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  1. Thanks for the pro and fast service
  2. because the point was to refund the first transaction because it was held in my paypal, then he send it all as one payment 50eur. is refunded payments can be appealed ?
  3. https://prnt.sc/15vhaf5 https://prnt.sc/15vhddr https://prnt.sc/15vhf5r https://prnt.sc/15vhiz3 https://prnt.sc/15vhjwx Have fun with screenshots scammer, eat your 50 euros.
  4. For players they must use your public ip
  5. Yeah seems like you did them your own
  6. deadlink anyone has source code can reupload? thanks!
  7. I'm giving a warn to all PKODEV users, this is second scam from this person he takes our devs work and never pays for it. He scammed wolfen a $60 and me 50 euro. Hes the owner of server named The Legend Of Pirates @GordoN I may ask pkodev admins to ban this scammer from community. Thanks
  8. I have edited topic, thank you!
  9. Hello guys, I have finished Pirate Club Addon for TOP/PKO I have two versions done one for PKO sites (php 5.6) other version for V3ctor light engines ( php 7+) Cheap price inbox me or discord: ! 3Zouz#1680 For more details and testing Pirate Club (Official TOP/PKO Idea): Players above Lv45/55/65 may create a pirate club on the website so other players below level 45/55/65 join their clubs. Assume I'm a Lv45 Club leader. Players below 45 can apply in my club after that i help them to level up or they level up themselves to 45 or more. once a player reachs the club level he can graduate from the club. once graduated both player and leader gets rewarded.(Sent to storage box).
  10. I'm selling a host i purchased few days ago not willing to continue on the server so no need for it anymore Here is the specs: 2x 4 TB SATA HDD(8 TB) 4x 16 GB Ram DDR(64GB) 1GBIT Core I7-9th Coffelake Purchase price: 124 USD Sell price: 70 USD. You get panel info then change it and reinstall the OS yourself for clean start and password of your own.
  11. I see nothing but kiddish stuff over there, you can go and kill yourself if a banned account puts you in middle of depression for real.. it's just a game get some life please...if it really means something for you, you may create a new account and play otherwise don't blame people for your acts. you could have messaged them from start and asked for permission to do your cheating exploration stuff.. this i could call a good intention but yours wasn't at all.
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