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Found 8 results

  1. Discord: VegaPunk#6985 Price: $100 - Server Files [SOD Pirates Online] YouTube Video: Click here - To view the videos from the server. Images:
  2. Discord: 𝒟𝒶𝓃𝓃𝓎#2861 Prices: $150 - Server Files (Dreamville) $50 - Server Files (APO) $50 - Website (PKO or ROSO) Server files: Dreamville Files: Adjustable files for Vanila/Medium/PK Notes: Server files have been ran for a month, with minor issues, most lua_err's have been cleaned up, only known lua_err to show is Lonetower However, lonetower works fine as it should be. Cloak Hooking Pot Hooking Pet Skill Hooking Ticket Hooking Files will be SOLD AS IS Gems (Adjustable Gem Level Cap): Broken/Crack/Chip Locks/Bings/Chaitan/Jades Great Gems Azrael Gems (+ 1 new Azrael Gem (+7) movement) BD Gems (+1 PR in Eye) Edited: Uns 55/65/75/95/110 Equipments Custom BD Altar BD/Kylin Sets + Stone to keep effect if fused Rear Pets via Icon above head instead of model Icons for certain Vouchers/Tickets Pet Lvling from Mobs Displaying Pet Lvl/Gem Lvls/Gem Colors/(What item is fused) Pirates Online Client Skin (Gray Edition) With new Inventory In-game Shop (With Adding/Removing Tool) Admiral Cloaks (Can forge with Gems/Upgrade to level 7) New Glow Color (Purple) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Variants: and APO Files (Contains Mythic BP for Uns 55/65 Weapon Stat Upgrades/Black Dragon Altar/Name Colors/Edited BD Equips) Website (PKO) Includes: Item Mall Award Center Double authentication login (Must be logged in from certain I.P, and also using admin panel credentials instead of Game account) Slide show of images GM Online (Auto detected via game) Facebook/Discord/Donation status (Manual switch) ROSO Template Edition: Website includes Item Mall Award Center Double authentication login (Must be logged in from certain I.P, and also using admin panel credentials instead of Game account)
  3. Hello, since i'm leaving the industry of developing a server. I just want to sell the last server that I've been working for months. The reason why I'am selling this is because I just want something to gain back with my efforts and time that i dedicate on creating the server. I'm very passionate with this game and I just wanted to tell you that this is not too late for you to create or open your own server. Opening a server gives you a lot of experience not only on developing it but also it gives fun on sharing your vision of happiness thru this game to other players out there. You can use this as your base files since you can easily configure it using variables or you can even use this to already launch a server. This is the documentation of my server PDF Package Inclusion: - Server Files - Client Files - Extra Files that help server stability - Website is NOT included - I can help with server installation and I’m willing to teach you basic stuffs for free - If bug exist, I’m more than happy to fix it for you also for free! Pricing and Payment method: - Price: $50 Negotiable! - Method: PayPal or Western Union Contact: - Discord: coz.zy#5684 - Here at PKODev My files are looking forward to be a part of your journey. Thank you!
  4. Hello guys! I don't know if you already know me but I am Satan, i was staff of these games that u may played before: Lost Paradise Online, Pirate War Online, Eclipse Online and Pirate Island Online. I'm also an old member of this great community. I'm here to show you some of my work for the game and if you are interested in any of them or anything you want to do (Lua Scripting), feel free to contact me. Completed Addons: Lone Tower Instance Improved Guild System + Guild Bank (NPC BuyPage) Plant the Bomb Sandy Beach Dungeon Maze Information NPC Pirate Island Online Server Files: This server files was developed by a request a customer ask me for, i was one of the staff members and got total permission and agreement of the owner of the features which was made for it. The Server Files includes: Clean Databases for SQL 2008; Query for Databases Server Files exes and cfgs; Custom Server Launcher; LuaSQL.dll; Custom Bin Compiler; FilterServer v2.2; XeroShop (IGS); SQL Password Generator; Client Files; Common Features: Very organizated archives and scripts; Dream City PK In-game Shop - IGS; LuaSQL.dll; OfflineStall(); AfterEnterGame(role); server_timer(); player_timer(); GetGameServerName(); GetChaTempBagItem() + Belt, Handguard and Bracelets for temporary bag; GetPlayerByID; SafeBuyGuild(); SafeSaleGuild(); SetLock(role); GetItemQuantity(role, slot); SQL Injection[]; WPE/RPE Protection[]; Ping Fix[]; Colored Nicknames with necklaces; Player Level display near their name; In-game Database; GM Tools, using userdata and &Lua command; Functionally Antidupe; Cached common .txt files as like: CharacterInfo, ItemInfo, StoneInfo, MapInfo, SkillInfo, Skilleff; There's a link which contais a PDF file with more features and information and a Youtube channel with some videos about the game: Pirate Island Online - Overview Pirate Island Online - Youtube Channel There are lot more that i didn't mention in that file cause it will take what? almost whole day to write and i forget most things i made before also, omg ... Price: $70. Other completed requests: Massive Wipeout Furnace of Immortality - Scroll to store apparel effectiveness Fairy Fusion Mod Ring Fusion Mod + Custom Glow PK Mode System In-game Database: finditem, dropinfo, mobinfo BOSS Summon Event Blessed Chest Event Automated Drop Event Special Apparel NPC Admiral Cloak + Enchant + Glows Horoscope Sign + Visual Effect + Boost Shadow Walk Skill BOSS Dungeon Balanced PK Map: Doesn't matter equipment, gem, pet Custom Map Damage: Melee and hit chance VIP System: Attribute bonuses, visual effect, rewards once being VIP, npc with FAQ and VIP Status Payment Method: Paypal Other brazilian payment method . Contacts: PKOdev -> @Satan Discord -> Eviles#2759 Skype -> satansyn6 Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/valdineyeviles Gmail -> [email protected] Thank for your time , Satan !
  5. These servers were made by the same admin and ran sometime around 2011-2013 they're quest based servers. I have been trying to find them for years with no luck, would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction
  6. Hello guys, looking to make a stable private server. If you guys are interested, I can host. Let me know! please inbox
  7. I am selling another files which is our own work named Vendetta Pirates Online Price: $50 (Negotiable) Package: Server files + Free Service (Help) Contact: PkoDev Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ken.pisig Owners: @TheSamurai @Wrexor YouTube: Serve's video was taken on version 1 of the server. Some features are not yet included in the video Screenshot: None Server Features:
  8. Hi everyone. I want to make sure of something. Is the best way to create a server to take the current 1.38 files by @KONG and simply add the quests and items you want. Or is it better to take already modded server files and just edit those? Im looking to see if its easy to add physillis crusader to 1.38 and if there are server files of 1.38 with most of the bugs fixed but still unedited in game wise. If anyone has any links or news for me please let me know Thank you so much!
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