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  1. AttrCalculate.lua: 1. search for: function Creat_Item_Tattr(item_type,item_lv , item_event) 2. find that: local quality = SetItemQua ( item_event ) 3. add below: local GemVar = { [101] = 10, [102] = 20, [103] = 30, [104] = 40, [105] = 50, [106] = 60, [107] = 70, [108] = 80, [109] = 90, } if (GemVar[item_event]) then Add_Item_Attr(ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLv, GemVar[item_event]) end
  2. Hello @Electro_Jump! Have you tried enabling TCP/IP in SQL Server Configuration Manager? SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols > Right click on TCP/IP > Enable
  3. Try deleting iteminfo.bin from client and compiling iteminfo.txt again. Data goes corrupted when compiling again if not deleting .bin, due to encryptation.
  4. This lenght operator introducted only after Lua v5.1, gameserver 1.x uses Lua v5.0.
  5. Hello @Elazul! First we talk about the "for" loop which you having problem. https://www.tutorialspoint.com/lua/lua_for_loop.htm The line error from log in code: for i = 1, Upgrade.Items do It trying to get size of the table for upgrade items, the correct way should be like that: for i = 1, table.getn(Upgrade) do replace to the following above in codes and it work.
  6. Fisal and Abdelaziz was developers of FTPKO if i'm not wrong.
  7. Guild Bank updated A big issue was fixed which were randomly sometimes, when withdraw item with same id and different attribute from the Guild Bank it not restoring correct properties. How to reproduce the bug? Simple, sometimes when you deposit items within the Guild Bank. Let's suppose a Lv10 Mordo Junior and a Lv0 Mordo Junior for example, when you take the Lv0 MordoJunior it's level will be also Lv10 as like the other Mordo... That due to stored information in file and also, index of items in NPC buy page which was not being called correct causing send of wrong information to player. - The system now is saving data with DataFile insteand of Table Serialize and i've also recoded: deposit, withdraw functions. For those who bought the system, please message me in discord to get lastest version .
  8. @noanshadow Hello! The link is still up, you can view codes by clicking on release of scripts v1.0 or direct by accessing the link below: https://pastebin.com/rUW7XRYK
  9. hello man how i can do for make a portal with diferent color ?

  10. Basically you need to add additional sql statements in the database: https://pastebin.com/erz7bFFn
  11. [Daily Quest Board] Brief Introduction: 1. Players can take daily quests in a NPC. 2. MAC/IP verification to avoid alt (requires this function in gameserver.exe as well). 3. If player not satified with a daily quest, he can click the NPC option again to generate another random quest (up to 15 attempts daily). 4. Option to view current daily quest progress and rewards. 5. Requires datafile in order to work. 6. New quests can be easily added to the system thought a table, as like rewards (gold and item) or talks. 7. System was developed for Corsair's Online files, as well, works with other versions also.
  12. [Guild Bank Update]: > Expandable Slots 1. Guild Bank now has determinated slots when being created and it can be expandable using items as like the one which you can increase inventory capacity. 2. It can be expandable to a maximum of 120 slots. 3. Each expandable item increases the bank slot to a new size, you cannot use the item if minimum slots required doesn't match. 4. Created also a simple function to retrieving Guild Leader ID thought lua. 5. Arranged all system talk and created arrays/variables to simple configuration of system thought the .lua file.
  13. Hello @Sprite Soda! This may help you, need hexing gameserver.exe since the variables in .cfg files doesn't works.
  14. [Chaos Icicle]: Note: All credits for this system and idea goes to https://pirategames.online , what I did was just scripting the system as a request for customer. – Balanced PK map, doesn't matter player equipment or class all will have same attributes. – Only for players Lv45+ and who has done 2nd job advancement. – After joining the battle thought the NPC, players will teleport to a Lobby which where they should wait 5 minutes or it reach at least X active players to get inside Chaos Icicle. – The NPC which allows u to join battle is located near Argent City Fountain. – The team who get 100 points first will win the battle and map will close in 20 seconds. – Killing players from the enemy team has 25% chance to grant 1 point to ur team. – After disconnect in battle you will return to ur last spawn point, from that time you have 2 minutes to return back to battle thought the NPC, otherwise nevermore. – After die inside map and click revive you will return to ur base(requires GetChaRespawnPoint(role) in GameServer.exe). – Each base has a NPC where players can heal and see statistics from the battle as like: team score, remaining time to end battle and heal your character. – Rewards are based in Total Team Points. – All map functions, rewards, time, etc, can be easily configured thought a .lua file. – When the map starts, every 5 minutes, chests and monsters will spawn, and the last wave a BOSS will spawn. – First Wave: chests gives 1 team point when killed. – Second Wave: monsters gives 2 team point when killed. – Third Wave: monsters gives 3 team point when killed. – Fourth Wave (last): The team that deals more damage to the BOSS after it dies get 20 team points. 1. Registration NPC 2. Waiting Room 3. Battle Starts 4. Green Base 5. Red Base
  15. Hello @dragontechi! Runestone Server Files 1.2 No, i don't have client files..
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