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Found 2 results

  1. Roto Games presents MaPKO a TOP/PKO server with tons of unique system features! Newbie Catch-Up Quests, Player Commands, NPC Equipment Exchangers, Global Market System, New Unique Classes, Fast PK Balancing, Daily Events, Monthly Content Updates and more! Max character level 130, Max pet level 200, Unique Reborn-Rebirth System, Unique Prayer, Rune and Hero Systems, Battle Power Rating System. Newbie friendly server with active GMs and staff! Join now and start your MaPKO adventures! Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko
  2. Just some changes I've made from PKO 1.38 + Tools from Vectors File. Will keep it updated to display future file used for a server. Credits to All that has helped me from the past and on going future. *Fixed Fairy Poss for 2nd Gen/Mjr/Angela/August pets *Added Cloak can upgrade to Lv7 *Added Anti-Dupe System *Changed Pet Max Lvl Limit from 41 to 61 (For Normal/Great Fruits) ->Uses a check, so if Pet Lv 60 -> Use Great Fruit -> Fail to lvl. *Added Unfuse Scroll (When equipment is fused, can use scroll to defuse) *Added Buff potion (Grants buffs for 8 minutes when item used) *Added Career Lot Scroll (Grants all Career Lot bonus stats for 10 minutes when item used) *Added TOP Neck (displays TOP effect above characters head) (Also changes character's color name) *Added Custom Icons to certain items to (differentiate and avoid scams) *Banker now has option to open bank/convert inventory gold to notes. -> 100k,500k,1m Notes *Added Angela Junior + 6 Different Angela Junior Colors *Added August Pets *Added New Wings (Much like Angelic/Devil etc wings) *Added PK Ranking system *Added Apparel's NPC -> Default Classic TOP Apparels *Added New Apparels -> Alucard etc *Ordered Apparels By Rows and Columns *All Apparels have Race defined -> [L] Sreet Love - Armor [C] - Street Love Armor [P] - Street Love Armor [A] - Street Love Armor (L = Lance) (C = Carsise) (P = Phyllis) (A = Ami) *Added Universal Pliers (Can extract any gem from any equipment such as rings/necklace) *Added 110% and 120% Upgrading Scrolls (Double click to upgrade fused apparels with 100% Effectiveness) *Added Lv4 Gem Combiner (Can make multiple lv4's without dropping/placing gem in bank if higher than lv1) *Added F1-F12 Skill bar + Extra Bar on Top + Tab Switcher *Added Big Inventory 48 Slot via (Alt+E) *Added Character Running while in Safezone *Added Instant Skill NPC (Defined by Class - will teach all skills according to class) *Added Removal of Corals for Voyager classes *Added Gem Slot Change (Changes Gems order via forged equipments) *Added 110% Instant Apparel Upgrade Stone *Added 120% Instant Apparel Upgrade Stone *Added Brackets to NPC's name [NPC Name] *Added Custom map for CA (Removed useless objects, map is much easier to look around ex: Bar and Commerce have roof opened) *Added Spawn Script for Chaos Argent -> (If player enters at :15 -> Expert Chest Spawns, no matter how late a player enters, correct mobs/wave will spawn) *Added Anti-Relog to Chaos Argent -> If Player leaves the map for whatever reason, it will punish leaver for 2 minutes. *Added New Spawn Points inside Chaos Argent *Added Hairstyle items to Hairstylist *Added Bracelet/Handguards/Belts *Added Cooldown timer to Healing Pots (HP/SP) *Added FC 1/2/3 Chest -> FC 1 Chest - Lv40 Rings -> FC2 Chest -> Unsealed Incantation Weapons FC Chest 3 -> Earth Sealed Armor's *Added DS 1/2/3 Chest -> DS 1 Chest - Lv50 Rings -> DS 2 Chest -> Fire Sealed Set Pieces -> DS 3 Chest -> Fire Sealed Weapons *Added 10k/100k gold Note *Added Bank Note (Double Click Note to open Bank) *Changed Tattoo Apps/Armor's from 27 to 22 *Changed Skillinfo Tattoo Requirement -> Armor Requirement *Added Nightmare Demonic Helmet -> Can upgrade to lv 10
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