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  1. What's your discord?

    1. ᴡʀx



  2. I didn't know it actually had that. Remains one issue which is the map .obj, I think I can use original one it doesn't really matter that much.
  3. Hello everyone, Does anyone have Argent, Shaitan, Icicle main cities with outskirts. I want to use 1 GameServer but using original garner/magicsea/darkblue all together doesn't allow it because theyre big maps and I only want the town & outskirts part of it. Note: I was going to use Chaos Argent version but there isn't outskirts/silver mine around. Thanks
  4. Miss Old SPO PK? Join now, server is online till 17 June 2020! All Items for Free! https://www.sky-pirates.net https://discord.com/invite/6WemGRD
  5. Who would have such fix? I tried V3ctors one it's not suitable as it deletes "all" effect models only.
  6. I think I have found the issue. It seems its from model/character/ and model/effect The only problem now is I don't know which file(s) are bugged. Uhhh it's gonna be rough to find em... Is there anyone solved this problem can kindly help me out?
  7. We have installed our latest & biggest update ever, many new features such as offline stall, money currency, all items tradeable, revamped demonic world, soul reaper equipment and much more new things & changes awaits you! Please check attachment for some images!
  8. bump... i still couldn't figure out the problem :(
  9. Are you looking for a PvP Server, Do you want to try a new TOP/PKO Experience? We present to you, Sky Pirates Online! Note: Server is opening today at 9:00 GMT +4! Links: @ Website @ Register @ Downloads Features: -New Main City: SPO Village Awaits you a nice looking village that has it's main city, outskirts, and mine. Explore it to your heart content! Few npcs and features would be locked for you on the start, however, this is intended to make you level up and explore new stuffs for your enjoyment! -All-new PvP System and Prestige System: You are ready the moment you enter! Earn XP in PvP, prestige and more. No more hunting monsters for hours! Just fight and rank up to the top. Also! Our newest feature around. Reach the character level to the max to prestige. This is one of the ways to become stronger in the game. The higher your prestige level, the stronger you are. Moreover, you are going to unlock new npcs, items and more on prestiging. -New PvP & Instances We have implemented new PvP and PvE maps. Spending hours of development and building new system just for your enjoyment! -Equipment System Everyone will have to equip cosmetics which does not affect gameplay at all and to become stronger, you will have to level up and earn special items. -Account Registration from Client Forgot to create an account after downloading the client? No worries! You can create one instantly from the game. -Balanced PK In PK, our reputation is high and everyone knows that! We hear our beloved players feedback always regarding everything and especially regarding PK Balance! After all, it's the main aspect of the game. & More.. There are even more features awaits you in the game. It is much fun that you explore and get surprised of new features and thing waiting for you! Note: Server is opening today at 9:00 GMT +4!
  10. hey do you have experience with exploit fixes?

  11. There is missing part that's why its not working properly. --functions.lua function CheckHasGoldBeforeEnter(role,map) local MoneyHave = GetChaAttr(role,ATTR_GD) local MoneyNeed = 1000000 if GPF[map] ~= nil then MoneyNeed = GPF[map] end -- missing part....... if(MoneyHave >= MoneyNeed)then return 1 end return 0 end
  12. I can't seem to login. I have tried downloading another CO client and still illegal birth place. Does anyone know what should be done? @KONG Also, Can you kindly upload fixed CO source code along with Client source code?
  13. Thanks! However, I faced a problem which is "Illegal birth place" when trying to create a character I think we do need Client SRC.
  14. Great release! I would like to play around with it. However, I am facing problem while compiling it. Those who succeeded in compiling, can someone create a guide because I have been trying to compile it however I always get errors. Much appreciated!
  15. Experience new TOP/PKO fully PK server (All Same Stats so doesn't matter if new/old player, Unlock new apparels, new effects & more)

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