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  1. wolfenx


    deves volver a compilar los .txt
  2. yagura2k#1001 = laroi#1337 = yagura#2968 = ruubi = sonia elena negresca one less scammer, there is nothing to regret maybe I'll come back with another name lol
  3. IT IS A SCRIPT TO CREATE THE TABLES FOR DATABASE LOL Need Create AccountServer and GameDB and run this script es compatible con la mayoria de server files
  4. USE SQL https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a7LOhP5mM_p4gm-BCYrZyFF2sN33389Y/view?usp=sharing
  5. CLIENT https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Vbx0yVKTGNRW5iWW5NUUV6SUU/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-2skFvLcxoHMczwWJ0LJopg PATCH 2.4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Vbx0yVKTGNd1dSN0FRa09uZXc/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-Zk0r3InprJaG0BnS6nn-IQ Work in 2.7 server files
  6. only in the source code I can in the exe compilation I have no idea
  7. check SetPreName in src or check this id case 3936: case 3937: case 3938: case 3939: case 3940: case 3941: case 3942: case 5331: case 5332: case 5333: case 5334: case 5335: case 5336: case 5337: case 5338: case 5339: case 5340:
  8. lol they still continue with a 5-year-old script, because they don't take it as a reference and study it for reverse engineering, since with the source code this is obsolete
  9. lazy? I took 2 years to create a tool and for people like you I will never publish it. since lazy people like you who want everything for free don't deserve it
  10. [email protected] 3d model riper lua basic c++ basic php medium spanish people
  11. Well, because a certain shitty person (@GordoN) didn't want to pay after doing my job, I'll leave the files where I work here According to him they scammed him for 200usd and I hope they keep scamming him I hope they don't work for him Server Files Client File The client has errors in the skin but easy to fix Web Files (need Fix For Register im sell fixed version) (test web Show) For 60 usd you look bad with people you are pathetic, I only lost 1 day of work If you plan to use the tradeserver that I install, be careful since it is compiled by me and if it has backdors
  12. as I say the first thing is to solve mindpower3d good luck in your project
  13. ok for me. the error is the d3d8.h library since d3d8 are old libraries that is why they give you many errors after compiling in vs2010+ those libraries are common for vs2003 2005 or 2008 just choose to use vs2003 and order the project starting with mindpowe3d since it is the one in charge of rendering the models etc. game.exe depends on that library to compile when compiling game.exe in vs 2010+ it will give you errors because d3d8 is obsolete and you should migrate to d3d9 d3d10 or d3d11 and the identifiers are common errors since every time the visual studio is updated, those identifiers are modified, updated or simply become obsolete.
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