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  1. It is said that those files have more than 30 "Backdoors". Not sure what exactly. Perhaps some of the people that collaborated or created those files could shed some light on what to check for.
  2. Anyone still have this client to share? all links are broken
  3. So, like, more cash grab private servers?
  4. Thanks for sharing your tool and updating it
  5. https://mega.nz/file/smAGXZ5a#5kgMcMlGHLdYGeirNdfSjItqlDNo_Gzpi_Wabp9uodM
  6. I experienced something like this when i was trying new lgo model (could be apparel model, buildings...) So some models that you added into your client could be the problem, thing is finding which ones. you could re-do your client using a clean one and add what you had before slowly
  7. Link dead does anyone have them still and could re-upload?
  8. You can create/import your own monster, apparel, item models to the game with a tool that some have, but they don't share it and they don't sell it, don't guide anyone how to fix the code from source either. Only after their pocket is full and they have moved onto Mobile TOP Private servers/TOP Unity , and the old private community is dead, then those tools might become public.
  9. Another guide you can follow https://pko.coffeecup.com/
  10. try changing the Start Mode https://techhub.hpe.com/eginfolib/networking/docs/IMC/v7_3/5200-2702/content/465274095.htm
  11. i wanted to try to change effects texture to load in better quality format like png or dds i tried changing few things but didnt work i think the image format extension is stored here? im not sure what values i should put to make it dds or png does anyone know if its possible?
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