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  1. after much time spent browsing through google, i figured id come ask the community, anyone know of a good cheap windows anti ddos vps host?
  2. Hello, im in dire need of some assistance with a few files related to a server I purchased. I need help understanding how a few things work, and desperately need some assistance with skilleff / sceneffect files. Need some help cleaning up skileff so that I can add a few features I recently bought but cant use due to skileff being over-crowded, I have absolutely no idea what items / systems are using what lines from skileff, and I need to replace a few lines in it to add the systems I purchased... For instance, adding the line req for swings to skilleff. I have to repace a line but idk wich ones are being used and wich ones are able to be replaced/removed. Also, the GS I have claims to be set up for HandleChat, but when adding Hanlehat lua it does not work. The only Handlechat system currently in-place, is a very small version of it placed in functions.lua. Victor thinks the GS has chat handler, but im unable to get it set-up. Can pay for assistance
  3. recently purchased web files from someone on pkodev for 30$, and having several issues with the website...im looking for someone with experience in php to help me set it up.. im willing to pay for the work, need a few pages fixed.
  4. when using xamp 1.6.5 with php 5.2.5 on my descktop im able to connect and view the website, but when I run it on the vps using the same xamp, with the same php I get a blank white page.
  5. Hello, i purchased some website files, and was directed to use zend 8.0.2, after installing zend using this guide: https://pkodev.net/index.php?/topic/87-installing-zend-802/&tab=comments#comment-455 i receive the error: PDO Error: could not find driver mssql is enabled / running on the zend user panel both extentions listed below are enabled in php.ini extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dll
  6. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to increase amounts purchasable from an exchanger npc? instead of dragging 1x item to the purchase bar, I want players to have the option to exchange X amounts. Is this possible? If so, how would I implement it?
  7. recently had to move a few items around in iteminfo, and when I did, some players had the items equipped. the item was origionaly set to be UN-droppable, and Un-tradeable. when I moved the item/items id, the item no longer existed on the server, but remained in their inventories as invisble. all players with that item are no longer able to log in, I cannot login to their accounts to remove the item. Is there a way to remove an item from a players inventory, bank, or temp bag, through SQL? or a tool somewhere to do this? or does anyone know of a way I can work around this, to solve the problem. any help Is greatly apreciated
  8. part of my issue was gamesrever00 trying to load all 3 main city maps, removing magic sea and darkblue from gameserver00 allowed me to login/join but my characters are permanently stuck in place. any movement causes it to "rubber-band" back to the same location. not sure if its because of other maps or what, anyone know? and is there a working server launcher for this, to open up the other gameservers/maps?
  9. still cant figure out the illegal birth problem..any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. ive tried using both clients linked throughout the post, both are giving the same illegal birth error.
  11. how do you fix the illegal birth? downloaded the latest client from a previous post, using the execs. all maps are loaded
  12. I tried that psot already, the main site link is dead, the players link to the file is dead, and the link to another site for it just leads to a Japanese add page
  13. ive got those ones, but there seems to be a batch of atleast 20 more somewhere. anyone have a link to Demon Legend Client?
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