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  1. Base Files (update 04.15.16)

    its work with 1.38 and @KONG you plan to release this files are you working with source?
  2. Pko Website Templates Ripping Service

    i understand it. btw pko private server was on before top closed.
  3. 1.38 Version Base Files Development

  4. Best free server files and client?

    where i can find one without bugs, vulnerability, holes and backdoors
  5. Help work with Game Source

    and for top1? what VS version i use, im with 2017 atm
  6. Help work with Game Source

    Someone can teach me how to work with the source files, from where i begin, visual studio, etc or a guide for it Thanks!
  7. TOP 3.0?

    zankza was doing this one, idk if is the same, just imported top models into unity
  8. VPS for sale!

    lol 120 reais e 120 USD? nao seria 40usd?
  9. [PHP] Converter .LGO <-> .OBJ

    try delete access something file or .htpasswd
  10. Searching Mentor/Team

    about character balance, have a guide?
  11. Pko Website Templates Ripping Service

    talk about user other ppl work in a forum of private server, fuck logic. the firsts pko site are rip from flyff, pko is a rip.
  12. who have map Capture The Flag

    no one have it, they made it for them, you can pay someone to code something like that for you
  13. Hello! i can rip any mmo website and make a pkosite template for you! i use original pkosite, but you can choose whatever you want. Example: Original: Ripped: Original: Ripped: List of examples of what you can get: Pirce: 50 usd Contact: Facebook page: Deviantart: Discord: Richenberg#7608