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  1. Fairy possession just adds a state/effect, the real thing is upon calculating experience gain on monster kill. That's where it checks whether you have that special state/effect, if player does possess that state, it will multiply accordingly. As for drop, I can't remember if it does the same thing or it adds to the attribute "MF".
  2. Before doing this modification, did you read the configuration file? There's a special line in there. If you search that variable within the files, you should be able to see what it does, that way you don't replace things you don't fully understand. Anomaly.Conf.Test = true If you set that to "false", monsters should attack... Also, since you "fixed" it, you actually broke it! So that's on you. That's why it's not triggering the rest of the script. Since you went out of your way to replace essential parts of the scripts, I take it you understand what you're doing and no more support is given.
  3. Have you added more monsters? Are the levels increasing each level? And yes, it's built upon the cycle of "enter->defeat floor->exit->repeat" until you reach the highest floor available or you can't beat the floor. You can increase number of floors if I remember correctly and it will adjust accordingly.
  4. The function I provided was only for checking if the file existed. The other function is completely different. Check GitHub, I added a new file there with the 2 functions.
  5. It says you're missing that function. That function I think is loaded on "serialize.lua" that's in all custom files I think? So also double-check if you have that file loaded as well. file_exists = file_exists or function(name) local f = io.open(name, 'r') if(f ~= nil)then io.close(f) return true else return false end end
  6. Your issue probably lies within the fact that it's not getting saved onto some kind of file. The GameServer keeps storage of stuff while it's active, but that storage disappears when GS as soon as it's turned off. No one can help you unless you post the script. When you post it (if you do), just wait for someone that can help and is willing to help.
  7. Should probably note when this is happening. If anything pops up in lua_err or console.
  8. So I was thinking of implementing this, and the leaderboard within the NPC shouldn't be an issue, but the reward yes. The leaderboard can be shown, but the whole script itself doesn't reset, so the NPC would show how far a player has gotten through the map's existence. So you can't give out rewards at the end of the month if it's not resetting.
  9. There's 2 ItemInfo files. Both must match in order to avoid this error. You probably created a new item within the ItemInfo on server and did not copy-paste that new ItemInfo to client and compile. So just copy ItemInfo to client, compile it and you should be able to enter without issues.
  10. Yes, it is possible! You'd just have to add functionality and keep a main database file to keep track of all the players, then based off on that, do an internal ranking and then display that on an NPC.
  11. This script can only be used on server files based on "Corsairs Online". Cannot be used anywhere else unless you have sources and rewrite the stuff related to IGS.
  12. There's example on how to use. There's probably some more scripts lying around in the forum if you search for them.
  13. Those functions you posted do not use LuaSQL. You can replace them for the ones in the other thread.
  14. Updated! Anomaly Tower - Release 1.0.0.
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