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  1. Nobody can help you if you do not post all the scripts here. It seems you're using some sort of my written code, but do you have all of it? Just by look at this piece of code we can guess it just throws errors due to some variables not being defined. So either get the full scripts (because full scripts of my custom CA do work properly) or take the basics and re-write it to your liking for it to be more understandable for you.
  2. On the download link, change "daylight-online.ru" to "pkodev.net", like this: http://pkodev.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=28
  3. You're referring to this? If so, never heard of that before and will have a look at it. An example of it would be this? So instead of ending the round as soon as a player sends the exact message, could probably keep a record of the messages sent (probably at least the closest match) and then give out the reward before the new rounds begins? Also, could implement it better on another event I have "scrambled word", which gets a random string for a list, mixes it up and displays it for players to guess the original string.
  4. Name of Event: Automated Question and Answer Event Description: An automated that is trigger by system at set times and can be adjusted by variables. Questions can be added (along with answer and possible options) through variables. Players must type the correct answer on local chat and if they are the first to get it right, they'll win a prize. Everything is modified via variables. Notes: This script needs the functions HandleChat and GMNotice usable as lua functions. An option to display available options for answer can be turned on/off. An option to allow players to win certain amount of rounds per event can be turned on/off. You can add weight onto item rewards to give them more or less often. Screenshots: Event Start. Question sent, with options displayed enabled. Question sent, with options displayed disabled. Player won a round. Event ended.
  5. Name of Map: Agora Description: A simulated 5v5 MOBA gameplay with base stats, level gaining, item stores to gain more stats, custom kill feeds, jungle monsters, towers and bases to defeat. Features: Map is instanced based, so various matches can be on-going at the same time. All players start with new base stats which are configurable on a separate file. Players can gain in-map experience to level and therefor gain more stats. Players can earn gold to buy items from the in-map store to further improve their stats. Experience and gold are gained through killing monsters, players and towers while gold can also be earn in a passive way in low amounts. Mystic shrubs can be spawned throughout the map in other to simulate buffs such as invisibility and stat bonuses. Custom kill feed messages such as double, triple, quadra and penta kills on quick succession. Players are limited to X amount of entries per day. Players regain HP/SP faster when near their in-map base store. Rewards are based on winning or losing and items can be assigned weights to increase/reduce the change of getting it. Queue is doable via solo or teams, no in-between. Notes: Everything is configurable via a single file, except for class balance. Monsters, towers and bases stats must be edited to your liking within CharacterInfo.txt. There are no monsters within the left, middle or right lanes since ToP AI pathing makes it hard to use. They will not move if no player is around and will revert back to their original coordinates if they're left alone. This map also works for those using server files based on Corsairs Online, the only issue is when players use the guild circle color change, it will overwrite the current player's circle obtained from the SetChaSide function, although it should respect the player's side. Showcase of Stat Config, Example #1 Showcase of Stat Config, Example #2 Showcase of Stat Config, Example #3 (Level Up) Showcase of In-Map Item #1 Showcase of In-Map Item, #2 Showcase of In-Map Item, #3 Showcase of In-Map Store. Showcase of EXP/Gold Gain. Showcase of Level Up. Reward Handler Config Showcase of Rapid Kill Streaks.
  6. Yes and no. It all depends what you want to change. Simple lua function not related to or loaded from a map? Yes. Text files? No. By the way, next time make the question in the correct section.
  7. This system is implemented by default in all server files. It's not used by many since they don't have the player count to begin, only 2 guild exists, it requires specific conditions or administrators don't really know anything about it.
  8. @Legacy & @hetser. This is the content within that rar file. print("* Loading CrystalByMob Extension <init.lua>") --[[ IGS Crystal By Mob Extension made By Vasil pkoDev,Please do not claim or redistribute the credits :) *Requirements: -LuaSQL by Wrexor -TradeServer Program -TradeDB -SQL 2008 or higher *Configuration: I guess the example i gave is clear Just if you're going to use .\SQLEXPRESS , make it x2 dashes otherwise it will be as .SQLEXPRESS e.g : .\\SQLEXPRESS Just change the map that the function will run inside and the monster ID that will give the IGSP If encountering any bug or flaw or glitch,please contact me - Vasil --]] SQLConnector = {}; SQLConnector.sql = { host = "\\SQLEXPRESS", user = "sa", pass = "Y87dc#$98", db = "TradeDB" }; CrystalByMobHook = GetExp_PKM GetExp_PKM = function( dead , atk , money ) CrystalByMobHook(dead,atk, money) local DeadMonster = GetChaID(dead) local accountName = GetActName(atk) local Money = Money local Rum = { }; Rum['Money'] = Money; if(GetChaMapName(atk) == "garner" or GetChaMapName(atk) == "crystal") then if(DeadMonster == 1526)then QueryAsync( SQLConnector.sql['host'], SQLConnector.sql['user'], SQLConnector.sql['pass'], "UPDATE "..SQLConnector.sql['db']..".dbo.AccountInfo SET Money = Money + 1 WHERE accName = '"..accountName.."'" ); BickerNotice( atk, "[IGSP]:You have obtained 1 IGS Crystal from "..GetChaDefaultName(dead) ) end end end Please take into consideration this:
  9. Hi, I was wondering if you can sell me all server file, database and client files?

  10. Has there been a fix applied to this mod yet? I haven't received a response from you on discord yet.
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