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  1. BlackBarba

    TOP Api Systems code (Offline stall and Pirate Club)

    Greta job!
  2. BlackBarba

    The source code is available!

    grabs popcorn. i have no knowledge in programming language i just know read existing code try to understand it and edit. but i cant setup the src =\
  3. @Silfro https://streamable.com/dhyeo
  4. BlackBarba

    Import full 3d map into blender or 3d max

    The way u guys did in that unity demo is private.
  5. Hello, there is any way to import the full map, like agent into 3d max or blender?
  6. BlackBarba

    Model viewer (.lmo, .lgo, .lab)

    you have this one v3ctor?
  7. BlackBarba

    Can I create these new files?

    open it in any text editor, like Notepad++ and search for the file name, and look what extension its using
  8. BlackBarba

    SQL 2014 Express setup

    can i use 2017 version? Images are Broken =\
  9. BlackBarba

    Lua Function - Sceneeffectinfo

    BBring do not use skilleff line?
  10. BlackBarba

    Install Database Monsters/Itens

    can you link the post?
  11. BlackBarba

    Selling database

    its easy to edit? has picture?
  12. BlackBarba

    Clan Mascot Related other games

    still want it?
  13. BlackBarba

    天魔传说 (Demon Legend?) Client v1.69