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  1. uMMORPG is a mmorpg pack for unity https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ummorpg-51212
  2. just convert them with webconvert from the client. Voce ta usando o uMMORPG?
  3. Hope you guys do it! maybe start a crowdfunding campaign in the future, since top player spend lots of money in this game maybe i can help with UI stuffs
  4. Any Game Similiar to ToP now days? cartoon graphics, point click, skills, etc
  5. BlackBarba


    SHAUshaushA if u know how much work it takes do adjust it to top, redo all in photoshop, i redrawn lots of shapes, but i never hid that i ripped from another game
  6. grabs popcorn. i have no knowledge in programming language i just know read existing code try to understand it and edit. but i cant setup the src =\
  7. The way u guys did in that unity demo is private.
  8. is possible to make it export animations?
  9. i did it, its missing animation bones only some guys have a private tool to do fix it and they dont share
  10. Hello, there is any way to import the full map, like agent into 3d max or blender?
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