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  1. Thank you bro for the confirmation, Hope everyone learns from our lesson.
  2. Some new information about the famous scammer!! thanks to everyone co-operating to expose this scammer to the community! Billie is also @Pirate Skull Online https://pkodev.net/topic/2903-new-exploits/?do=findComment&comment=18731 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUJH-1U3fPU And also his main account in PKO Dev I think its @Rinor He is from Kosovo https://pkodev.net/topic/1025-looking-for-a-laptop/?do=findComment&comment=6495 https://pkodev.net/topic/771-looking-for-a-pro-js/?do=findComment&comment=4552 He plays in the server Rage of Sage https://pkodev.net/topic/466-flyff-website-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=2653 https://pkodev.net/topic/710-tweaks/?do=findComment&comment=4097 Here he is selling Website Ripping: https://pkodev.net/topic/466-flyff-website-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=2644 Same as Billie was doing: https://pkodev.net/topic/4217-website-ripping-service/ Finally we wish that @V3ct0r push us some info regarding both accounts IPs to confirm about this scammer plus we would like any scammer banned out of this community.
  3. Almost a year passed, do you think it's still possible somehow ?
  4. Hes nothing than a shitty personality scamming everyone. I agree we ain't moving cause non wants anyone to step over it's all about money,money and money like the world gonna crash on those who doesn't have lot of cash haha. Hahahaha, He has a poor soul inside, just a pyscho that needs therapy.
  5. Didn't lose a cent, seems like you still low on english don't know if your IQ is the same or not. Read the topic well it's exposion of a scammer that steals others work and sell for money, like selling public shit for money too ? Anyway I know it's something you aint' gotta understand as your still low iq and language bro. Plus have you ever sold anything without customer dispute ? wait, I remembered another thing about you, you didn't use paypal to receive money because everyone would be disputing you Wish you best rot in hell
  6. Have we ever talked ? This discord name has been set to Zizo 2weeks ago, If you have something create your own topic and prove it otherwise stick to this topic's point. Also let's not open your unclosed books, The famous wolfen scammer that sells his tools password protected and never shares the PW. Shall I post your life's history here or make you a topic with your name ?
  7. I seen many lightengine says billie and i thought it was his lel.. shitty scammer that will rest in prison soon.
  8. I bet there is even more people got scammed by that poor personality.
  9. Hey guys, Using @K1D0 's similar topic title as the scammer i'm showing to everyone today is the real big scammer no one above him, Hope everyone takes a lesson from this just like we did. First of all this started at the early of June, 2021, where we had a top project we were working on. and we lack of good sources and c++ dev. One of the team members contacted @Billie on discord seeking fixed CO Sources, my team had the deal gone through without my knowledge as I were in hospital for surgery and when I came back it was all done and ready for development so there were no back on that. We bought CO Fixed Sources ( Assuming there were any fixes on them haha ) for a clean 2.5K$ We worked months on them fixing bugs assuming those appearing and coming ones are because of our edits, today we found out that we got sold the clean public CO sources those released on the forums.( of course it didn't not take almost a year to find this out because we stopped the project after 3 months and we decided to continue development since the past month ) Assuming that many people already got scammed from this guy @Billie and his DISCORD ID IS : Billie#0847 I had to message him few days ago about the crashes and what's happening on the game, asking what did he get paid for ? Replying I don't have the rights to ask him about that since It was not me who paid, OKAY. He was generous to offer crash fixing but actually he didn't have the intention to fix anything (Assuming he can even fix or develop anything ) Asked me to upload the sources to him ( our sources had many features added and as to packet encryption stuff here and there) I know he was only after the edits we added so I started ignoring him. What happened after? He logged in my game and started crashing gateserver and groupserver via some noob expliots on CO SOURCES, I still didn't msg him about it as I was already sure it's him proof is on screenshots. Today he messaged me offering new features and serverfiles which is not even hes work!! Hes literally stealing and scamming everyone comes in his way. He sent me a copy of the compiled game.exe of EA TEAM PROJECT which allows him to have the client edits they made on their game.exe he only copied that to make use of the features. Rest of work is UI work any newbie can do that. I let you guys read all about it on the coming screenshots, have fun reading and sorry for the long talk, I don't want anyone to be scammed over this shitty person. TBN: He uses many discords and pkodev forum accounts to catch buyers. My teammate messaged him a while ago accusing of crashing my server, now he deleted the chat of the saleshit and pricing knowing that I'm gonna expose him. EDIT: Forgot to tell, I have blocked you on discord and we are taking legal actions against you, this ain't about a payment of $2.5k nope, I will see you in tough situation better to me and the community. Enjoy your exposion big scammer.
  10. Jealous of copiers ? nah never, the respond were to show a message to the op which is stop using public released stuff copy,paste and go with your mind idea atleast not mentioning features or anything, I prefer to stick short than having long talk discussions.
  11. cpworkerz


    Good official, 1 click to shutdown ugh..
  12. Looking for a C++ dev for some source work, it's all paid of course. PM me with discord please
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