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  1. Yes, I use a teleport from from dang thao. Kong could see from uploaded file Ticket Delay _ Portal Delay.rar
  2. DnA

    I need

    shalan2 >> chaos shaitan binglang2 >> chaos icicle
  3. please give me a hint, more obvious KONG? I look like this. --任務動作處理函數 function ActionsProc( character, actions, npc, page, misid, scriptid, param1, param2 ) PRINT( "ActionProc: actions proc" ) if actions == nil then PRINT( "ActionProc:quest action management function parameter actions cannot be as null!" ) SystemNotice( character, "ActionProc:quest action management function parameter actions cannot be as null!" ) return LUA_ERROR end how should I add?
  4. How to Change Weather to other language?
  5. What did you know about this? Is there something wrong?
  6. PlayerCanUseCmd = {} PlayerCanUseCmd["V3ct0r"] = 1 PlayerCanUseCmd["pkodev"] = 1 PlayerCanUseCmd["Administrator"] = 1 @V3ct0r V3ct0r, pkodev, Administrator, this Accunt/ID or Name Character?
  7. @V3ct0r & @7n6 can't help for tutorial to add in server?
  8. please give me a tutorial to add to server files
  9. Fox, this folder copy to extension?
  10. Player makes items, for example mall Coins much as 9999x.
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