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  1. estrangulador

    New Server Sea Avenger

    Sea Avenger Online [WebSite] http://seaavenger.online/ [FAN-PAGE] https://www.facebook.com/SEAAVENGEROFICIAL/ [DISCORD] https://discord.gg/NUJVqUr [Youtube] Quests Newbie Guide
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you can sell me all server file, database and client files?

  3. estrangulador


    link of
  4. estrangulador

    [Web Service] Offline Stall

    link? pliz haha
  5. estrangulador

    Lua_err Help

    I already removed the second function, and the first error had a duplicate line so I went to document it and the error stopped.
  6. estrangulador

    Lua_err Help

    I'm with two mistakes they repeat a lot in lue_err, can anyone help me? Erro 1 [03-15 13:13:15]DoString Skill_Hyz_End [03-15 13:13:15]resource/script/calculate/skilleffect.lua:16473: attempt to call global `GetPetUreLV' (a nil value) function GivePetState( ATKER , DEFER ) local PetLv = GetPetUreLV (ATKER) -- Line 16473 local State_Lbhl = GetChaStateLv ( ATKER, STATE_Lbhl ) if State_Lbhl >= 1 then AddState( ATKER , DEFER , STATE_LEIPI , 2 , 2 ) end end --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erro 2 [03-16 17:00:02]DoString after_create_entry [03-16 17:00:02]resource/script\calculate\functions.lua:8485: stack overflow entrydata = entrydata or {} SetMapEntryEventNameHook = SetMapEntryEventName function SetMapEntryEventName(entry, name) SetMapEntryEventNameHook(entry, name) --- Line 8485 map_name, posx, posy, tmap_name = GetMapEntryPosInfo(entry) entrydata[tmap_name] = entry end
  7. estrangulador

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    Can you tell me why this error Client to fal check rcv same thing with snd helpp plis
  8. estrangulador

    How to add OBJ to my client?

  9. estrangulador

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    Alguem pode me ajudar estou recebendo um erro. Alguem ajuda teamviewer
  10. Hello, can you help me on my server? The problem is duper. I can go through more details through facebook.

  11. qual é sua proteção anti dupe?

  12. estrangulador

    TOP 1 Hexa

    como repetir a quest?
  13. estrangulador


    link of plizzz