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  1. Hoping there's someone out there have the source code for this version. It would be nice if there's an English version both PC and Mobile. https://www.indiedb.com/engines/esenthel-engine/videos/tales-of-ocean-fantasy-online
  2. can somebody help me fix this? Lua_err [09-21 19:15:38]DoString cha_timer [09-21 19:15:38]resource/script\calculate\functions.lua:4934: bad argument #1 to `next' (table expected, got nil) but in the line of the script check the picture attached.
  3. Does anyone has the latest Client of SPKO can you please share it here? thank you to the person would be sharing it.
  4. Who can help me on fixing this error? if you want to help me just leave a message and I let you see the files via TeamViewer
  5. I guess this script is for random item that has name mammoth - colossus to make it colored. Is there any way like the certain item would color change not random name but same name
  6. I find the error it was about the spacing instead of using spaces I just use TAB spacing it work fine but it doesn't make the color change.
  7. this is the error after I add that one on 2.4 files
  8. kong go to skype please need to talk to you

  9. bro can you make a guide for this? on changing the item color?
  10. Kyren

    Color change

    Column Description 01 Item-ID 02 Itemname 03 Icon 04 Model to be displayed when item is dropped 05 Model - Lance 06 Model - Carsise 07 Model - Phyllis 08 Model - Ami 09 Ship Symbol 10 Ship Size Number 11 see ItemType.lua 12[ Obtain Prefix Rate 13 Set ID 14 Forging Level 15 Stable Value 16 can be repaired (0/1) 17 can be traded (0/1) 18 can be banked (0/1 19 can be dropped (0/1) 20 can be deleted (0/1) 21 max. Stacksize (1-99 - max. number of items that can be stacked) 22 unknown 23 Price 24 Useable by characters (1-4 25 min. Character Level 26 Useable by classes (JobType.lua) 27 unknown 28 unknown 29 slots where item can be equipped (Look.lua) 30 slots that are switched with item 31 item obtain into location determine (whatever) 32-52 percentage bonuses 53-73 constant bonuses 74 PR 75 item left hand exert identifier 76 Item Energy (Conches, etc.) 77 Durability 78 Max instantiation hole value 79-85 unused ship-stuff 86 ship movement speed (?) 87 usage effect 88 display effect 89 item bind effect 90 item bind effect dummy 91 Display item effect (item put at object slot 1 to show effect 92 item drop model effect 93 item usage effect 94 Description 95 Remarks
  11. Who is interested to join we will be paying your services as you work with us full time
  12. check the messages in skype kong thanks

  13. Can someone post a guide in setting up a server in windows 10 please post it here. SQL setup, server side setup and so on. please do post thanks it will become a big help for windows 10 users.
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