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  1. Hey, Try to change the first "if" statement line to this one, it should work - you need to use brackets ( ) if( (Dina_x2_ID == 8913) and (Dina_x1_ID == 2569 or Dina_x1_Fusion_ID == 2569) )then
  2. Open variable.lua (can be found at: resource/script/calculate) and find the following: MAX_ELF_LV = 50 Change the number next to "=" to your needing, in my case, my server pet level is capped at lv50. Next time post in the correct section, this is Development section. Do post your questions in Questions & Help
  3. What's instant class npc? Do you mean Job Changer? If so, you can find it in most of server files.
  4. Change this with any amount you want: local money = 500
  5. For time & efficiency, you should consider downloading Notepad++ because there are so many good features that should help you out. The following is an example to try to search "GoToWhere" using Notepad++ using "Find in Files" with Find All feature To do that you need to do the following: 1- Place something you want to search for in "Find what:" 2- Place Server Files directory in "Directory:" 3- Filters should be called as the file extension your trying to search for, in your case it should be in a LUA file, which means *.lua* (if you decided to keep it empty, it will take long time because it will be searching unnecessary files within the directory) 4- Press on Find All and it will show you exactly where the file at!
  6. Hello, The following script will add (500 gold) to the character for staying online every 2 minutes. 1. Open functions.lua and search for cha_timer function and add the following script inside of it after "SetChaParam(role, 1, now_tick + freq * time)" if(math.mod(now_tick, 120) == 0 and now_tick > 0)then local money = 500 AddMoney(role,0,money) SystemNotice(role,'Received ('..money..'G) for staying online!') end Note: if you want to edit time, you need to change value 120 (in seconds). For example if you want 3 mins change it to 180.
  7. Did you test it out? It's not working here, flash bomb has a skill info target in the ItemInfo line.
  8. Hello @V3ct0r, Can you add "items" cooldown for it as well? Such as: - Cake - Flash Bomb - Blessed Potion As @okitora described in Cooldown Preview:
  9. That's nice. I understand you going to stop doing new mods, but at least will you still continue providing services? We still want at least some features for the client such as: 60 fps (properly working), More Resolution Options, More Settings, Icons Near Name, etc.... I'd like to see these myself on 1.3x files. Myself I don't really mind if they are paid or free since this is your work and you deserve what you worked on. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hey guys, Can we have a list of trustable developers who provides services? It'll help approaching them faster, and you kinda feel safe that the person you asked service for is know what hes doing. Do reply below if your a dev providing service, and in which (binaries / src / CO). Thanks!
  11. I've came across one guy today and tried to scam me but luckily I knew the original owner of the files and directly contacted him to know if he is really "aware" that his co admin is trying to sell his files and he claimed that he doesn't even have the files and his intention was basically to get the money and scam me. So .... Why is there a lot of scammers nowadays? There is only one answer..... The community has came to a down fall, nobody is trying to help one another, for me personally I've always depended on @V3ct0ron having mods and now has stopped providing services and everyone is simply claiming that they are having CO working srcs etc and their intention is basically to get your money and give you shitty files or nothing in the end. For me personally, I want to work on srcs, but there isn't enough guiding on it... or even some sort of development. It's kinda hard to work around without any ideas in forums. I do really WISH & HOPE that developers stand out and at least provide some genuine stuff (that they are know what they're doing) rather than getting them scammed and selling stuff they don't know about. That's all from me, I wish the best for TOP/PKO community and I really do care about it's development and wish for it to last long. Thanks
  12. @V3ct0r Please do delete & close this topic as there are some scammers around the community.
  13. @Eviles Thanks a lot for your help in guiding me through it, much appreciated! That's exactly what I'm looking for
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