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  1. are you alive?

    1. kannas


      I'm serious, why are we laughing?

    2. V3ct0r



      I am alive. Thank you!

  2. Hello bro, please check ur Discord. and message box

  3. monster name length is 31 characters. How can we increase this number for 1.36 and 1.38 can you help? @V3ct0r @KONG
  4. vector pls answer

  5. извини я думаю что-то не так с моим компьютером
  6. привет - фотографии удалены - Можете ли вы загрузить фотографии снова
  7. Can you tell the solution in detail. I have that same problem
  8. yes I've seen this topic!, I've completely edited my own file % 80 turkish language , now it will be hard to edit from the start and I can not afford it
  9. first of all I apologize for my bad english! 1,35 gameserver.exe %100 work! - No Problem! 1,36 gameserver.exe fail!!! it only gives error when I change other exe
  10. please trade berthlist failed fix!!! help me!! my Gameserver exe : 1,36 Is there a way to solve??
  11. kannas


    very tnx bro. I need the whole swing system. client and server files do you have?
  12. kannas


    all links r dead pls again upload
  13. i buy offline stall system @V3ct0r

  14. pls help me !!!!
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