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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings. I was a member with nickname Gamemaker, you may know me as developer of one of model viewers for pko/top resources. Time to time i receive questions about game resources, how to fix them or how to use them. I can't do many for you, but some hints. But even that may be helpful. Once person ask about making glow for custom weapon apparels, show what he had, and i found there are no any public converter for game files. You have php one, but it require webserver and it can't make glowable weapon. Well... I can't beleave you guys can't share so simple scripts... So i did it again. Here is small update for model viever, it allow to import obj files to static lgo with save submaterials correctly. Due obj file format limitation, you can't get 100% correctly weapons version, but somehow you managed with limited tools you had before and i really impressed with that. So i leave here binnaries and link to source code Lgo works fine Lab works fine Lmo works fine Export/Import are under view. For use export - first add item to export list from rightclick model on tree of objects. For use import - just select file and click import I not guarantee it should work as you want, but get a try! Also you always can to polish tool yourself, if you have enough skills. Link to binnaries: https://mega.nz/file/vNlkVTpa#Wd7C2-s-UpHshUF_pdBh5jumAVJFwCnE2zhj3hT8W5c Link to sources: https://github.com/WeaponOwl/PKO-file-viewer Be nice, respect people
  2. Model viewer (.lmo,.lgo,.lab) Credits: Gamemaker With this program you can view models and animations from client and export models to .obj format. How to use: 1) Click button "Choose Directory"; 2) In choose directory dialog select folder with client; 3) Click button "Open Directory"; 4) In list box, which is located in the left area, you will see models; 5) To view a model click the left mouse button on it's name; 6) If the model contains animation, will be available ">" button. Click it to view the animation. Download: Program The source code
  3. Perseus

    Lab Parser (Tool)

    Hi, I've been working on a tool that can be used to convert .lab animation files to a format that can be used by all modern 3d animation software like Blender. At the moment, the conversion from .lab to .dae (the format I chose, collada) is functional, and I am working on the reverse conversion so your changes to the animation keyframes and joints can be reflected in the game. I've hit a small snag due to my limited understanding of 3d animation and dummy objects which would take some time for me to research and resolve, so if you are versed with these things and would like to contribute, please leave a message here or send me a DM. The tool can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Perseus/lab-parser/releases/tag/0.1.0. The source code (if you're interested) and usage instructions can be found here: https://github.com/Perseus/lab-parser Converted file example:
  4. Hi, I'm posting here the way I'm using to get the original mobs animations and put them in the 3d model and then put these monsters in unity, I didn't put put this post in guide because I don't convert to .lab again, so I don't think it's so useful for those who use the top code, yet it can be useful for you, and if you are in front of me and know a faster way to do it please tell me. = D
  5. Can someone tell me if there's a way to make characters run inside cities like in top2 using top1 client? What file should I edit? CharacterAction?
  6. Guest

    PKO Ip Changer

    IP Changer for PKO client. Compatible only with clients that use flash animation (server selection). Currently supports only 1 region & server. Usage: Place into client's root folder & run. IP Changer.exe
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