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  1. Hello @V3ct0r, I would like to know if you could explain some method similar to the ".cut" function instead of it being rectangular, making round cuts or even uniform. as well a function to rotate a fragment to be cut
  2. anyone know how I can make an expecific mob drop items to all users who attack it? for example, to make a world boss and everyone can get a prize, not just the one who kills him. I try to base myself on this, but I can't find a way: Killed by (Using function GetExp_New  )
  3. Hi v3ct0r, I take the opportunity to release the section with some ideas. *button with maps events time function (CA,FC,DS,DW) *Buttom AutoTrace function *Mounts system *Hp and SP Bar below the character or HP percentage *Guild system with guild bank * Extension Bank or bank shared * buttom battle power system (Earn a higher title by increasing your Power) * buttom Achievements system ( for example if you kill 5 mobs first time obtain items or tittle)
  4. good profile backgrounds 👌

  5. Solved! it is true the client's map editor that has options to level the land. thanks @V3ct0r
  6. as it is visualized in the first image, I try to add more land, but I can not find a solution, because if I approach the two fragments of the map, visually it looks bad. in the second image I show how the terrain, has the same colors referring to its height
  7. I am trying to join two fragments of maps, but I have the disadvantage that they are at different heights, I use "heigth map generator" but I can not make it work correctly, even putting heigth = 0 in some specific areas, it continues in the same way.
  8. could guide me please how to create a system of the type promotional code of a single use, since I do not know how to implement so that it can be used only once example /2a1xjq for claim X item or /welcome for claim welcome chest
  9. I would like to know how to get those random attributes or have the option to create specific attributes.
  10. I was trying to create a pet, but I had problems that it starts to generate imaginary attributes every time it loses stamina, since they do not upload statistics, they are only visual.
  11. I have reviewed much of the forum and I can not find the solution, I seemed to have seen someone who explained how to do it. I would like the statistics of the items to be displayed.
  12. I can't understand how to make it work, you could guide me a little please, since I don't understand much c++
  13. Happy New Year, guys! 🎉

    1. V3ct0r


      Thank you! Happy New Year too!

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