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  1. Job Champ how to make max hp increase damage to skills.
  2. I will kill a mob by giving money, for example lv 1-20 mob gives 1000 G. 21-40 gives 2000 G what do i have to do
  3. Can you recommend me, with prices? thank you
  4. VIP.State Teach how to set up VIP.State for players I can't do it
  5. How do I change Medals with titles?
  6. How do I Decomplie / Complie th_TH.res file?
  7. How to change the client name using VS2008? [77] "Pirate King Online - Caribbean Chapters %.2f %sPowered by MindPower3D Engine" (StringSet.txt)
  8. How to install SavePath? I don't understand at all. Teach me to install Simple VIP Help Me Pleaseeeeee
  9. I can change the price. But the UI doesn't show the price I changed, it's still 100K the same. I want the UI to show prices before I confirm.
  10. I want to modify the price, what should I do? https://uppic.cc/v/BT-fEtry2jdHdaI6ajngq 100K Change to 10M https://uppic.cc/v/pInhK3YQ9Uk03DPK_44LS 100K Change to 74M https://uppic.cc/v/LIbnaI4y1BNC1td4awd1A 50K Change to 5M https://uppic.cc/v/AXsORe8z7ukjCP96l6mqV 1k x lv 95 = 95k Change to 2m x lv 95 = 190M How do I get it to show you the correct price? Sorry for my english
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