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  1. Hello @V3ct0r, 1. I don't really know the map size exactly but I don't think it's big sized map. I'll have to check on that when I get back home. 2. Yes, it was made by YAMMI and map-editor in client for the objects.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who sells properly fixed sources/website. -------------- I'm planning on re-opening a server again and I assume using the outdated binaries isn't a good idea so I've been searching around and playing around with deguix Corsair's files. All though maybe exploits are cleared out (mostly) I feel there's still more of them are around, and maybe, bugs, etc. As for my current re-opening plan, I'm still using binaries for their ease of use and stability. All I have to do is work around the LUA-side stuff, and add some ideas, couple of features and that's it... Just open up a server and done. Thing is, I noticed most of big server's (PKO, PO, Kraken, etc....) have amazing features, and I'd like see some of them I feel they are game-changing and worth having: 60 FPS Higher Resolution Item Locking Mounts Monster Info View Portal Opening View Advanced Game Settings (In-Game) Improved graphics Colored Gems (In-Equipment) Fixes most of critical issues, bugs and exploits & more.... That's all I could think of. I'm looking for someone trustworthy and having experience for selling me stable src/new website(designed) because the files/website I'm having is outdated (2017). Please do contact me on discord: @ Sultan#6155
  3. Apologize for reviving this very old topic but I noticed something regarding this topic, maybe gonna help the community or maybe towards a fix for this problem.... Using a custom map (as a main map) will cause this issue, this what I've figured out. I've been working on TOP/PKO development for the past month and I have wanted to try out one of Alias maps released to use a main-town, while adding the main-town I noticed most of the objects disappeared. I assume the main reason is the custom maps itself, I have been working on my test server in all three main maps (argent, shaitan, icicle) and I didn't notice anything disappears at all. Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone, Does anyone have a fixed/working CO src client + files? Kinda intreseted in those files but I don't really know if it worth it since I see many issues/bugs around. Kinda risky to use... Hoping maybe someone would do a proper installation guide in the guide section would be much appreciated.
  5. Hey guys, I've been trying to make it work but I think there is a problem. All I am getting is either "Connection failed" or "ToClient listen failed" error appears on GateServer (attached below) I guess because 1973 is used in both pkodev.stallserver.cfg & gateserver.cfg. Can someone guide us exactly through it, please post your configuration will help a lot! Thanks
  6. @Tera Thanks a lot for your reply! I know that design and I have it, I'm looking for other designs.
  7. Hey guys, Looking for some Argent City designs. Back then, there used to be unique designs for Argent City I remember there was golden/orange once, black agent city, etc.. If some of you have such designs please share them here. Example: Thanks!
  8. Hello, I have an idea. Maybe create an effect item like wings but instead of (1st inventory slot) we can choose whatever slot we want. For example: (6th inventory slot) will display another Wing or Effect and in cfg we put Item ID desired. Thanks
  9. Hello, Regarding the problems within this amazing mod, are you going to find fix for them in the future? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have been wondering is there some possible way to encrypt or somehow secure new custom files that are in client? For example, if I am working on a New Custom User interface, or new custom maps, etc... is there possible way to secure them and not let them get leached easily? Thanks.
  11. That's exactly what I'm looking for, it's do-able by source as Vector said, However I'd like to see if it's possible by pkodev mod loader.
  12. Hello, I'd like to post my idea regarding making something identical to SystemNotice(role, "Message"); SystemInfo(role, message, X, Y) The system basically can be displayed anywhere in the client (for example, under the minimap). Can be used to display valuable information for player (role). Maybe in Chaos Argent you can identify how many players remaining alive inside still? How many kills/deaths you done so far? It's very unique and amazing if you could do it. LUA Code Example: SystemInfo(role, "message", X, Y) SystemInfo(role, "Kills:"..CA[role].kills, 100, 150) SystemInfo(role, "Deaths:"..CA[role].deaths, 100, 175) SystemInfo(role, "Alive:"..CASurvivors, 100, 200) Fortnite Example:
  13. @V3ct0r  Kindly respond in Discord

  14. @V3ct0r Useful mod, thank you! Just want you to implement it for items such as Flash Bomb, Blessed Potion, etc.. One more thing "I haven't tried yet" I think upon dying or switching characters the mod stops displaying the cooldown remaining.
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