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  1. hey i make all of that and still not work can help?
  2. Hello some one can tell me how can i set a function for get the effect kylen while the set stil fussed.. i mean get the effect kylin while the set be fuse with an app
  3. ratonter


    did u find something for fix that?¡
  4. give us ur discord profile i need know how make CI like CA or change the balance of the map
  5. did u get translate version?
  6. ratonter


    dude but u must xplain how to do that not what we need
  7. i have problem with gameserver can u help?
  8. who know how convert obj to lmo for make object scenes
  9. man did u found some way to make new lmo files? or convert obj to lmo for make new object scenes
  10. hello man how i can do for make a portal with diferent color ?

  11. ratonter

    Creating weapon glow

    Hello man how i can change the type of effect for the glow of sword?
  12. cant convert obj to lgo with webconvert
  13. u can help me with this problem?
  14. ratonter

    Fastpanel tricks

    i have the same problem u can fix it?
  15. hello man can u giveme ur discord or somehthing where i can contact u? i wanna ask u about the lgo edit
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