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  1. Hey i think you need a correct drivers for OBDC connection with your version of MSSQL
  2. hey guys, i cant add more items or edit some cause i compile iteminfo but when open .exe get this error : can some1 help plis
  3. Hi all can some1 reubicate .par .eff in char ?? i got this:
  4. Yes i think if your solution take skilleff lane related with sceneffect, cause i edit only the scene on mi effect and dont work
  5. But need create a new skilleff lane for carsise ? for each glow fix ?
  6. Some1 can show the fix lane ? i got this effect bug too
  7. Hi guys i am trying import monster but this got a bug it is drunk hahahah https://gyazo.com/1b6bbd9c6792087330fcf7e962c20953 i edit characteraction.tx but dont apply the changes ingame, i think it is cached no ?? thanks !!
  8. Guys with this skin my grid inventory dont show info of items in all rows, how fix this ? and icon to delete dont work too :( ----------------------------- FIXED ----------------------------
  9. Kovu

    Creating weapon glow

    @GOAT how you get this color ? edit textures or some ?
  10. hey guys i am trying decrease critical hit of ss but i dont know how do this i edit attrcalculate but dont work, and variable crit base and dont work, idk what i must edit for this :( some1 can help pliss
  11. Kovu

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    hi guys i install this but i cant login with my account, only reload page why ??
  12. Hey guys, i will create other server, i am trying to test flyff, wow 5.4.8, and MU S9 if anyone know about this can try with me this projects :)
  13. I use this skin but didnt see guild icon and stats not appear :( https://gyazo.com/9aac2f92ce5817301d6f8aa2298175cc https://gyazo.com/61d7006d7fdf0b7138bc716c885bd9f8
  14. i will try other skin to check, thanks! do you know some cool skin for top 1.38 ?
  15. Hi friends, i see on my server that sometimes items in game disappear but i dont know why: https://gyazo.com/904b54be1a7588eced966a13929122d1 Thanks for help!
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