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  1. corsairs files no need tradedb ..
  2. just make ur own DB lolz it`s easy man
  3. because you don`t use the main files that fits with the srcs ! use those files it will be better https://mega.nz/file/PCRWHTbY#AEnrMP8tu2M9ErPwojv6NOSZXq4buRsY4nO4Zgqep1Y in these files you will find | BOSS INFO TIMER | PORTAL INFO TIMER / but also some problems you should fix them on ur own cos i quit this THINGS LONGS TIME AGO
  4. after you change the server set you need make sure about region file bro
  5. here is mountinfo.txt all mounts will be client side not server side https://mega.nz/file/yb5HBIwL#celoZ3C4s8uKDxEZff-CIGccox4c_AAdUf8b7D5lbB0 just add the new mount id and compile it and done
  6. you need to add vip Colum and add that line on ur sql ! just make new quarry from scratch and past that code i sent to u and gg done
  7. hi sorry for delay //## sql query ::. add to your db and gm will works fine
  8. https://mega.nz/file/nWQRTYiB#TIIXsQJDMWSAD5_Ox0kPk_qoYKU6-sEOQDs6y3k2E5A use this serverset
  9. Auto trace added run inside city
  10. im a man of my word , you can test them by ur self
  11. --- provided me those files in return i added some mods to his files The files have been developed by three developers and myself ------ 3 of them got paid of their hours im selling this after i have spent more then 700$ this offer for one shot ill sell them and quit
  12. Selling Crosairs Files Fixed Client Src vs 2019 Server Src vs 2019 Website Files Vector Functions On New Designs Mount Fixed 100% like Pirates Online Portal Timer connected to groub server 1600x900 New Resulutations Vip Nitro - Vip Custom Kill Notice Daily Prize Select Items Offline Mode By Button Mob-Drop Info New Loading Codes Timing New Game Settings 270$ Marioo#1537 Quiting
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