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  1. new belli or new zizo ? OMG ! every one making new accounts and sell what they don`t even own
  2. already slove thank you , there was another lua file resbonsable for the lv and exp .. i have question for you , im using crosair files working with ( source code ) , why i cant use your modsloader
  3. XD i copy them from po... i have enough knowlege to deal with those things XD
  4. hello i did all the steps of adding new map here is my gs https://ibb.co/LzZ0fp8 and here is the problem thank u . you need to know there is no errors i just cant use the telporte
  5. ofc i added map on client file ( maps ) also i tryed to changed 3 kind of maps and yes i use the command &move (newcoordmap) and still keep reload and go any place any help please ?
  6. Hello pko community , I have added a map and here’s the steps I have made - added map files to server files - added map name on GS -added birth on specific file of birth -added map id on map info - compiled map info on client side GS load the map an Npc even entry files successfully my problem when I log the game and use &move (new map cords) .it’s keep reloading like the map closed.. any help please
  7. i have edit the exp and level from charecterLvup.tx but the lv stuck on the lv 50 is there another file i need work on it ?
  8. any advice of what vps provide that ?
  9. hello guys is there any tool to make items instead of wasting time on item info creatin line
  10. this sie has ddos atack protection ?
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