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  1. Я без претензий, у меня тоже такое бывало. Нужно разобраться, иначе у потенциальных пользователей будут вопросы.
  2. Hello @dragontechi, 1) Do you have any errors in the GameServer.exe console window? 2) What changes did you make to the server files before the problem began to appear?
  3. Maybe someday I will develop such a mod.
  4. V3ct0r


    I use Visual Studio 2022 Community. It is called integrated development environment (IDE), not "C++ program".
  5. Explain in more details what are you doing and what errors are you getting please.
  6. Hello @dragontechi, from client src: if ( _chGMLv ) { if ( _chGMLv >= 21 && _chGMLv <= 30 ) { _pNpcStateItem = _pScene->AddSceneItem ("hd.lgo"); } else { _pNpcStateItem = _pScene->AddSceneItem ("gm.lgo"); } }
  7. What is the problem with nightmare hat fusing?
  8. What are you trying to do?
  9. Hello @Brothers, Look for how the lua function SetMapEntryEventName() is used in server files.
  10. Hello @gunnapong, 1) When the error occurs, does GateServer.exe, which is running the map to which the portal leads, hang? 2) Did you make any changes to your server files before the error appeared?
  11. Hello @Mesut, Do you can explain in more details what happening? This error usually appears when the user entered the captcha incorrectly.
  12. Hello @Mesut, 1) The pictures have been reuploaded, thank you! 2) This script should 100% work with PHP of versions 5.x, for example from XAMPP 1.6.8. Maybe your PHP doesn't have installed libgd for captcha; 3) Where are you trying to log in? Hello @nyarum12, This script is based on your work, if I remember correctly, btw
  13. Hello @Turisasx, Thank you for your feedback! I will research the problem.
  14. Hello @kyleflow, What server files are you using? Can I get them for tests? Are there any modifications to them?
  15. Hello @Mesut, Sorry, I don't understand your question. Instructions on how to make the title and color for a necklace are given in the first post.
  16. V3ct0r

    GM Command editor

    I will release the new version soon.
  17. V3ct0r

    PKO 2.4 + IGS

    Are these files not here?
  18. Hello @imbloopers! This error means that AccountServer.exe can't connect to the AccountServer database. The recommendations are the same as for this issue:
  19. V3ct0r

    ToP 2 Launcher

    Hello @Mesut! Try to look for TOP II client here: https://pkodev.net/forum/19-client/ and there: https://pkodev.net/topic/362-simple-archive/
  20. Hello @dragontechi! Make sure that paths to textures are correct. Also check coordinates for textures, because my sample was for xDesign GUI, not for original one.
  21. V3ct0r


    Привет, @Cohet! Спасибо за карту! Проблему слишком близкой границы карты можно попробовать решить с помощью данного инструмента:
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