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Found 9 results

  1. •Fallen Relics Online| 24/7 •Type: Medium Pk Farm • Server Rate: -MaxLv 100 -MaxLV Pet : 100 whit mall and improved 150 -Solo : x35 -Party : x75 -Drop : x45 -Pet Grow : x8000 -Ship exp : x5000 •Swings •Guild Leveling •Guild Bank •Guild Name Color •In Game Mall •Rebirth 4 •New App Every Week •Website: https://oldswordpirates.com/fro/index.php?act=register •Youtube:
  2. i want other players to Join and found a tutorial but i didnt seem to understand. My question is Do i change my server files IP address to a Public IP (118.***.***) or Local? (192.168.0.***) o still Do i Change server set ip to my public ip or local?
  3. Corsairs Online has officially launched! Last April 23rd, Corsairs Online was launched officially. We bring a new meta of gameplay that you will surely love! Explore new features, quests, challenging daily quests! We bring a nostalgic series of contents but have modern modifications that can let you enjoy it furthermore! Website Link: https://corsairs.online/ Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/corsairs.official Discord Link: https://discord.gg/tmzJKcmsFf Server Rates: Max Player Level: 70 Max Fairy Level: 42 Solo Experience: x2 (Double experience bonus during weekend and Party members bonuses) Drop Rate: x1 Fairy Rate: x5 Ship Exp Rate: x10 Current Gems Limits: Broken Gems: 3 Cracked Gems: 3 Unique Gems: 2 Normal Gems: 5 Current Available Maps: Forsaken City: Opens every 3 hours interval Dark Swamp: Opens every 3 hours interval Demonic World: Opens every 3 hours interval Chaos Argent: (Incoming update this weekend) Additional Information: Single Account Instance with Multiple Characters Privilege Mount System Auto-Trace NPC & Monsters Guild Vault with Logging Records In-Game Portal Timer More Game Settings Life Skill Bar Monster Information Interface Reworked Experience System Inventory Items Multi-Selection Daily Quests and many more! What do we offer? Guaranteed Online 24/7 with excellent Anti-DDoS protection 100% Secured! Database Backup, Password Encrypting, and with Anti WPE/RPE Balanced Server Reputation to Credit Award Center for Credits Literally Not P2W Server Daily Login Rewards Daily Server Rewards (Events) Active Support Discord Ticketing System
  4. emofc

    New server Help

    Hello everyone ! I want to know what players like to play hard or medium servers or full easy ! Let me know guys what you like and i will make it! Tnx
  5. Home

    Creating weapon glow

    Hi everyone. By this simple tutorial i'll show you guys how to create a new glow for weapons and also change its color. 1 - ItemRefineInfo The Itemrefininginfo is a list of all weapons and its respectively glow details. It basically receives the weapon ID, Name, and the existing glows id and size for every char type (lance, ami, carsise, phyllis). The itemrefininginfo doesn't creates any new glows it just sets existing glows from itemrefiningeffectinfo to a given weapon: example: 776 Blade of Enigma 3 9 0 12 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 776 - weapon id Blade of Enigma - weapon name 3 - red gems respective glow id 9 - blue gems respective glow id 0 - unknown 12 - yellow gems respective glow id 26 - unknown 0 - unknown 25 - unknown 0 - unknown 24 - unknown 0 - unknown 0 - unknown 27 - unknown 0 - unknown 0 - unknown 0.6 - lance glow size 0.6 - carsise glow size 0.6 - phyllis glow size 0.6 - ami glow size example of a giant blue glow for Blade of Enigma with any gem combination. 776 Blade of Enigma 9 9 0 9 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 2.6 2.6 2.6 2.6 example of a little green glow for Darkness Emissary with any gem combination. 2331 Darkness Emissary 63 63 0 63 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 By this first part you'll be able to set custom glows for any weapon, however if you wanna go futher you should create new glow types in itemrefiningeffectinfo. 2 - ItemRefiningeffectInfo The itemrefiningeffectinfo is a list that stores all the glows itself is there where you can find the glows id you need to customize your weapon glows in itemrefininginfo. It contains all kind of glows, green, blue, yellow, red, staff, sword, dagger, gun etc. For example, this line has a green glow for guns ( if you put it on itemrefininginfo on any weapon it will give it a green glow gun ) 44 Gun Poison 4 354 0 354 0 1 353 0 353 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 using it on itemrefininginfo Darkness Emissary line for any gem: 2331 Darkness Emissary 43 43 0 43 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
  6. Hello, first time I played TOP and TOP Private server was probably 8-10 years ago. I was hoping to create a private server again (my own and probably a few of my friends who played it back then) using hamachi server(the easiest one to create). I've created my account just now. I visited ragezone (but their TOP forum is more likely dead already) and I was redirected here and saw a few posts still active. I was hoping you can help me. I'm still reading the threads here in this forum so please bear with me for missing the post and asked it here. These are my questions 1. I am using windows 10 pro (version 1809), what Microsoft SQL Server version can i use? 2. Is this the new website of hamachi? (vpn.net) or this one (https://secure.logmein.com/hamachi.msi) Can i use their latest version? or do I have to use their older version for this to work 3. What version of PKO is available? I only remember using 1.36 version back then. I saw here on the forum (1.36 and 2.0) is that all the versions available? 4. I've seen a lot of private server files here. What can you recommend me? (I'm not thinking of opening it to the public just for myself and a few people, looking for files with a lot of cool items (weapons, armor, sets) and cool maps) Additional Questions: September 25, 2019 (Philippine Time) 1. If I will use the latest MSSQL 2019. Do i also need to find DB that is compatible with MSSQL 2019? 2. Is MSSQL free? or do i still need to get a cracked version for it? Thank you for reading my post. Hoping you can help me answer my questions.
  7. Hi all, recently i discovered some new exploit in gameserver (i am not sure if new or not but for me yea!!) 1) many invites How its done : ask many players to add you friend at same time then at some point the gameserver will crash solution : i thought at first to limit the invite times but i failed then i made invite times 1 and limited the timeout to 3 seconds that helped to solve it !! notes : that work with all invites (Trade - Disc - etc) but i haven't tried it on others just on friend but someone told me it work on all !! 2) walls How its done : get your character and go cave on walls there, there is a free space that you cant cross at some point the abuser managed to crash game using that space giving the gameserver wrong info as that area not allowed to cross-through it solution : i found that removing the not allowed cross was the best practice specially can be done server sided using yamii tool (Map Editor) 3) system chat this one i am not sure how its done but i thought to reduce the local chat and other chat cooldown could solve it and until now i think its good at the end i managed to get all those exploit ways at less that all i know maybe someone out there got other exploit ways i wonder too and i am not happy about that but at less we can solve what possible so i hope people participate on fixing and share their discovers !! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, im looking for beta testers for my server if u interested, please imbox here.
  9. Hi All I decided to make a new server with a friend (cause we all know its hard to let go of TOP) Anyway since neither of us got a lot of free time am looking for a dependable and trustworthy person who has experience with how TOP private servers work, how to code and having owned servers before is a plus ** The host/site and everything else is pretty much done, only thing left is few npcs/drops and making sure that all features are in place(basically easy stuff) -->> OVH Host Speed Test so please comment in here if you are interested (!!!! been a trustworthy is a big thing) a Recap !--<< what has been done>>--! 1-host has been sat up with everything 2-files/sites are ready 3-Alpha stage patch/client is ready !--<< what needs to be done>>--! 1-recheck everything (npcs/drops) 2-write down all the features in an easy and eye catching way 3-add what needs to be added 4-Pay for Advertisement in Facebook for the page and posts inside it(will reach an est of 20k people who are interested in the server)(which i will be paying ofc) 5-any bugs found !--<< what is required from you>>--! 1-know how to edit lua file inside the serverfiles and also know your way around the client 2-you dont have to pay anything 3-since the server wont be solely based on mall dont think about joining the team just for money That is all
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