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  1. I see 3 post of the same problem and nobody helps add me on discord for help Wolfen#1498
  2. discord Wolfen#1498
  3. newly created account? it already sounds like a scam
  4. cpworkerz = zizo? scammers are paid with the same currency good luck in your post
  5. lol zizo still tried to scam and now he is the victim how funny
  6. in the source code is the information how everything works just study it
  7. first you need skills in some 3d modeler, have knowledge in some programming language, and know what the source code is, years in this forum and most just ask and ask but they are not able to study the minimum In this video I show what I have learned just by reading and without help
  8. you think valuable time. Do you have to occupy it so that people wander like you grow up? Why don't you study instead of smoking crap, I started from 0 with very little help but I started studying and I don't need help, I see these posts and they make me sick
  9. discord Wolfen#1498 im spanish member
  10. lo mas probable es que esos desarolladores no vendan la fuente lo que puedes es intentar migrar el src a movil
  11. por el momento no hay fuente para montar un servidor movil solo para pc
  12. Most scammers hiding in another forum to continue in the same and if you claim they simply close the forum for a few weeks or change the names not recommended
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