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  1. Hi, im not sure if this is what you are looking for but here is some development i did as web Apis for a Pirate Club system. Let me know if you want to learn more about it. You just need to make a web design and rest request, and the system is already done. Trust me is really simple
  2. Hello people, Anyone knows where the in-game stalls are stored on the game databases and where? Thanks
  3. If there is anything i can contribute with please leave me a PM... This are the only development i did for this community.
  4. As i didn't get the feedback i expected on my developments i'm releasing the code for the two Api Systems i developed. This post and the videos resumes what this is about. If you test this systems and find any bugs or think about any enchancement please let me know. For this i'm talking about just the TOP APIs, as the .NET application is just a demo app. I hope that releasing the code give you more intrests on this systems. The code for the api systems is located in: https://github.com/santirepetto68/dotnet-topservices-consumer The .NET Demo Application (Here you can see how the requests to the apis are done): https://github.com/santirepetto68/topservices For this development i used the Mulesoft Community Edition Runtime 3.9 (Mule Kernel). More info in: https://www.mulesoft.com/ or https://developer.mulesoft.com/download-mule-esb-runtime How to setup this systems is explaned in the linked topic. Also i started this proyect when i started on mule development and had some free time, so if you know a bit of coding you can find some bigginer stuff. Also i'll leave here the files i used on the videos. If you are intrested on building the .zip to deploy the application yourself you just need some Maven knoledge and the JDK 8 installed, go to the Apis directory and run "mvn clean package" without the quotes. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm uploading all the files, hope that by the time you see this they are already uploaded: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bzJtVy36Ul34a27hgSVNcvMm_lIXFAJ7?usp=sharing Also in this folder there is a Doc where i tried to explain a bit how the apis works, with this and the .NET you should understand everything.
  5. Hello Patrick, thanks for the thoughts. But actually what i'm showing here is not the user interface app but the Apis. When i show the code from the .net app you would understand. But the apis are system with almost no user interface, which receive data, with this data the apis do all the work, and then return a response. This is really usefull as you can create a mobile or web apps that send and receive this data to the apis, so there is no need to re program the systems for each plataform. Hope this gives you a better understanding about what i'm showing. The user interface app is just a demo i created to be able to show how the api systems works with a more user friendly view, but this app only do RESTfull request. Noothing more as i show in the first video.
  6. Let me know what you think about this, depending on that i'll continue de dev. If you have other ideas, feel free to comment it. I'll try later, but if top2 have the same logic for the inventory on game databases, this should work on it too with no changes to the code. Services full installation finishes at min: 4:30 Sory for my english Here are the services. Pirate Club Offline Stall Please give me your thoughts.
  7. Mmm yes but is not the same to be able to buy an item on need in any place of the game. Except weapons, armor or pets. This will reduce the amount of unnecesary stalls, and allow players to sell their items on a fast way or get some more nanas and amps to keep leveling up without the need to got back for more. I think this may improve a bit the dynamic of the game, as worlds are really big. If you have the money, you can have more.
  8. Yes i know, that's why atm the moment only normal items can be traded. I kind of left this proyect, but i may finish it. I was just begging to understand how inventory encryption works, as i had to figure out a java code to decrypt it from a mall system from a website uploaded here.
  9. You mean me? I posted this topic some time before. And yes i know, thats why im in development on web and mobile applications for this systems.
  10. Okey thats why. You have to delete de GameDB with the user you created the database, disconnect from database and connect again but not with windows auth. But with SQL Server Auth. Then create again the GameDB and give user top privileges and try again. See login user at the top right?
  11. Check if your Database user "top" have privileges to GameDB
  12. Did you changed the name of the GameDB Database before creating it? Make sure you wrote it right. If this is not the problem i need some more information as i never got that error.
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