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  1. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    but how does the client of others connect with my host if in all the cfg I put
  2. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    but what do I put in the CFG I put, the ip of hamachi or vpn and it works, or I only put in them and the public ip in my client, as it connects to the game without specifying the public ip in the files, sorry for bad ingles
  3. Well sorry T_T can you help me on my other topic :v ?
  4. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    with it works with local host, hamachi, vpn, or my private ip, but I mean if I modify my CFG with my public ip the exes fail as in the images, I have used vps before and it only replaced all with the public ip of the vps and it worked but now with my public ip the gateserver doesn't work well
  5. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    I should but so if it works but it marks a failed connection I don't know what I'm doing wrong I feel it's my public IP that doesn't accept it
  6. Tera

    Public IP DMZ

    Private IP only work for local enter i want public server. I work in other srv with vps add public IP and work.
  7. Script>Calculate>forge.lua open find function Check_CG_beuplv ( Item_Lv ) and replace function Check_CG_beuplv ( Item_Lv ) --[[ local ran = math.random ( 1, 100 ) if Item_Lv <= 10 then --100% Success for Lv 10 apparels return 1 end if Item_Lv>10 and Item_Lv <= 15 then --75% Success for Lv 11 to Lv 15 apparel return 1 end if Item_Lv>15 and Item_Lv <= 20 then --50% Success for Lv 16 to Lv 20 apparels return 1 end end let me know it doesn't work
  8. Hello community, I have been a little absent in helping others, but if someone has problems, I will try to help more, but now someone could help me is that I work in version 2.5 and everything has been fine, what happens is that my network made it DMZ opened all the ports deactivate my firewall the website is seen from the outside and everything is ok; but the problem lies in the CFG since when I configure them with the hamachi ip, radmin VPN or everything works fine but when I put my public ip these errors appear in gateserver try to leave everything in and only in gateserver [ ToClient] IP - my ip but this produces an error try to put ip duck but it is the same error if I use gateserver in that same place my private ip if it works, if someone could help me how to fix it or how to correctly use IP Duck in advance thank you I leave images of CFG and errors.
  9. My reward settings when killing a monster
  10. Use other client https://mega.nz/#F!xw4SFLoS!RmzYX7PdcbcNG2PplfK9jA
  11. Hi my problems today is with PVP teampk map, it is added in game server running and everything is normal, but at the moment of right clicking on the character and hitting it in PVP the fight screen never comes out, only the messages in the system leave the invitation expired I do not know if it is a problem with the game.exe or the files and try to replace it with another teampk from other files but still does not start if I can transport myself inside is only the PVP screen if someone can help me with this bug I would be super grateful, work in files 2.5
  12. the truth I do not know if there is any difference I have only worked with files top 2.5 they must be the same
  13. Im work in version Top 2 :) https://mega.nz/#F!xw4SFLoS!RmzYX7PdcbcNG2PplfK9jA
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