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  1. We encourage everyone to join our development progress. Let's build a positive community together Rules 1. As much as possible use understandable English or else use our !translate command. 2. No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. 3. No text walls or a large paragraphs of text. 4. Do not impersonate other members. 5. No bashing others or screaming at people in the chat and voice channels. 6. No NSFW pictures in the main chat. 7. No advertising other sites/game servers/discord servers. 8. Referral links are not allowed. 9. Do not be a nuisance in the community, repeated complaints from several members will lead to administrative action. 10. Do not argue or trashtalk with staff. They are humans too LOL. 11. Rules can be changed and extended without any prior warning. Join Now
  2. Thanks! Yes what we are trying to do now is to maintain its cleanliness to avoid such issue.
  3. Forsaken Pirates Online is a MMORPG private server based in "Tales of Pirates". Our server is a semi-vanilla gameplay that provide countless modern modification and contents to make your gaming experience better. The following features are not yet complete, there are a lot of features that we didn’t include yet until we make sure that they are working. The idea of the server will be shared to everyone especially those who are interested to provide suggestions. Be first on latest news and update join our Discord server now! Support our Facebook fan page as well since we are going to do giveaway event every month! Server Rates: Server rates will require finalization and will be posted soon. Solo Experience: 3 Team Experience: 5 Drop Rate: 2 Fairy Experience: ?? Ship Experience: ?? Available Maps: Argent City (Large City) Shaitan City Icicle Castle Chaos Argent Forsaken City Dark Swamp Demonic World Prison Island Battle Arena Guild War Arena Server Features: Nanny - Convert your reputation into credit to exchange to useful stuff in Award Center Monster Information & Drops Viewer - While hovering the monster you can see two buttons that can show you the information about the monster. Item Rarity - Upon collecting loots from monsters or opening a chest for equipment will give you a chance to obtain rare equipment. IMPs are also available on monsters. Simply kill them and you will have a chance to get IMPs. Lock your experience by talking to the Newbie Guide - Senna to avoid leveling up to being disqualified in mazes. List of features will be updated from time to time... Discord Bot Features: Bug Report - For you to report a bug you can type the command !bug and follow the sequence. It is for us to keep the reported bug list organized. Just type !bug and follow the sequence. Suggestion Voting - Our server is open for suggestions. However, players will vote first if they will approve the suggestion or not. Suggestions need to verify by our staff too. Just type !suggest <suggestion> Buy & Sell - Players can post their commerce on designated channel. Just type !buy or !sell and follow the sequence. Monster Information - You can view information about the monster by using the command !info <monster name> eg: !info Black Dragon FAQs - Players can search for some guides and faqs. We will update our knowledge base time to time for more information. Just type the command !guide <query> eg: !guide How to get money and items in game? Translation - Although Google Translation is not accurate as it may be but you can easily deliver or read other people's languages. Just type !translate <from> <to> <message> eg: !translate en it Hello World! Giveaway - Our bot offers giveaway event as well! The idea of our Discord Bot is to help our new players to have a convenient way on having information about our gameplay. More command will be available soon! Join our community and lets help together to build a great server!
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