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  1. I am sorry, but looks like I don't quite understand your problem. The script should kick all players, not only characters with level 0.
  2. Check the method BOOL CCharacter::DoGMCommand(const char *pszCmd, const char *pszParam) in the file CharacterSuperCmd.cpp from GameServer srcs.
  3. Hello @dragontechi, Check everything before you post on the Internet please. Also don't comment on a whole post, this makes it difficult for other members to read the thread. Thank you!
  4. Hello @ProTecTion,
  5. In the original, the GMNotice() function is present in 2.x versions of the server. To add it to the server version 1.3x, you need to patch GameServer.exe and GroupServer.exe.
  6. Hello @Mesut, As mentioned @Graf, this tool is for TOP II client, not for Corsairs Online. When you edit a string in .exe file using HEX editor, you should keep its length. For example, string: Tales of Pirates Online can be changed to: My server name_________ where '_' is a space character. These strings are the same length of 23 characters.
  7. Привет, @small666! Возможно проблема именно в моде, а не в сервере оффлайн ларьков. Поскольку в коде мода ежедневных наград есть логика блокировки использования предметов по двойному клику (файл pkodev.mod.reward.client\dllmain.cpp, строки 178 - 182). (Обновление) Да, была похожая проблема по моду: В общем, нужно править мод выдачи ежедневных наград. В качестве временного решения можно заменить следующий код в pkodev.mod.reward.client\dllmain.cpp: bool __cdecl IsAllowUse() { return false; } на: bool __cdecl IsAllowUse() { return true; } и пересобрать мод.
  8. On older versions of XAMPP, for example 1.6.8, an FTP server was launched along with Apache, to which you could connect using the default administrator account, upload any PHP scripts to the htdocs folder, and, accordingly, execute them. @dragontechi Always change the login and password of the default administrator account after installing a particular program!
  9. This topic is very old, and @opexone78 has not visited the forum for a year, so the chances that he will answer unfortunately are low.
  10. With the current implementation of the mod, this is not possible, since it is tied to a necklace slot (to the already implemented necklace logic in the client), not rings.
  11. Probable miner in the "PKOdev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server" files Hello friends, Recently the member of our forum @dragontechi reported in the topic "PKOdev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server" that he have problems with a miner at his VPS and probably this miner comes with the website. I would like to ask the users of "PKODev.NET Website for Tales of Pirates" to check their PCs and VPS for similar symptoms. I also want to emphasize once again that at the moment there is no evidence that the website is actually infected with malicious files. Thank you for the attention and have a nice day!
  12. Hello @dragontechi, 1) What link did you download PKOdev.NET Webiste? 2) As far as I understand, the miner appeared on different VPS. Are these VPS from the same or different providers? Are you using a reliable hosting provider? 3) What else do you install besides the website? 4) Where did you get the script in your post from? Looks like this script download something from address and send information about your PC to the Telegram bot with token 5086556714:AAF7DbEW7CWKb1GEIy6_inxVlrGJ39JUUBM and chat ID 552691400. I have previously installed the site from the link in the first post, but had no problems. I also searched for some of the keywords in your script using Notepad++ but didn't find anything. Hello @Mesut, You need configure SMTP settings in the file inc.config.php: // SMTP settings (email) 'smtp' => array( // Login (e-mail) 'login' => '', // Password 'password' => '', // SMTP server host 'host' => 'smtp.gmail.com', // SMTP server port 'port' => '465', ),
  13. 10/26/2022 + Fixed bug with login. Many thanks to @BXlevovich for the discovery and solution! The required changes have been pushed to the project repository with commit 738004d5ad24dfaf26a3dc8e66f882713f62f250. The request to all users to rebuild and update the server. @Turisasx
  14. 26.10.2022 + Исправлен баг со входом на аккаунт. За обнаружение и решение большое спасибо @BXlevovich! Необходимые изменения запушены в репозиторий проекта с коммитом 738004d5ad24dfaf26a3dc8e66f882713f62f250. Просьба всем пользователям пересобрать и обновить сервер.
  15. Hello @nyarum12, The most important thing is that you gained a lot of experience while working on your project. There are different models of network input/output, working with databases, multithreading, architecture issues, learning new programming languages and other things. I wish you good luck in new subject areas!
  16. Привет! Самое главное, что ты получил большой опыт в ходе работы над своим проектом. Тут и разные модели сетевого ввода/вывода, работа с базой данных, многопоточность, вопросы архитектуры, непосредственно изучение новых языков программирования и другие вещи. Желаю тебе удачи в новых предметных областях!
  17. Было бы круто! Я примерно 6 лет назад тоже занимался решением подобной задачи, но совсем забыл в чем была проблема.
  18. Привет, @Ropedann! Благодарю за ответ и желаю успешно защитить диплом!
  19. Hello @dragontechi, As @champ mentioned, I think you should call HelpInfo() function before the KickClone() one. Also make sure that you pass a valid character descriptor to the HelpInfo() function (cha or ship instead of role).
  20. In addition to point 7, I would like to say that, probably, important correspondence should be conducted via e-mail for the reasons described in this point, and also because e-mail is a more formal way of communication.
  21. В дополнение к пункту 7, хочется сказать, что, вероятно, важную переписку следует вести посредством электронной почты (email) по причинам указанным в данном пункте, а также ввиду того, что электронная почта является более формальным способом общения.
  22. Привет, @BXlevovich! Действительно, размер буфера под сетевые пакеты должен быть больше. Спасибо!
  23. Hello again, @Turisasx, Try change the following code in the file Bridge.h: const std::size_t max_packet_size = 4096; to const std::size_t max_packet_size = 4096 * 4; As @BXlevovich suggested: After that do not forget to rebuild the solution.
  24. Каким образом получилось решить проблему, если не секрет?
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