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  1. Hi, im searching for the client 1.38 or just the game.exe v1.38, that link is for server files, can help me please?
  2. Hi, can someone share the game.exe version 1.38 clean?, ill appreciate it
  3. it works when mindpower3d is unmodified, i think its cuz script is for turn on or off the shift button, cuz i check it and when i turn it off, it works too, but im looking for visibility of the names without using that, i mean, change shift button to another1, the button to turn off and on is the scroll lock, so, its possible that works with something like ctrl+ some key?
  4. When i use this, i cant go in CA Port or other port, can some1 help me?
  5. StaffEN


    Hi, im new here, can someone help with mount files and help to add it please?
  6. Bro, can u help me with 2 things? first one, need to expand map limit to 80-100, and second one, need to expand the apareal limit
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