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  1. Hey @V3ct0r, Kindly respond on your Discord. Thanks
  2. What's your discord?

    1. ᴡʀx



  3. I didn't know it actually had that. Remains one issue which is the map .obj, I think I can use original one it doesn't really matter that much.
  4. Hello everyone, Does anyone have Argent, Shaitan, Icicle main cities with outskirts. I want to use 1 GameServer but using original garner/magicsea/darkblue all together doesn't allow it because theyre big maps and I only want the town & outskirts part of it. Note: I was going to use Chaos Argent version but there isn't outskirts/silver mine around. Thanks
  5. Who would have such fix? I tried V3ctors one it's not suitable as it deletes "all" effect models only.
  6. I think I have found the issue. It seems its from model/character/ and model/effect The only problem now is I don't know which file(s) are bugged. Uhhh it's gonna be rough to find em... Is there anyone solved this problem can kindly help me out?
  7. bump... i still couldn't figure out the problem :(
  8. hey do you have experience with exploit fixes?

  9. There is missing part that's why its not working properly. --functions.lua function CheckHasGoldBeforeEnter(role,map) local MoneyHave = GetChaAttr(role,ATTR_GD) local MoneyNeed = 1000000 if GPF[map] ~= nil then MoneyNeed = GPF[map] end -- missing part....... if(MoneyHave >= MoneyNeed)then return 1 end return 0 end
  10. I can't seem to login. I have tried downloading another CO client and still illegal birth place. Does anyone know what should be done? @KONG Also, Can you kindly upload fixed CO source code along with Client source code?
  11. Thanks! However, I faced a problem which is "Illegal birth place" when trying to create a character I think we do need Client SRC.
  12. Great release! I would like to play around with it. However, I am facing problem while compiling it. Those who succeeded in compiling, can someone create a guide because I have been trying to compile it however I always get errors. Much appreciated!
  13. Experience new TOP/PKO fully PK server (All Same Stats so doesn't matter if new/old player, Unlock new apparels, new effects & more)

  14. Replace "LuaSQL" to "LuaSql"
  15. is the LuaSql system working/loaded just fine? From error in LUA_ERR specified it says that it doesn't know what is "LuaSql" to begin with.
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