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  1. En primera, estas en la seccion equivocada, para la otra puedes publicar aca Preguntas y Ayuda [ESP]. En segunda, como esperas que alguien te ayude si no especificas lo que ocupas? Nomas llegaste y dijiste "quiero esto" pero sin decir lo que quieres? En tercera, evita mencionar gente al azar. Si nadie contesta tu publicacion es porque no entienden lo que pides o no saben como ayudarte. Igual no es que el foro este muy activo.
  2. Just a few points: Just from seeing the script, I don't think that's the full script? Does this work across GameServers? I think it's ticking down 1 by 1, so a player has to stay connected in the same GameServer for 24 hours? If they move to another GameServer, maybe another timer starts if they change GS. I think this might be overloading "cha_timer" as well? Doing server loops on a function that gets called every second for every player is kinda bad. What's the problem? We don't know what's wrong if we don't know the problem. We can't help with "it messes up this function". Post the actual errors from console or logs (your logs are probably being spammed as well if it's causing errors within "cha_timer").
  3. The tip I shared has nothing to do with the functions shared. It's just a tip. Also, yes, yes you do have the "&updateall". It's integrated on all GameServer by default, maybe renamed, but it's in there. This is basic knowledge, I'm wondering why you're saying you don't have it... As for your code, it's already stated you need knowledge on persistency between GameServers. Other people have stated the ways this can be done, but you still need knowledge on how it works. If you haven't been able to get it to work, you're better off learning about those methods instead of trying to brute-force a function onto your files that you have no understanding of how it works because you won't be able to fix it if it breaks something on your files. When you learn how to work with either method mention, then come back and try to re-write your function to work.
  4. As a side note, when using global variables, try checking for consistency. If you do not do this, every time you use "&updateall" it will refresh the variable and delete everything you have stored in it, which might also cause trouble when going through all this testing you're doing. HardenTable = HardenTable or {}
  5. El problema ha de haber sido que ese mapa intenta hacer hook la funcion "is_friend" pero no delimita las nuevas condiciones al nuevo mapa, si no que la sobreescribe por completo a la antigua funcion.
  6. Especificamente, creo que podrias mostrar la funcion llamada "is_friend" creo que es, y si mal no recuerdo, se encuentra en "functions.lua".
  7. Just as he mentioned, ShareTeamExp would be the best place to do the experience bonus. You can look how fairies are handled since they're are being checked there. The fairy possession side of the experience bonus is basically a item and active effect check, not a bonus on the effect itself. So you can basically just copy that and remove the active effect check and just leave the item check for your specific item. As for adding stats, if you have sources just create functions for equip/unequip items, check for your specific item and add/remove the corresponding stats. Without sources, there must be a way on how to do it, just can't remember right now since I haven't touched files in a few months already. Additionally, you can try checking this script out! As a side note, try to clean/remove unnecessary stuff from cha_timer, since if something goes wrong, it will hang your server and clog up your log files very fast.
  8. Fairy possession just adds a state/effect, the real thing is upon calculating experience gain on monster kill. That's where it checks whether you have that special state/effect, if player does possess that state, it will multiply accordingly. As for drop, I can't remember if it does the same thing or it adds to the attribute "MF".
  9. Before doing this modification, did you read the configuration file? There's a special line in there. If you search that variable within the files, you should be able to see what it does, that way you don't replace things you don't fully understand. Anomaly.Conf.Test = true If you set that to "false", monsters should attack... Also, since you "fixed" it, you actually broke it! So that's on you. That's why it's not triggering the rest of the script. Since you went out of your way to replace essential parts of the scripts, I take it you understand what you're doing and no more support is given.
  10. Have you added more monsters? Are the levels increasing each level? And yes, it's built upon the cycle of "enter->defeat floor->exit->repeat" until you reach the highest floor available or you can't beat the floor. You can increase number of floors if I remember correctly and it will adjust accordingly.
  11. The function I provided was only for checking if the file existed. The other function is completely different. Check GitHub, I added a new file there with the 2 functions.
  12. It says you're missing that function. That function I think is loaded on "serialize.lua" that's in all custom files I think? So also double-check if you have that file loaded as well. file_exists = file_exists or function(name) local f = io.open(name, 'r') if(f ~= nil)then io.close(f) return true else return false end end
  13. Your issue probably lies within the fact that it's not getting saved onto some kind of file. The GameServer keeps storage of stuff while it's active, but that storage disappears when GS as soon as it's turned off. No one can help you unless you post the script. When you post it (if you do), just wait for someone that can help and is willing to help.
  14. Should probably note when this is happening. If anything pops up in lua_err or console.
  15. So I was thinking of implementing this, and the leaderboard within the NPC shouldn't be an issue, but the reward yes. The leaderboard can be shown, but the whole script itself doesn't reset, so the NPC would show how far a player has gotten through the map's existence. So you can't give out rewards at the end of the month if it's not resetting.
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