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  1. I tried but the game.exe breaks down, some lines are different
  2. I was able to make them work in versions 1.36 and 1.38 but in this version it did not connect even using the same databases
  3. Hello everyone, sorry if my English is bad, today I am here to share some files that I took from the public link PKO 2.5 in which I was editing adding running errors that appeared, I had these files for about 1 year in which I was not full but entered to edit I never put these files online and no one else has them. The reason why I am releasing them is that about 2 months ago I changed equipment and the files that I saved in a memory were deleted and I could not recover them, the file that I share is a copy that I found saved in mega that is incomplete with the 50% advance, the rest was lost. These files have: Admiral cloak Quiz and Reward Rare Pets Achievement Many effects Some systems that I don't remember I entered small cities to be able to open all the maps in a single GS, within the files are the databases, I entered swing but replacing the effects of rebirth, when you put the rb, the swing will appear (in the client it is modified but they are not In the wings you will have to add them, just replace the rebirth with the swings and add them in effects) many things were lost, if it works for someone then use them and if you have doubts I will answer them I'm not that good of a scripter but I tried to make a different server but since the time I lost discouraged me, I could never get the game mall working, luck https://mega.nz/file/LR8yDRCZ#Gq7Tsas4gt0Y3MoSO7eaggssZpWV0odx1J0z0ZzQIec https://mega.nz/file/2V0lnBzD#ABVDC2zCNmJjGK4smycZLgbX9XH0uYC1YaVd49YV9h8
  4. https://mega.nz/folder/OUMUgTYb#jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g Sacred Pk online have many system, I think the one you are looking for is there
  5. hello community again here to ask for your help, I have xero igs working, I use igs shop editor to give crystals to my account and it works well, add the crystals and add the items but I get the error that I leave in the image, and then to Entering the game shop appears the items but without icons and when buying it does not give me any item but if I discount the crystals, could someone help me? https://imgur.com/vyyYPqM https://imgur.com/m7JOWmC https://imgur.com/Er9uO4v it won't let me upload the images, sorry added link
  6. Hello community, I had a long time away from the top but I have been bored by the other current games, so I have started to edit some files I put the trade server to make the IGS work and everything works fine, I was seeing some post where the lua extension is added to add crystals when killing a mob but I get this error [10-15 00:45:06]GetExp_New execute errot, atacker [Terass], monster killed [Aberrance Lizard]! [10-15 00:45:06]resource/script/extension/IGS.lua:33: attempt to call global `QueryAsync' (a nil value) And then I no longer want to fight with that because I have read that it should not be used much, so I wonder if someone could or if it is possible to create a scroll like the ones that give reputation, but instead of giving that, I would really appreciate it. : D
  7. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    but how does the client of others connect with my host if in all the cfg I put
  8. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    but what do I put in the CFG I put, the ip of hamachi or vpn and it works, or I only put in them and the public ip in my client, as it connects to the game without specifying the public ip in the files, sorry for bad ingles
  9. Well sorry T_T can you help me on my other topic :v ?
  10. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    with it works with local host, hamachi, vpn, or my private ip, but I mean if I modify my CFG with my public ip the exes fail as in the images, I have used vps before and it only replaced all with the public ip of the vps and it worked but now with my public ip the gateserver doesn't work well
  11. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    I should but so if it works but it marks a failed connection I don't know what I'm doing wrong I feel it's my public IP that doesn't accept it
  12. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    Private IP only work for local enter i want public server. I work in other srv with vps add public IP and work.
  13. Script>Calculate>forge.lua open find function Check_CG_beuplv ( Item_Lv ) and replace function Check_CG_beuplv ( Item_Lv ) --[[ local ran = math.random ( 1, 100 ) if Item_Lv <= 10 then --100% Success for Lv 10 apparels return 1 end if Item_Lv>10 and Item_Lv <= 15 then --75% Success for Lv 11 to Lv 15 apparel return 1 end if Item_Lv>15 and Item_Lv <= 20 then --50% Success for Lv 16 to Lv 20 apparels return 1 end end let me know it doesn't work
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