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  1. i have attached my AccountServer and Game DB into SQL server and now i lanch the gameserver and it gave me those errors ! any help ill appreacate it tq! not im using crosair files but DB files from old pko Databases ( is this may be the problem ? ) an if any one have crosairs db can pass TQ
  2. im trying to atach my account db to sql server but it seems something wrong any help ?
  3. @hokage i found that yestrday .. i think sometimes the best thing you do don`t ask people jsut search by ur self and keep try ... but you did great job and i hope all the commuinty like u TQ
  4. is there any chance to make the item descreption colored ? Any help please !
  5. i can`t fined the rage of sage server files ... i think i have their client on my desk and can do it , could u help me with archive link of that server files
  6. every single features #vektor provid you see that Requirements MODS LOADER what about if i have files it works with sources not mods loader what should we do x_x
  7. i think of making skill like earth quick efficted 24/7 on x coords , is it possible and if yes , from where should i start !
  8. i just found but , why this fkin notebad not working sometimes lol
  9. sad , that not what i want all i want is to add a new map telporter to the old argent city telporter >>> so i search for the npc function name on all npc scripts , and it`s no exists the function i want edit on it is no exist XD
  10. i want edit some maps on argent teleporter i open the 8 npc scripts and searched for GoToWhere function problem is that function (no exist) is there another files wokred with npc functions ? or only the functions works on npc script ! any hand here please !
  11. Looking for a programer.. to design autopatcher Matrix#0738
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