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  1. Client FSM is done and other objects are spawned in the world. Basic movement also works (without animations right now). In the next days, will update server-side fsm(state manager), animations, .. Im still looking for 3d modellers & graphic artists to upgrade the current models and textures. Animators to update current / create new animations. Graphic artist for the UI.
  2. Looking for artists to do the following job: 1. Update current tales of pirates textures into bigger + high quality ones. 2. Create a whole GUI. Just send me a private message.
  3. Silfro

    Official TOP

    The hexa event was the best and also one of the worst memories haha. My pc back then was unable to handle all these characters. Laged like hell and still loved the game.
  4. Isn't this basically a one-time 30$ discount? https://www.digitalocean.com/referral-program/
  5. Indeed, creating an mmo (even if all assets are available) is very time consuming and most people underestimate all of this. I've started with UE too, but decided engines like UE and Unity are not the best choices for a MMO. Edit: We are still working on it. 2 focus on the worlds, while I work on the code. As soon as I finish the character selection, creation & deletion (basic design), I will move on to the world and work on the object spawn, movement and everything else. Then more progress will be posted.
  6. We rework all maps by hand. The original map size is too small. Also we wanna do it even better and not just create a copy. Creating a port of maps will take time and can just create unnecessary issues which could be hard to fix.
  7. Sorry for the double post. Before I spent time writing a tool to convert .lab to a read-able file, anyone has such a tool or all animation files already converted?
  8. We are still working on it. Now the esenthel engine (which we use to develop this game) is open source, it makes development even better. We are still looking for modellers/graphic artists (paid)
  9. Thanks. I might create a new thread and post weekly updates/progress.
  10. Hi, we are trying to re-create the game as much as possible. But in fast paced gameplay style and better quality. We using esenthel engine (c++ and lightweight) because cryengine, UE or unity are not that good for mmos. We have 3 devs and 1 modeller/graphics artist. But we need more people to recreate the textures and mode. If there are no people willing to help, I might hire some freelancers. Terrain textures going to be 512x512 and high quality. Same with face etc. Models will be reworked and fixed a bit. We also make some map changes and split deepblue etc into multiple maps because too big maps bigger than 2kx2k are not that good for a game server. Starting with icicle, then shaitan & argent city. After main maps are done, other maps will be worked on. Work has just began because we needed lots of preparations first. This weekend, Im gonna start the coding like camera etc while other keep on creating the world. This picture you see icicle (part 1). Will be split into 2 maps.
  11. Hi, Im looking for 2-3 3d modeller and graphic artist. We are a small team recreating the game tales of pirates from scratch but in 3d and fast paced style like dragon nest. We need 3d modellers and graphic artists to upgrade the current models and textures. If you are interested, feel free to pm me.
  12. Thats really weird. Even in blender, the textures are like this Maybe the uploaded pko model viewer is older than yours? I even tried and compiled the source code. It is the same result. Also noticed that the "characterinfo.bin - characters" is not working.
  13. Rotating, but not flipping. Even when I import it into 3ds max it is flipped. On other models it dont happen. On buildings where you can go inside, it is heavily notice-able (example the bar model).
  14. Noticed one issue. The models are "flipped". Example: and in-game
  15. I could try and compile it without. But I need directx 8 libs compiled with VS 2017. Otherwise you can download visual studio 2005 and use it to compile the game client.
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