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  1. Greetings everyone, I am posting all the features that I've purchased for free. Hope you enjoy them and have a great day! Client Src Contains the following : https://mega.nz/file/uDYV0aIb#aHu8p1Kg8Q4yhXyFC7-G5zpciRKW1wer-EgbmdsUm9g Mounts Devloped by Mothana Fixed 100% vs 2003 New resolutions Devloped by ShadowJr vs 2003 Drop Info Mob Info Devloped by Lonley vs 2003 Vip Nitro + Custom Kill Notice Devloped by Mothana vs 2003 New Loading with perfect timing Im not sure who devloped it but all i know that Zizo Scammed that feature from some one vs 2003 New Game Settings Hide Mounts / Glows / Top 2 Cam ete all fixed Devloped by Lonley vs 2003 f1 f2 banel Fixed 100% Devloped by ShadowJr vs 2003 Offline Mode Devloped by me vs 2003 60 FBS Devloped by Lonley vs 2003 there is more inside those srcs just search and pick what you like Game Client https://mega.nz/file/2G5H3Iob#7r-FB4c6fMEw0_deO0l3qLTctJIvJYjDafE9pRnEJOI Mount info.txt + Bin System + Loading words Website Files https://mega.nz/file/jbgVHBjb#jRPN9llqwME3QgDUwdDHTxQDZ3JvGKrCsOA9kwZrGaA Server Src Side https://mega.nz/file/qTgkjDrY#eNBU_0XPuQUExSpb02tRPqW9hmfU4EbAdm4Diz_ShrE
  2. dude your not a company ! ur just a man who sells a scripts already exsist on most servers ! so please stop Crying , cos my next step will be posting all those mods for free ! and lets see how your support will help you once the scripts is puplic . you agree with Anglic that im not the owner ? ! ofc man if im the owner why should i sell my script for any price ! do i look a gold degger ? get out of your cloak man your not a perfection
  3. People should buy from you because you give them a stupid support written, if you're talking about roles, let me remind you that on payment receipts it says you'll deliver the product via email! Motha, where is my fking mounts src ? my inbox is empty , do not tell me you gave my inbox to Zizo , we are discussing roles! and roles says i should see the src on my eamil ! so DONT DARE to talks about a rules you don't care about . What copyright are you talking about, man? The product you sold me was great! but again i don`t have it , your stupid rules caused me to pay again to the same source as before from someone who sells at human prices so basically you don`t have the rights to talk with me about this shitty stupid copy right I'm glad you don't own Tesla, you'll fk it in 2 months
  4. because of your hatred, you remembered things that don't exist, despite the fact that you repaired them , I understand your pain. I don't understand why people must sells for OVER PRICE to the community You are free to resell a product anywhere in the world if you buy it Stupid roles played by Mothana ( If you resell MY products, you're going to hell )
  5. You have nothing to worry about, brother, I am not scamming people , my only goal in this field is to compensate for my losses
  6. Several months ago, thank you for attending our meeting @Angelix here is some one bought copy of mine lanochan#0842 you can dm him if he had any problem Regarding this issue, I have already fixed it , I am selling for cheap because I quitted long ago. Make sure you give all the facts before you say anything againe .
  7. Selling Crosairs Files Fixed Client Src vs 2003 Server Src vs 2013 Website Files Vector Functions On New Designs * Mount Fixed 100% * 1600x900 New Resulutations * Vip Nitro - Vip Custom Kill Notice * Offline Mode * Mob-Drop Info * New Game Settings 120$ Total #Paypal Marioo#1537 #Note im selling cheap because i quit this things long time ago and 120$ better then nothing .
  8. what the case of this issue Delay of maleatack on Sharpshooter
  9. im using source cant use ur modloader is there another way o.o
  10. hi , is there a script or something to force bosses no effect with the restart ! for example black dragon need 11 hour to revive , but if i restart black dragon is alive ! is there something i can do to prevent that
  11. its works but you need to edit the full triggers example local first= CheckBagItem( role, RequiredItemID ) if first >=1 first //success open chest else SystemNotice( role , "You don't have all required items" ) UseItemFailed ( role ) end local second= CheckBagItem( role, RequiredItemID ) if second>=1 //success open chest else SystemNotice( role , "You don't have all required items" ) UseItemFailed ( role ) end local third = CheckBagItem( role, RequiredItemID ) if third>=1 //success open chest else SystemNotice( role , "You don't have all required items" ) UseItemFailed ( role ) end its works on this way if first >=1 and second >= 1 and third >=1 then << this not working thank you bro Insert other media
  12. @NabSlayer can i know if i want make 3 diffrent items required ? i have tryed to double the line also tryed to make comma but not work
  13. Mothana make something for your name , like vector doin .. people can’t pay
  14. Can u give me full script
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