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  1. "GSPRO.dll ( GetPlayerMac and GetPlayerIP without the need to use LuaSQL );" is that for 136 gs ?
  2. the same pkodev.mod.loader.dll file can be attached into gameserver.exe and game.exe?
  3. just to let know that its working now for me but the one from pkodev.mod.60fps-master folder
  4. sqlua for 136 is bug. it doesnt work . the ones for 138 its okey.
  5. the bug is related to skills. you need fix those AOE skills.
  6. Luasql Mod, since the one existing, is bug for 136 gs
  7. sure! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FkrZYHWo7tq8Oa-6hIpH28QQLM1wBlmq/view?usp=sharing
  8. well like dragontechi said, the game still limited at 30fps , after mod added. weird that doesnt work for me then
  9. well the lock system like top2 . to prevent shared accounts being robbed or scammed
  10. i have installed, but the 60fps doesnt work, mine is GAME_13X_2,
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