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  1. what is that MindPower3D ?
  2. After I have encrypted the png texture file, I paste it on my client's files , then i just see it with white , like the system didnt read it ? any help
  3. how to get the right start end and legnth of my new monster
  4. how to add Texture and model of the monster inside the charecter info or charecteraction ...
  5. @d3us hows that ? where to put the model id
  6. @V3ct0r could u give a hand here
  7. on my care i have those models now 1006.lab can be written on the charecter.tx but the main models where i need to copy them .. i cant fined any place on the code to put them there any help ! please
  8. still there is no guide how to link the models to the monster i add on charectarinfo .... any help >?
  9. Any Guide For Adding New Monster? since charecterinfo not enough for that task ?
  10. any one can pass to me script for the instant class npc also i need dream city files (server side ) TQ XD
  11. thank you ! u sloved my problem ! ur guide is simple i have another question do i can make black triggers works on normal quest ! not kill player quest ?
  12. i changeds the mob monster an still same !
  13. any way u sloved my problem but still ! if i need make the number of amount same ! is there a code for that flag ?
  14. so i cant make quest kill with same amount i need to make the amount diffrent ! ?
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