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  1. client deleted
  2. is there anything wrong with this ?
  3. i will give yo some tips, check terrainfo, objectinfo, and main,lua
  4. anyone knows if this is secured? i think someone duped items by the ingameshop, getting every item from iteminfo.
  5. anyone is selling or can make custom anti tweak lancher for the client ?
  6. there still are several exploits already... that cant be fixed, at least that you have source code and knowledge about it. theproblem here is that there some guys who opens new server, but some pkodev users, abuse ofthat "newbie servers". thats really sucks. this forum is supposed to be help forum , developer forum, not hack, exploit abuse forum.. i know people who just removed, their servers from this forum, because they re scared of the bad guys.
  7. @Daisuke just add CameraConf1024.clu file in scripts/lua client, you can get that from top2/pko2 clients
  8. but, i have re-produced the DoS on this gateserver 65k connections, but the gateserver crash at the socket connection 2048 so this , dont work. sorry
  9. didnt v3ctor is selling gateserver patched ? with max socked 6400+ i saw one like that before.
  10. Just check attr's after player is created and change to 5 at AttrCalculate.lua true :) btw the Changing Birth Map to a Map with big letters = GS Crash is because system chat, so we can say its fixed. well, i tried it already so idk XD
  11. since we re talking about exploits, ide say that theres infinite stats exploit,(they add the stats directly to the character, not stats points) i dont know how to do it , but is real, since some players did it on my server. they can get infinite stats even if you limit max stats on Init_Attr.lua. so if you guys are running server, make sure you don't have players edited, by adding an stats checking script .
  12. and how a normal player can do this? all those packets edits, they are using custom tool instead of wpe pro or RPE? btw the Changing Birth Map to a Map with big letters = GS Crash is because system chat, so we can say its fixed.
  13. thats happens to me, Gameserver just crash without any logs...
  14. squaller

    Ovh vps

    i dont recomended VPS host from OVH for Production or Official server. Database performance is very very low, and your players will get data loss .
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