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  1. Danny

    TOP Private Servers now days

    I would actually love to see something really custom made. Something for example that is quest based, not heavy but to get you started in Gear, a gear system like BLADE & SOUL that you get a weapon at start and upgrade it thru your journey , a masterwork system for better STATS, a PVE map like Instances to get gems or something if you're not into PVP, idk.. stuff like that but without like Azz , Gr8 gems cause those are just retarded gems to have in game. But some ideas like that would be actually a bomb server.
  2. Danny

    League of Pirates Online

    Hey, I got a question. Why does your program "Launcher.exe" have a code that it deletes everything if your pc name is "Yagura" or "Wrexor"? Thats kinda fucked up. You are distribuiting malicious code to people's PCs. Eg below:
  3. Danny

    Website with PHP7

    Hey, you need theese extensions, then add them to your php.ini and restart xampp. (theese dlls go to ext folder in php & use the 32 bit ones normally for xampp) https://github.com/Microsoft/msphpsql/releases download here, it should be windows 7.x , x beeing the version of php so lets say you use 7.2 it will be windows 72 zip. gl.
  4. Danny

    Pirate Club Pirates Online

    He was searching for a web solution. Your solution is never convinent for a big player base.
  5. @gatero Why would you allow remote connection ? that is not needed lol....
  6. Danny

    Pirate Club Pirates Online

    First of all Pirates Online was never owned by Zanzka. The Pirate Club function was made for Pirates Online by me. The website is custom for Pirates Online so unfortunately you can't get it unless someone makes one similar to it.
  7. Make a connection with it through a custom launcher, change the startgame args even if its easy to figure it out they will still need the connection to be accepcted else you can't login . you need authentication via the firewall.
  8. It is possible to do with my firewall.
  9. Danny

    Servers Monitoring

    "The thing about collations is that although database have it's own collation, every table, and every column can have it's own collation. If not specified it takes the default of it's parent object, but can be different. When you change collation of database, it will be new default for all new tables and columns, but it doesn't change the collation of existing objects inside database. You have to go and change manually the collation of every table and column." Taken from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17616620/cannot-resolve-the-collation-conflict-between check there for the solution if it works on your case not sure why your database has two different collations.
  10. Danny

    Servers Monitoring

    Awesome tool, good job @V3ct0r & @Duduf should be a must have for any server.
  11. Danny

    jQuery plug-in => Event Timer

    Quite depends, if it's a big source of JS he should actually make a JS file for it, just the direct access would be an option if it was one or two lines JS codes. Or the echo in PHP also.
  12. Danny

    jQuery plug-in => Event Timer

    You can put script tags and execute the Javascript inside the tags. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> alert("Hello Vasil!"); </script>
  13. Danny

    Boss Respawn NPC

    what? Its saying Hook is not existent , you probably didn't load the Hook.lua file.