limit In fact anything that I can max to the max I want to know it Also which HEX editor software do you recommend? Thank you all. Regards!
  6. Database pko 2.4 is not compatible with pko site 1.38? To create accounts?
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