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  1. Hello community, I need some help. I wanted to add this system that when I drop an item on the ground, this message appears saying "if I'm sure I really want to drop the item". I believe it is in Game.exe. Below is an example: Thanks all ^^
  2. Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me why GMNotice doesn't work on Windows 10? Or do I need to install some Microsoft program!? Which one? Thanks alot =p
  3. Buy the Green and Red Circles Mode on PK Maps. Discord: Saitama#8980 Version: Game.exe
  4. SOD Pirates Online - Files Version: 1.36 Payment Method: PayPal. Price: $70,00 USD Included: Server Files; Clean Database; Client; Website with Item Mall and Award Center; Support. Files Introduction: Click here YouTube Server Video: Click here Contact: Discord: VegaPunk#6985 Telegram: Click here Images:
  5. Hello sir, please check ur Discord. 

  6. Ok sir, I let's check :)
  7. I am having a Disconnect problem. Does anyone know how to solve !? This occurs every 15-30 mins or up to 1 hour. Makes you disconnect all players from the server.
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