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  1. thank you for suggestion, will look into it.
  2. not willing to share any past ideas, but i'd be happy to accept ideas and do it from scratch even if i did it before
  3. started in php5 for sure, i'm doing php7 perfectly now. started to learn laravel already seems like entertainment to me
  4. hello people, i've been working on pkosites(addons) for couple of years, wanted to know what you guys are interested in? small addons/systems maybe i can contribute to this good community. Reason for this, i want to keep improving my php, actually i never gone through a course about php or programming and what i have achieved is making big companies systems just by practising on pkosite and it's php & functions helped me to learn a lot. let's hear ideas,suggestions and requests
  5. thank you i love checking anything new released, specially web dev hope to find something interested.
  6. thanks for sharing, but yeah you shared the link in a wrong way
  7. it's free, they give you 30 days trail for their admin control panel, but you may stay using it forever.
  8. .\SQLEXPRESS try this. suggestion if this won't work., use zendserver you will find a guide here on the forum
  9. Hello I'm trying to change pkosite into mysql connection for learning purposes, i could change the connection but i couldn't make it like the mssql, i have to put it in every page and load the connection everytime im making a query, could someone help?...
  10. error building accountserver, directories path are fixed... libs taken from 1.36 cn src, any help ?
  11. hello pkodev people, i have big knowledge of php not learned through any online courses or anything but just through daily working in the past in some php projects.. I want to learn and master PHP and use laravel next, could anyone guide me to the right track? I want to know how I will go through this so I thought you guys will be the right people to answer me.
  12. 1, I'm myself using MSSQL 2k14 on latest Windows 10 64-bit version, if it's gonna be a home server ( just friends ,etc go on any version 2008 or 2012/2014 ) 2, if you have a static IP, you can just forget about hamachi but if not, then go for the new hamachi, vpn.net yes... 3, There is TOP 1.36 and 2.0 they are likely the same ( in the gameplay view ) there is pko 2.4 files which looks like TOP II etc new eq slots and so on.. 4, You can go on the mega archives and check server files names, copy name and search on youtube to check videos of the servers which had been created before for those files and pick up what you like hope I helped.
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