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  1. d3ux

    New Monsters

    Check if Action ID in CharacterAction.tx matches the one in CharacterInfo If i recall correctly, CharacterInfo stores data such as, model ids, drops ids, framework number... CharacterAction.tx, stores and calls animations of characters, like attacks, skill and walking movements, etc.
  2. d3ux

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    You can start off with base 1.38 server files, to get used to setting up everything If you have knowledge in programming, you can jump to learn from this For bugs/exploits you can search or ask in the forum. Some exploits are not public so you may have to ask around directly
  3. d3ux

    Model viewer (.lmo, .lgo, .lab)

    you can view new objects using the editor, to change the limit put the max number ID in sceneobjinfo instead of 550 editor.clu line n = 1 while 1 do local tex_id = GetSceneObjPhotoTexID(n) if tex_id~=nil then graphid = UI_CreateGraphItemTex( 0, 0, 32, 32, 1.0, 1.0, tex_id, n ) type = GetSceneObjPhotoTexType(n) -- 根据返回类型将图片添加到相应节点,约定100为公用,200为虚拟物件 if type == 1 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid1, graphid ) end if type == 2 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid2, graphid ) end if type == 3 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid3, graphid ) end if type == 4 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid4, graphid ) end if type == 5 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid5, graphid ) end if type == 6 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid6, graphid ) end if type == 7 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid7, graphid ) end if type == 8 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid8, graphid ) end if type == 9 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid9, graphid ) end if type == 100 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid100, graphid ) end if type == 200 then UI_GridNodeAddItem( gridid200, graphid ) end end n = n + 1 if n==550 then break end end to avoid errors when loading too many buildings you can change the names to something like //ID File Name 1 by-bd001.lmo Argent Palace //ID File Name 1 by-bd001.lmo SceneObj
  4. d3ux

    Obj Model Shrinking

    3ds max 2014, you can try that or Blender
  5. d3ux

    Obj Model Shrinking

    the php converter doesn't support animations, hence you can't resize monsters or characters. you can only resize(or remodel) static models, like weapons or part of equipments (you have to keep the same file size i think). for the texture problem, you have to check Texture coordinates in 3ds max.
  6. d3ux

    Help Me Portal Chaos

  7. d3ux

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    Try reverse with ollydbg? keywords to what you want to do are "dump dll" or "extract"
  8. d3ux

    make any wing fly

    http://s020.radikal.ru/i701/1607/e0/ca6c40f2764a.png encoded url = s020.radikal.ru%2Fi701%2F1607%2Fe0%2Fca6c40f2764a.png decoded url = s020.radikal.ru/i701/1607/e0/ca6c40f2764a.png %2F is / symbol %3A is :
  9. d3ux

    make any wing fly

    you can right click in 3a5f684532e2.png and copy image location, then use url decode