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  1. Buy the Green and Red Circles Mode on PK Maps. Discord: Saitama#8980 Version: Game.exe
  2. SOD Pirates Online - Files Version: 1.36 Price: $50 USD Included: Server Files + DataBase + Website + Mall + Award Center Files Introduction: Click here YouTube Video: Click here - To view the videos from the server. Contact: Discord: VegaPunk#6985 Whatsapp: Click here Images:
  3. Hello sir, please check ur Discord. 

  4. Ok sir, I let's check :)
  5. I am having a Disconnect problem. Does anyone know how to solve !? This occurs every 15-30 mins or up to 1 hour. Makes you disconnect all players from the server.
  6. Hello everyone, can someone help me solve this problem? Or does anyone know about him? Leave your answer in the comment please.
  7. Good afternoon everyone; Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Because I created a server on Windows 10 using SQL Server 2014, but within the game the GM System bar does not appear announcing any event for example; When I open a Chest or when I open a portal or closed. Which program should I install on my Windows 10? Can anyone tell me about this problem? Please help me! This is an image of when I write, it appears normal. But when it is implemented in some server file resource it does not work.
  8. I am having this problem with my account_login in SQL. Could you help me? It is skipping the IDs of the accounts. How can I solve this type of problem?
  9. Now this error is appearing on the system.
  10. Can anyone help me to solve this problem that is happening with my Game Server?
  11. Hello everyone, I have this problem, my item Disable and Enable. any help me? see this below image.
  12. Good evening everyone, could anyone help me how can I add the level limit of a gem to forge on some equipment? Thank you!
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