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  1. There's a guide in guide section that teaches to add new gem. You should read up on that. There are a few files that also requires to be edited such as in variable.lua and stonehint (client side) as mentioned by V3ctor.
  2. Any clues on how to make skills that affect attributes work with this balanced map script? Ie. Abyss mire does not affect the attribute (decreases mspd) of player being affected. Thanks.
  3. Had an issue with the mod. Mod works perfectly fine when installed and during use but when opening ships interface (ie. building ship or right clicking vessel deed), it crashes the client. No error message. DLL used is 13X2.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been trying to create some new maps while studying CTF map available publicly that revolves around team etc and have the following issue/question: I set the mob's chasideid to 2 in the map piradef1 = CreateCha(1380, 35600, 46900, 310, 20000) SetChaSideID(piradef1, 2) I set the player chasideid to 2 when enter map function after_enter_customgw(role, map_copy) local cha = TurnToCha(role) SetChaSideID(cha, 2) end I included within function isfriend the following to identify chaside and determine friendly or not. local map_name_cha1 = GetChaMapName(cha1) local map_name_cha2 = GetChaMapName(cha2) if (map_name_cha1 == map_name_cha2 and map_name_cha1 == "customgw") then if (GetChaSideID(cha1) == GetChaSideID(cha2)) then return 1 else return 0 end end However, when enter map, when I point my mouse to the mob, it still shows the sword mouse icon. However, I am unable to deal damage to it as I suppose the function identifies the mob as friendly. Not sure why it is still showing the sword mouse icon. If any one has any leads to rectify this will be very helpful. Thanks
  5. Will wait patiently for your new work!
  6. Hi @V3ct0r, I noticed the groupserver mod dll is only for 138. I presume there's no way to make the GMNotice() function work in 1.36 files? (Not the alt+p ones but using GMNotice () in lua script.) Thanks
  7. Fixed It! Looks like might have accidentally overwritten the parameter in stringset.txt when I was messing with it! Thanks @V3ct0r !!! Best as always!
  8. some ideas: 1) Variation of resolution - ie. 1600.x900 2) Mounts 3) Colored guild names 4) Colored player names 5) HP/SP display 6) Numeric skill bar 1- 10 7) Discord integration
  9. Just wondering if there's any way to better read the hex codes in game.exe so to identify which values defines the pm function.
  10. Hi everyone, anyone have any idea where to fix PM being disabled? See below. I might have hexed edited the wrong lines for gameserver/game.exe but not sure which now as can't retrace my steps.
  11. Having the same issue here - would you be able to share how you fix this? @Makaveli96. Or if anyone knows how to resolve this. Thanks
  12. The issue was with setspawnpos and mapcansavepos the map that I was experimenting. The map has mapcansavepos set to 0 but forcefully set character pos in the map upon entering the map. I guess, because of this, this bugs the character everytime the character log offs.
  13. Hi, I have the following issue if anyone would be able to assist. Just couldn't figure out what I broke: So character A goes into a map (ie. Chaos Argent or any other map) and log off/switch character in the map. After this I am unable to log back into the same character A until I restart my GS. However, in the same account, I was able to log into character B. Using the goto GM function, I was able to teleport myself to character A. it appears that as and when I log off character A, a clone is being created and disabling me to log back into character A. I tried to retrace my steps and revert the edits I was doing in file (mainly on adding NPCs etc - non complex stuff), however was unable to resolve. This has never happened previously. If anyone has encountered same issue and be able to help, or give a lil pointer. Thanks Resolved
  14. Yup, that's pretty much it as the current mod shared by V3ctor only applies to skills and not items. Would be nice to see if they apply to items as well
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