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    Exporting a .dll from executable

    Try reverse with ollydbg? keywords to what you want to do are "dump dll" or "extract"
  2. d3ux

    make any wing fly

    http://s020.radikal.ru/i701/1607/e0/ca6c40f2764a.png encoded url = s020.radikal.ru%2Fi701%2F1607%2Fe0%2Fca6c40f2764a.png decoded url = s020.radikal.ru/i701/1607/e0/ca6c40f2764a.png %2F is / symbol %3A is :
  3. d3ux

    make any wing fly

    you can right click in 3a5f684532e2.png and copy image location, then use url decode