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Found 2 results

  1. [Mod] Highlight friends and enemies with color This modification highlights friendly and hostile players on the screen: the names of the characters change color, and colored circles are displayed under the characters (see screenshot above). If there are enemies near the player's character, a warning icon is displayed next to the character's avatar: Characters are considered friendly if they: 1) Are in the same party; 2) Are in the same guild; 3) Are in the same fraction. The mod only works on PvP maps that are specified in the settings. Requirements Installed mod loading system for server and client (PKOdev.NET mod loader). Modification information Name: pkodev.mod.enemy; Version: 1.0; Author: V3ct0r; Type: for client (Game.exe); Supported executable .exe files: GAME_13X_0, GAME_13X_1, GAME_13X_2, GAME_13X_3, GAME_13X_4, GAME_13X_5. Installation 1) In the "mods" directory of your client, create a "pkodev.mod.enemy" folder; 2) Place into it the mod DLL file "pkodev.mod.enemy.client.13x_<ID>.dll" for your version of Game.exe; 3) Place into it the mod settings file "pkodev.mod.enemy.cfg" and customize it as you wish: // pkodev.mod.enemy settings file // (c) V3ct0r from PKOdev.NET // 02/16/2022 [show] main_cha = true // Should the player character be displayed as a teammate? colored_name = true // Colorize character names? colored_circle = true // Show circles under characters? [color] enemy_color = FFFF0000 // Enemy character name color (in the hexadecimal form: FFRRGGBB) friend_color = FF00FF00 // Teammate character name color (in the hexadecimal form: FFRRGGBB) [icon] warning_show = true // Should the 'warning' icon be shown when enemies are near? warning_x = 208 // 'x' position of the icon on the screen warning_y = 16 // 'y' position of the icon on the screen [map] maps = garner,magicsea,darkblue // Maps on which the mod is enabled 4) In the "texture" directory of the game client, create a folder "mods", and in it a subfolder "pkodev.mod.enemy". Place the "warning.png" icon from the archive with the mod into this subfolder. You can replace this icon with any other with the same name, 32 x 32 pixels and in .png format. Download 1) Binary release (.dll); 2) The source code of the mod for Visual Studio 2019 Community (C++). If you encounter any problem, bug or have any questions, then feel free to write in this thread.
  2. File Location: ..server..//resource/scripts/ai/ai_define.lua Find variable: "ai_flag_nohide" Add in your monster anywhere, with a defining tag. >> Eg. ai_flag_nohide [YOUR_MOB_ID] = 1 (true) -- Label Your Mob Here (You won't regret it!) Save it, restart gameserver, and tada the mob will reveal stealth. Credits: Jones
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