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  1. Sorry but i followed what you've said but this is what i got. Sorry for my noobiness.
  2. Can a little guide on installation and so? can make it work but all the page(nav menu) are like doesnt exist. If i can make it work finely i might develop into a template
  3. u mean Kamis Render Pack?
  4. any website template with extended means there is addon of mall in it so it doesnt required any database but other website that has addon or mall will required u to attach additional database with it. Try this: https://mega.nz/folder/OUMUgTYb#jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g/folder/vcMUBSKL Download black and orange website and it should works.
  5. Some website required additional database for the website item mall while some have addons for it.
  6. those 3 main map u cant put them all together, the map are way too big. there is a gs that i remembered allows u to do it but i do not have it in my keep. Yes that's how u open closed map.
  7. hover over the white heart on the post; bottom right corner of a post to react to a post =D
  8. Haha, people are active but they just likely to ignored questions of others (new developer). Have fun!
  9. to addmap, or add new map, u need mapinfo line, scriptdefine line, addbirth line and the map folder then add map = mapname to any of the gameserver.cfg u are running. to open map that are closed, add map = mapname (eastgoaf, garner2, leiting2) to ur gameserver.cfg or any gs.cfg u r running; map = garner2 map = eastgoaf map = leiting2 to cancel running map, u can remove it or do //map = mapname in the assigned gs.cfg
  10. Give your database base permission inside your database folder. Root > Database > right click property those .mdf and .ldf file; AccountServer_Data.mdf, AccountServer_Data.ldf and so on...
  11. Most developer gets this error. Make sure you give permission to your database via property options when you right clicked it. After it, attach your database again and it should works finely.
  12. Please be specific here so we know what you want to be done too 0.<
  13. Hey Guys, Someone can give scripts for show monster drop items and the percentage via helpinfo? There is a script for NPC Drop Manager but i want to include monster drops and percentage into the skill Eye of Wisdom. Thanks.
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