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  1. I renewed the link to the file. For some reason google prevented downloading from the old link.
  2. Might as well fix that, now that you mentioned it and it takes a couple of seconds to find and fix.
  3. I put up a git repository for those with issues getting the Corsairs Online source codes running. Feel free to fork it if you wish to make more of your own fixes. I applied all the fixes from the following topics except for the bank pin because I think that is annoying: But those are not all the fixes needed, as mentioned in the following comment: Besides that I made a couple of folder adjusted, added some sql scripts, and little bits here and there to make it easier to work with. I'm not going to fix the bugs mentioned - I just did this to make porting to top-recode easier. The repository is located there: https://gitlab.com/deguix/corsairs-online-public. Instructions on how to use it are there as well. If you have any issues on how to use i and on how to fork it and fix it yourself, you can also comment here: https://discord.gg/uu9TDUGq2v. I might be able to help you. Just don't expect me to fix anything.
  4. That change doesn't work because you would have to change the source code of gameserver and client. Luckily, if you know how to compile the c++ source code, you can simply change ROLE_MAXNUM_FUNCITEM define in RoleCommon.h in Common project source, and rebuild both gameserver and client, and it should work (besides the edit to the lua server script as what you're already doing).
  5. Hmm... I wonder how all the people before me knew about this, even though these files don't come with a GateServer.cfg and it's not a standard GateServer feature. Anyways, I'm gonna try that later when I get home. EDIT: Thank you. Actually there was more to that. To make it work, more lines need to be added. After everything, the following lines need to be added to GateServer.cfg's [ToClient] section (careful, those key names are case sensitive - also check if WpeVersion is different - check ruubi's post): WpeProtection = 1 WpeVersion = 0x8D1C DDoSProtection = 1
  6. I keep getting "Wrong game version" with these files, even though I put Version=136 in GateServer.cfg's "[Main]" and client sources have that as 136. Any idea on how to fix that?
  7. You might want to restart the computer first. It won't work without a computer restart. If using Windows 10 and using the beta convert legacy apps to use utf-8, disable that - that only works with SQL 2019 and the SQL service will fail to run no matter what.
  8. Use MSSQL 2019 when it comes out - which for obvious reasons should get released in the next 3 months. Right now it's in Preview, so don't download it yet (it will expire)! Download 2017 Express Core and then download "Server Management Studio" as well (to set up accounts/attack db).
  9. At first the project revolved around trying to get some "better" lua code going, but ended up being at attempts at winging the 2.x C++ source code to work successfully, ofc with the great help from @Snre3nfrom the C++ side of things. The instructions on how to build and more info on it are in https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode. Sry for not making a thread earlier, I'm not really good at publishing stuff, and also a bit afraid of going all out on it too because of my limited time that I can dedicate to it. Also have a discord: https://discord.gg/uwcR74E. It's a bit of a mess, but I guess you can bug me there too if you like. Just don't bug me too much, as in, please have some previous experience in development. I definitely want to hear about the success of compiling it, because that's something most people struggle with with any C++ project on Windows. Anyways, most of the notifications I get are from people not being able to compile it. Just run build.bat as admin please and tell me the errors that pop up. Oh yes, this project built by default will only work on Windows 10 and above. You can install the Windows 7 SDK and retarget all projects to use that, not sure if errors will pop up though. I won't support it. I use currently MSQL 2017. Once MSQL 2019 gets released, use it, and you can have free UTF-8 support. On Windows 10, there's a feature to force all older apps to use UTF-8. Remember, it only works with MSQL 2019! Older MSQL won't run!
  10. @Snre3n has done a lot of coding on his own on the top-recode to get it to work on VS2019. For anyone that tries it now, it should work.
  11. On GroupServer.cfg, look at the [birth] section: Argent City = garner Shaitan City = magicsea Icicle Castle = darkblue Player has 3 choices when creating a char. Those 3 refer to those entries above. garner/magicsea/darkblue are names of maps, and Argent City/Shaitan City/Icicle Castle (hardcoded) are the names of the spawn points in resource/script/birth/birth_conf.lua. If you change the map names, remember to have the spawn points named after those 3 spawn point names with the maps chosen in birth_conf.lua. For example, I have server files that set all their spawn points to garner. So GroupServer.cfg [birth] section looks like this: Argent City = garner Shaitan City = garner Icicle Castle = garner On birth_conf.lua, there are entries like these (I posted 1 of each, which is the bare minimum): AddBirthPoint("Argent City", "garner", 2232, 2787) AddBirthPoint("Shaitan City", "garner", 2245, 2703) AddBirthPoint("Icicle Castle", "garner", 2245, 2703)
  12. hmm, you're right, I forgot the download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22661 well, I'm used to Arch Linux - the instructions should basically be the same in others, except you would use a different package system. I made the guide more neutral, mentioned that wine and winetricks need to be installed first, and mentioned the MS SQL 2000 download link.
  13. deguix

    Programming Task

    I didn't study in university, but you should definitely read about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_leak, one of the most common mistakes in programming. About brute-force... well... it would make sense, except why then would K=10 be almost the same time as K=0?
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