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Found 5 results

  1. New server of tales of pirates available that will be available this week! For more details about my project join the discord server below: DISCORD SERVER SeaTown - Server Rates Players Start Level 45,55,100 Custom Level Up System Lv100-135 Max Char Level = 135 Max Pet Level Normal Fruits = 50 Max Pet Level Impro. Fruits = 60 solo = 5x Party = 12x Drop = 5x Guild Members Cap = 40 Pet Growth = 500x NPC Languages In-Game = English Portal Maps Chaos Argent Arena Island Forsaken City Lv45 Chaos Forsaken Lv45 Dark Swamp Lv55 Chaos Swamp Lv55 Demonic World 1-3 Eternal Abaddon Level Up Island DISCORD SERVER
  2. Hello again guys, I created this video with the idea of promoteing again the tales of pirates private server community. Here you can see my web service related post: Server Files/Game/My Webserver consumers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A4O161L36d0qJx2AnCksm5crg0Nktdt5 Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014/2017 Installation Guides i used: Good Lucks guys
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Mathew advanced player of top, but newbie "DEV", I had idea with my friends to make PKO server just for 5 people for co-op camping, but no one wants to host server on his own, cuz of 24/7 pc working and electricity payments, so we get together 15$ and we bought VPS server (spec in spoiler). My experience with KOP/PKO/TOP servers was about 8 years ago with sql2000 and hamachi, but for now, we want 24/7 server on VPS without any additional programs that all about the story Dropbox link: there you can find all files that I config and working with. Problem: 1-No one can connect to host, (timeout) (atm we are using IPchanger and start.bat) [my friends] 2-I'm OSx user so I can't use start.bat, maybe someone knows this kind command/file for OSX?? 3-I don't know how to properly create/config website, (i tried with all guides on the forum) Questions: 0- is it host provider problem or just server config ??? (i tried same config on tungle and it was workig ...) 1-how can I make KOP/PKO/TOP shortcut but without laucher/autoupdater/ipchanger/start.bat but with VPS IP include? 2-If its possible, autopatcher-without website (on VPS) 3-How to add new functions to PKO server files, (i tried to add double exp for weekends, but when I added it to exp_and_level.lua, we didn't get exp from anything, GM either. 4-how to add Cooldowns on AMPs,Potions,etc. 5-Do I need to set DNS on VPS AccountServer GateServer GroupServer GameServer VPS SPEC: OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 COREspd: 1vCore x2GHz Storage: 50GB SSD Internet spd 100mb (5ms from host to player) Bandwidth limit 99TB RAM: 2GB Ports: OPEN for guide purpose let VPS ip be: (ipv4) DISCORD: Ajoj#1945 Skype: Sillvar
  4. Hello everyone, Top nostalgia drags me back to give another try to build a private server. I had some attempts but failed, or quited for some reasons <im a novice developer, still have to learn alot> . But before i die , i really want to manage a private server. Just for start i have some questions and looking for answers. What SQL shall i use on Windows 10? Are Top 2 like files avaible < Just like top 2 with Belt,Handguards,115/125 skills,etc > ? Worths to invest time on this? -Edtit- Looking for building a private server guide with PKO 2.4 server files.
  5. Hi friends, Istart a youtube game play channel, just for pko private server... If you want me to gameplay your server just let a message in my box with your server link... channel link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7S34TCB8zg8jlcpsnmT8Q DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE
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