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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, sorry if my English is bad, today I am here to share some files that I took from the public link PKO 2.5 in which I was editing adding running errors that appeared, I had these files for about 1 year in which I was not full but entered to edit I never put these files online and no one else has them. The reason why I am releasing them is that about 2 months ago I changed equipment and the files that I saved in a memory were deleted and I could not recover them, the file that I share is a copy that I found saved in mega that is incomplete with the 50% advance, the rest was lost. These files have: Admiral cloak Quiz and Reward Rare Pets Achievement Many effects Some systems that I don't remember I entered small cities to be able to open all the maps in a single GS, within the files are the databases, I entered swing but replacing the effects of rebirth, when you put the rb, the swing will appear (in the client it is modified but they are not In the wings you will have to add them, just replace the rebirth with the swings and add them in effects) many things were lost, if it works for someone then use them and if you have doubts I will answer them I'm not that good of a scripter but I tried to make a different server but since the time I lost discouraged me, I could never get the game mall working, luck https://mega.nz/file/LR8yDRCZ#Gq7Tsas4gt0Y3MoSO7eaggssZpWV0odx1J0z0ZzQIec https://mega.nz/file/2V0lnBzD#ABVDC2zCNmJjGK4smycZLgbX9XH0uYC1YaVd49YV9h8
  2. Welcome to New Tales of Pirates (NToP)! Server was launched on 10th February 2022, fresh brand new server! NToP aims for nostalgia and what they had in Tales of Pirates 1, now you can enjoy maps, monsters, quests, all in one place. Hard/medium server, not very easy to become strong, but you can become strong. Social Media Official Website Discord Downloads Facebook Page Instagram Server Rates - Max Level: 65 - Max Pet Level: 50 - Solo-exp: 2x - Party-exp: 2.5x - Drop-rate: 1x - Fairy-growth: 1x - Ship-exp: 1x Server Features Balanced Server Farming Focused Main 3 cities(Argent, Shaitan, Icicle), FC, DS, DW In-game system to obtain necessary items Offline Stall New Apparels, wings, effects Daily Quests In-game Shop Player commands In-game Database: items, monsters Reputation Exchanger Demonic World Exchanger Guilds support system Ready plans for the development and maintenance of the game Discussion with the players of all upcoming updates Active user support & much more you can find out in the game! Classes Champion - Changes made to some skills, you can check on discord #class-changes channel Crusader - Phyllis Crus + Changes made to some skills, you can check on discord #class-changes channel Sharpshooter - Changes made to some skills, you can check on discord #class-changes channel Cleric - Changes made to some skills, you can check on discord #class-changes channel Seal Master - Changes made to some skills, you can check on discord #class-changes channel Voyager - Changes made to some skills, you can check on discord #class-changes channel Gems - Max sockets (3) - Refining gem (capped at Lv3) - Normal gems (capped at Lv3) - Broken (capped at Lv3) - Cracked (capped at Lv3) - Unique (capped at Lv2) - Black Dragon gems (capped at lv2) - There's no chipped gem! Equipments FC Death Knight - Sealed lv45 (Armor and Weps) DS Huge Mud - Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps) DW1 Wandering Soul - Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps) DW2 Snowman Warlord - Sealed lv65 (Armor and Weps) Boss Stone Equipment (will be available after unlock Lv70+) Chaos Equipment (will be available after access to Chaos Argent) Black Dragon Equipment (will be available after access to BD Lair) Mazes Chaos Argent: comming soon! Forsaken City: every 3 hours - Magical Ocean (1508,3665) Opening time (UTC): 01:00 / 04:00 / 07:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00 / 19:00 / 22:00 Dark Swamp 1-3: every 3 hours - Magical Ocean (2035,2775) Opening time (UTC): 01:00 / 04:00 / 07:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00 / 19:00 / 22:00 Demonic World: every 3 hours - Sacred Snow Mountain (910,1069) Opening time (UTC): 01:00 / 04:00 / 07:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00 / 19:00 / 22:00 more comming with updates.. Quests Class Advancement Story Quest - new reward item on Lv2 ref task (Finish HQ, can be exchanged for items in Argent City 2231,2813) LB same original Rb lv1 same original Daily Quests - can get gold and IGS Crystal (used on in-game shop) Money Ways Daily Quests - you can make up to 500k gold daily with them Woodcutting - exchange NPC in Argent City 2230,2850 Mining - exchange NPC in Argent City 2115,2760 Fishing - exchange NPC in Argent City 2242,2826 NSS/OSS Mazes Selling/trading items in-game Featured Video https://youtu.be/xGQqsiKJWOw Theme only for dev. news
  3. Hello again guys, I created this video with the idea of promoteing again the tales of pirates private server community. Here you can see my web service related post: Server Files/Game/My Webserver consumers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A4O161L36d0qJx2AnCksm5crg0Nktdt5 Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014/2017 Installation Guides i used: Good Lucks guys
  4. when I use my poss pet, instead of increasing my status it decreases. Help-me.
  5. guys im using sql express 2017, and im new in config PKO... my win 10 x64 i using this files pko II 2.4(2.7), i watched this video to learn so my account server is not the same when it starts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXiEODAcQUc any help?
  6. Perseus

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Hello I've been working on a small project to create a better version of our beloved pkoSite. It's still a work in progress but just in case anyone wants to use it and help around with testing or whatever, I'm releasing a minimal version to the public. This version includes Register Login Downloads News Admin panel for both downloads and news I'll update it to include more things such as: Ranking Item Mall Credit Mall IMP Auction Credit Auction Wheel of Fortune Admin panel Logging system ( log all actions performed by admins ) If you have any feature you want , you can let me know in the comments, I'll be happy to add that! I've used the latest database libraries ( SQLSRV ) and laravel as the framework. You'll be able to run this in the latest version of any webserver you want. You can obtain the site from here. Installation guide: First off, you need SQLSRV drivers. Find out what version of PHP you're running and then download those drivers from here. Most of your webservers have thread safety enabled so you're going to want to use the _ts dll files. Take the sqlsrv pdo DLL and the normal sqlsrv dll and put them into your php( this folder will be in your webserver folder. For xampp users -> xampp/php.) -> ext folder. Now, open your php.ini which you'll find in your php folder. Search for "extension=php_" and you should come across something like this. as you can see at the end, I have the sqlsrv dlls added. Do the same for your php.ini file. Now, go here and scroll down till you see this : download the ODBC driver that corresponds to the sqlsrv driver versions you download and install them. That's all for the SQLSRV part. Now, depending on whether you just want to mess around with the website or you want to put it up for production, you have two options. You start a temporary server using artisan (it'll work on the port 8080 and won't interfere with your website) You can edit your HTTPD.CONF file to direct it to the website's public folder and the website will run directly from your browser by going to localhost or your website name. ( WARNING : No other folders on your webserver will be accessible to you if you use this method, i.e, you won't be able to use another site like http://localhost/site2. It won't work.). If you want to go the first route, open your command prompt. Direct yourself to the webserver directory and type in php artisan serve This'll start a server on the 8080 port and you can use the website as you wish. If you want to go the second route, go to your apache folder, and open the httpd.conf file. It should be in the conf folder. Search for the DocumentRoot. It'll be something like this : As you can see I've already changed my document root to the directory that my website is in. Do the same. That does it for the webserver/sqlsrv configuration. Now, adding your database configurations to the website. In the root of the website, there's a file called .env.example. Open the file. Most of the configs are self-explanatory. Change the SITE_INFO_DB_FILE to wherever you've stored your website. Go to google and check their RECAPTCHA page to obtain your RECAPTCHA PUBLIC and PRIVATE keys and just stuff those in the respective fields. IMPORTANT STEP HERE You have to remove the .example part from the .env file, i.e open your word editor and click "save as", choose the "all files" option and remove the .example from the end of the name, so the file is just called .env Open your command prompt, direct yourself to the website directory and type in php artisan key:generate This'll generate a key specific to your website. Go to the database folder(topSite/database/) and just create an empty "SiteInfo.sqlite" file. Run php artisan migrate --database=SiteInfo --path=database/migrations/SiteInfo php artisan migrate --database=GameDB --path=database/migrations/GameDB And you're done! If you want to change the title of the site or whatever, you can find the website's name in the config->app.php file. Let me know if there are any issues, I'll fix them as soon as I can. Some screenshots from the website
  7. KOP/PKO/TOP Development Services - Binary hooking/patching - Adding functionality to 1.3x executables - Lua services Works Done and Deployed: - Visible player level in name for Game.exe - Coloured Name (equipment based and static colours) for Game.exe - Bankable items for GameServer.exe - Removing Apparel limits (GameServer.exe and Game.exe) - LuaSQL extension (GameServer.exe) - Swing (Game.exe) - PacketHandler at Lua Level (GameServer.exe) - One click IGS (no security password) - Say function fix for NPCs and monsters Services: this includes custom modification upon request For more details please send a private message Coloured Name: One click IGS:
  8. helo guys can someone pass to me game.exe 138 clean ?
  9. please I want to do private server for pko I have the files and everything but the problem is I don't know how to do it without Hamachi and there is problem in shaitan map it's not working also there is problem in language barrier quest spring have wrong things and to create new maps there is one tool called (Yammi Tool) Created by matt I want someone who can help me about these problem if there is someone who can help me to do these things and he is living in Dubai will be better thank you so much
  10. Hello guys, I would like you ask about protecting my server and SQL injection. How can I protect my server and will it be fully protected? Thanks a lot <3
  11. Database pko 2.4 is not compatible with pko site 1.38? To create accounts?
  12. Hello friends, Do you guys know where do pko players mainly came from...
  13. Hi friends, what you guys think about sharing a creation of an documentation for the PKO Server API, so we can make progress faster creating new resources...
  14. Hello Guys! I've set up a website hosting service in its development/beta phase, so for now, I'm offering FREE HOSTING on websites (during testing phase). Make back-ups, as it is not a fully stable server yet. https://www.pko.host - My hosting website. http://example.pko.host - Mssql and PHP compatible for typical PKOSites http://example2.pko.host http://example3.pko.host http://example4.pko.host http://example5.pko.host http://example6.pko.host (credits to @DangThao for the PKOSite Template 1) Other website files gotten from toperunlimited. Credits to all the creators. All you have to do is: PM me for an account, and I will make one with the "Mini Plan", which is: 1 Domain 100 MB Disk Space 1000 MB Bandwidth Limit 100 Mbps Connection Speed Login Details will be sent to your e-mail. You will be able to add your domain through a control panel, and transfer your files through FTPS. It's enough to host a PKOSite, do you guys think it's enough? I'm open to feedback. Why am I giving people free hosting on websites? - Because I'm testing the stability of the server I set up, and to find any bugs that I might not have known. Cheers! ShaKo
  15. Hi, i'm new here and i have some problems making a server, the 1st problem i got was account server hang and i fixed it playing around with login id and pass, after that game server just open and close immediately, i tried to play around with id and pass but whenever i change anything i gives error cannot connect to GameDB. plz help and thnx in advance
  16. Just a logo created a while back, inspired by the old pko/top1 icon.
  17. Someone would have to NPC Pucca files 1.38?
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