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  1. BlackBarba

    i need fairy model

    uMMORPG is a mmorpg pack for unity https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ummorpg-51212
  2. BlackBarba

    i need fairy model

    just convert them with webconvert from the client. Voce ta usando o uMMORPG?
  3. Hope you guys do it! maybe start a crowdfunding campaign in the future, since top player spend lots of money in this game maybe i can help with UI stuffs
  4. BlackBarba

    Any Game Similiar to ToP now days?

    Any Game Similiar to ToP now days? cartoon graphics, point click, skills, etc
  5. BlackBarba


    SHAUshaushA if u know how much work it takes do adjust it to top, redo all in photoshop, i redrawn lots of shapes, but i never hid that i ripped from another game
  6. BlackBarba

    TOP Api Systems code (Offline stall and Pirate Club)

    Greta job!
  7. BlackBarba

    The source code is available!

    grabs popcorn. i have no knowledge in programming language i just know read existing code try to understand it and edit. but i cant setup the src =\
  8. @Silfro https://streamable.com/dhyeo
  9. BlackBarba

    Import full 3d map into blender or 3d max

    The way u guys did in that unity demo is private.
  10. Hello, there is any way to import the full map, like agent into 3d max or blender?
  11. BlackBarba

    Пиратия на unity3d

    gonna invest in it? can you guys share the project?
  12. BlackBarba

    Model viewer (.lmo, .lgo, .lab)

    you have this one v3ctor?
  13. BlackBarba

    Can I create these new files?

    open it in any text editor, like Notepad++ and search for the file name, and look what extension its using
  14. BlackBarba

    SQL 2014 Express setup

    can i use 2017 version? Images are Broken =\