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  1. ссылка битая, перезалейте пожалуйста. Спасибо.
  2. Is this the real WPD file? i thought not so many people has it?
  3. They can just open iteminfo with starting line of tab information into CSVed and edit from there.
  4. check the illusion slash end function function Skill_Hyz_End ( ATKER , DEFER , sklv ) This is the formula local dmg = ( ( 1.5 + 0.1 * sklv ) ) * (math.min(3,( math.max ( 1, math.floor( aspd / 70 ) ) ))) * Atk_Dmg ( ATKER , DEFER ) Adjust it to your liking. Below is the one for CA/Mobs dmg = ( ( 1 + 0.1 * sklv ) ) * (math.min(3,( math.max ( 1, math.floor( aspd / 70 ) ) ))) * Atk_Dmg ( ATKER , DEFER )
  5. U can do via characterinfo assign class crusader code 9 to it. Then you add the animation on characterpos and will work(or just take a characterpos from another working client as it doesnt seems to give u any error.)
  6. You can locate the image of the IGS in the client>lua>forms folder and find the IGS. Then find the image in ur client>texture>ui.
  7. Wrong section. Try these 2 youtube guide; Tales Of Pirates Private Server Guide - YouTube Tales of Pirates Server Setup Guide
  8. Thanks man. Very much appreciated. Your da best!
  9. DangThao

    SourceCode Kop135

    Weird haha. I tried incognito too but doesnt work on me. I might be able to download it if it work.
  10. DangThao

    SourceCode Kop135

    Link to pudn.com page are down. Now can't do stuff.
  11. DangThao

    SourceCode Kop135

    Do you still happen to have this? or anyone?...
  12. Hello mate, Anyone can share spring town individual map with its placed objects. Really hoping someone got something like this. Thanks.
  13. Hey man, think you can create a video for us dummy on how to do it proper. It would helps many of us. Thanks.
  14. Maybe something like this >? &Lua AddMallPoints("pkodev","1000"); make sure your function of AddMallPoints exist and are connected to your DataBase if u r using LuaSQL. Check Lua_Err for more info.
  15. playername aka chaname should be your character name and not your characterID. Try that.
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