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Found 4 results

  1. Ideas for mods This topic discusses ideas for creating new mods, as well as for improving existing ones.
  2. Bugs This topic publishes and discusses bugs that were found in certain mods based on the results of their testing and usage. 1. Change the size of the monsters - After an indefinite time, the enlarged character model returns to normal size (@Fomin). 2. Displaying the cooldown of skills - When teleporting or re-entering the game, the display of the cooldown time of skills disappears (@Fomin). 3. Displaying coordinates under the NPC - Sometimes instead of the name of the player's character, the name of a random NPC is displayed (@dragontechi). 4. 60 frames per second (60 FPS) - After installing the mod, the frame rate does not change (@dragontechi, @squaller). 5. Disabling password verification when entering into the in-game shop (IGS) - The store does not display the number of crystals on the account (@Tera). 6. Editing the limits of .txt tables - GameServer.exe has undefined behavior when changing the skillinfo.txt limit. For example, only Sleepy snails spawn at the entrance to Argent (@Greaux). 7. Displaying the level of items on their icons ("smart icons") - Client closes with mod version for Game.exe GAME_13X_1 (@small666). Updated 03/03/2022 I thank everyone for the feedback and ask you to tell about all the bugs found in this thread, or directly in topics with mods. When publishing a bug report, please write the following information: 1) The name of the mod; 2) Description of the bug; 3) Version ID of your .exe file (GAME_13X_0 ... GAME_13X_5, GAMESERVER_136, GAMESERVER_138); 4) Are there any other modifications and patches in the .exe file? 5) What other mods for PKOdev.NET mod loader are installed?
  3. [News] Mod source codes have been moved to GitHub The source codes of all mods I authored from the section "Mods for client and server (PKOdev.NET mod loader)" can now be found in their corresponding repositories on GitHub. There you can also download the latest binary releases of mods in the form of .dll libraries, as well as all the necessary resources for their work: .cfg settings files, scripts, textures and other ones. Previously, mods were stored in Google Drive cloud storage, which is not very convenient for this kind of projects.
  4. I would be very grateful if someone shared how to fix my client's resolution? at the moment the graphics are disgusting / Also to add 30 - 60 fps ! My client version is 1.36 > https://ibb.co/f9kPw1m check the image what i mean >
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