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  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to use a function provided by the user @Angelix , but I am unable to enter the first conditional related to time, I implemented a print to check if it entered, but I cannot find a way. function map_copy_run_garner2(MapCopy) ChaosArgent.Alive = GetMapActivePlayer(MapCopy) if ChaosArgent.Alive > 0 then ChaosArgentCheater(MapCopy) end local Second = tonumber(os.date("%S")) local Minute = tonumber(os.date("%M")) if (Minute - math.floor(Minute / 5) * 5) == 0 and Second == 0 then --Problem Here Notice("<"..ChaosArgent.Config.General.MapName..">: There are still "..ChaosArgent.Alive.." players alive.") ChaosArgent.SpawnNum = Minute/5 if ChaosArgent.Config.Monsters[ChaosArgent.SpawnNum] ~= nil then if ChaosArgent.Alive >= 1 then for i = 1, table.getn(ChaosArgent.Config.Monsters[ChaosArgent.SpawnNum]), 1 do local ID = ChaosArgent.Config.Monsters[ChaosArgent.SpawnNum][i].ID local X = ChaosArgent.Config.Monsters[ChaosArgent.SpawnNum][i].X * 100 local Y = ChaosArgent.Config.Monsters[ChaosArgent.SpawnNum][i].Y * 100 local Monster = CreateChaEx(ID, X, Y, 145, 60, MapCopy) SetChaLifeTime(Monster, 299000) end end end end end
  2. Hi, could someone provide me with a guide on how to use xampp to install a web page?
  3. Hello, I just bought an OVH vps and I have problems with port 1973, I don't know how to open it. Can somebody help me?
  4. Thanks @Mdrst it has worked for me!
  5. hello, who can share me a link for download vs 2003, i try use a link into vs 2003 for corsair src but i have problem for download into google drive... thx
  6. Hi, u can re-upload? please @FruitJuice
  7. Could someone provide me a txt editor that is not "csved" or "notepad", currently I saw that the user "XXD" had uploaded one, but the link down.
  8. How can I translate the comments found in some .lua files?
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