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  1. Hi V3ct0r you can make the pkomodloader for 2.x version?
  2. Hi v3tor any news about maze timer?
  3. Hello v3ctor, you can make this mod be able for dont attack ally? like the the attempt to attack. same in PO, when you are in DreamIsland you can't even click on your ally only on the enemy
  4. Hey V3ct0r you can make a mod for bracelets/belt/handguard and swing?
  5. @V3ct0ralso if possible and easy u can make a mod for able 1-0 numbers in skill tab? ty , and maze timer
  6. Ok ty. also when u will release news mods?, I update the forum every day waiting haha <3
  7. Hey V3ctor u will share this mod to?
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